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Dark web gun purchase hit a new level as Orange County security guard sentenced for buying gun on dark web

Orange County’s Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse has sentenced a man to prison for surfing the dark web to purchase a machine gun. Hamid Kadir, a former translator of the Australian Special Force, was not off the hook after he pleaded guilty to the charges. His arrest was orchestrated by an undercover agent mandated to patrol the dark side of the ... Read More »

Liverpool Man Handed Shorter Sentence after Purchasing Chinese Synthetic Drugs on Dark Web

A Liverpool man who pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute illegal drugs and money laundering has managed to escape a lengthy prison sentence. Khalid Azzam was given a four year prison sentence due to the First Step Act introduced by President Donald Trump recently. Azzam was arrested for purchasing fentanyl and other synthetic drugs from a vendor in China through ... Read More »


Dark Web Drug Ads Discovered in Online Classified Sections of B.C. News Sites Despite Illegal Drug Warnings

Despite the strict regulations against illegal online drug sales and the execution of many operations to crackdown dealers in these dangerous networks, two online newspapers were found to have displayed ads for illegal drugs sold on the dark web. The Kelowna Capital News and Similkameen Spotlight featured the ads in the classified section of their websites. In attempt to explain ... Read More »

Shanese and Patricia Denied Bail over Alleged Dark Web Drug Crime

Magistrate Gabriel Fleming at the Nowra Local Court on 22 February 2019, denied bail requests from Patricia Koullias, 20, of Quaker Hill and Shanese Koullias, 24, of Callala Bay. The duo was charged by authorities for being involved in a prohibited drugs operation worth $17 million conducted through the dark web. According to a report, the detectives from the State ... Read More »

Ex-Cop Called “Piratedeadpool” Stole Pensioner’s $3.4 Million Share Portfolio Using Dark Web

James Goris has pleaded guilty to one count each for obtaining property by deception, making identification information, child pornography, and using fake documents. The 46-year-old man used the dark web to make millions of dollars from Kenneth Holt, a pensioner, according to a report read at the Victoria County Court. In a statement released by Penny Thorp, the prosecutor, Goris ... Read More »

Portsmouth Man Gets Prison Term for Dark Web Card Fraud after an Earlier Pardon by Judge

Montray King has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for the illegal possession of a firearm and fraud with identification documents. According to a report, King was earlier given a two-year probationary term after being charged for involvement in drugs and instigating a police chase. However, just ten days into his probationary term, he committed another ... Read More »

Silk Road Movie in the Pipeline as Director Explains What to Expect

In 2012, one of the biggest drug raids in the dark web history was launched against the infamous Silk Road market place. The FBI seized a large number of drugs and bitcoins and arrested many vendors as well as the administrator on several charges. The mystery unfolded, in this case, has motivated a film director to tell this story through ... Read More »


Hackers Stole Nearly A Half Billion Personal Records In 2018

The Identity Theft Resource Center has noted an unprecedented surge in hacking activities relating to the breaching of individual personal records in 2018 in their recent research. According to their study, most of these activities were primarily attributed to the continual use and reuse of individuals’ password and usernames as well as the vulnerability posed by third-party vendors. As claimed ... Read More »

Billings Man and Daughter Accused of Running a Dark Web Drug Operation from West End Home

Authorities have accused a father and his daughter of running a large scale drug trafficking business and taking advantage of loopholes in postal services. Just like many other vendors, the duo set up a store on the dark web and ran illegal drug services though which they made profits in cryptocurrencies. They are said to have made numerous successful attempts ... Read More »

French Startup Offers Dark Web Compass (Not For Everyone)

The dark web has been gaining popularity among people who desire to hide their identity as they surf through various items and engage in different kinds of business. The ability to safely operate with the help of the TOR browser has allowed the platform to harbor terrorists, murderer-for-hires, and illegal drug dealers. The anonymity offered makes it difficult for law ... Read More »

Beijing police speed up cybercrime fight as they crackdown 6600 internet related cases

Following the recent rate of high cybercrime-related cases recorded in China, the Beijing cybercrime department has responded by engaging in a massive crackdown. The Beijing police successfully detained 3,100 cybercrime suspects who were said to have made about $29,000 from their illegal operation. 6,600 internet-related crime crackdowns were recorded in 2018. According to reports, the arrested suspects were in the ... Read More »