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The 33-year-old suspect is facing 68 charges relating to the crimes he allegedly committed on the dark web forum.

Norwich Man Faces Darkweb Drug Trafficking Charges

According to an indictment returned by the federal grand jury, Barry Ducos has been charged with 11 counts of possessing and distributing fentanyl and analog firearms. The Justice Department revealed that the police detained Duclos after pleading not guilty to the charges in his last court appearance a month ago. According to the court document, Duclos used 1NOLEFB1 as a ... Read More »

Kelihos Botnet Operator Pleads Guilty To ID Trading On Darkweb

A 38-year-old Russian hacker awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to account theft and ID trading on the black market. Peter Yuryevich Levashov used botnet to get unauthorized access to credentials and offered information for sale on the darknet. According to a report, he operated multiple botnets since the 1990s. His mode of operation was specifically focused on Kelihos which he ... Read More »

Dark Web Drug Dealer Loses Appeal

According to a recent report, an appeal to get a prison sentence for Andrew Hodge reduced has been dismissed. Hodge was arrested for darknet drug distribution. He was found guilty by plea and sentenced to eight years and seven months. However, he did not think the judge would increase his years. This was more than a year ago August 2017. ... Read More »

Gary Davis Pleads not Guilty to Helping to Run Silk Road Market

Gary Davis has pleaded not guilty to charges related to helping Ross Ulbricht run the infamous Silk Road market. According to a report made public, Davis also pleaded not guilty to multiple charges. These included conspiracy charges to distribute narcotics, to commit computer hacking and to commit money laundering. According to an indictment filed against him in 2013 by the ... Read More »

Britons Loses 2 Million Pounds to Crypto Frauds in Two Months

The United Kingdom has suffered from one of the most common crimes associated with cryptocurrency growth, having lost £2 million to hackers. A project embarked by the United Kingdom police unit called ActionFraud revealed that hackers used deceptive means to lure people into their trap. On April 11, the ActionFraud group issued a warning to the general public about mouth-watery ... Read More »

Payment from M&Tmarketing LTD to Upwork Escrow Inc.

A recent report released by Cybereason, a cybersecurity firm, reveals a detailed explanation of how cyber attackers find their way around organizations to get into their control system. A more advanced persistent threat group and other cybercrime groups have made the various energy, water, and utility organizations a “sitting duck” to their attacks. According to the report, there is another ... Read More »

Owner and Administrator of Dark web Service Given Chance to Halt Extradition

The Supreme Court has given another chance for Eric Eoin Marques to halt his extradition after previous unsuccessful appeals. In a recent report, there has been a challenge to the Justice Ministry’s statutory role in extradition proceeding which can change how the system operates between Ireland and non EU countries. Marques earlier made efforts to block the extradition on the ... Read More »

The 33-year-old suspect is facing 68 charges relating to the crimes he allegedly committed on the dark web forum.

Two Kelowna Residents Face Dark web Drug Charge

James Nelson, 36, and Cassie Bonthoux, 30, both face drug related charges after being arrested for establishing one of the most sophisticated drug organizations on the dark web. According to reports, the couple was involved in the exportation and the importation of drugs using the dark web as a medium. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) took the drug organization ... Read More »

Healthcare Ransomware Attack Declines despite Flashy Attack

A report released by Cryptonite, a cyber-security firm shows that ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations are on a decline despite flashy attacks recently. According to the report, the number of ransomware attacks decreased from 19 in the first quarter of 2017 to eight in the same quarter of 2018. Despite the Allscripts and Labcorp attack in the healthcare industry, there ... Read More »

NCA Fentanyl Investigation Goes After UK Dealers Product and Distribution

The National Crime Agency (NCA) launched an investigation into the recent report concerning the distribution of fentanyl drugs to around 30 countries. The drug vendors were all located within the United Kingdom. Following the high demand for this potent drug, vendors responded by producing them through any available means. The dark web has made it easier for sellers and buyers ... Read More »


As part of their strategy to combat cybercrime in Europe, Steven Wilson, Head of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding MoU with Jean-Luc Moliner, Orange Head of Group Security. The agreement is meant to ensure a smooth running of cyber security and to enhance a safe cyber environment through information sharing. According to Europol, there ... Read More »

Two Parma Men Arrested and Face Charges in Nationwide Darknet Drug Raid

Two Parma men, Nicholas J. Powell, 32, and Michael Gonzales 27, have been arrested for running an illegal online drug trade. They were arrested with other drug vendors in a recent nationwide darknet drug raid by the US authorities. In a statement released by the Department of Justice, the duo illegally distributed drugs on the darknet marketplace and found ways ... Read More »