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Utilizing the blockchain technology to create contemporary writing pieces

The digital technology has transformed the way narratives are created and consumed, from simply moving story-worlds and images to complex digital multi-branched and long-form story experiences. Also, the blockchain technology has revolutionized the global financial system. As a globally visible and collaboratively compiled list of transactions, which have been executed within a specific system, the blockchain technology promotes decentralization of ... Read More »

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Coinspermia : Unchaining Cryptocurrency

Even though the blockchain technology has introduced the world to a revolutionary concept of digital currencies that can entirely transform the global financial system, the scalability of bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies, is hindering mass adoption of the world’s first decentralized currencies. Bitcoin’s proof-of-work (PoW) scheme promotes immutability and consensus formulation; however, it represents a process that consumes enormous time ... Read More »

PascalCoin – A New Cryptocurrency Setting a Record For Daily Trade Volume

Right after being enlisted on Poloniex, the cryptocurrency exchange, the price of PascalCoin (PASCAL) soared by more than 1600% within less than 24 hours. The volume of exchange exceeded 7000 bitcoins less than a day after the PASC/BTC market was added to Poloniex. Although the first block on PASCAL’s blockchain was mined last August, PascalCoin didn’t attract much attention until ... Read More »


DRAFT – Using Financial Derivatives To Secure the Assets of Decentralized Applications (DAPPs)

Ethereum contracts can be formulated to act like decentralized applications, or DAPPs. Numerous DAPPs are already operating including a role playing game, an online marketplace, an internet service provider and a prediction market. Unfortunately, DAPPs are vulnerable to hacking, and the funds they hold can be stolen. The recent attack on a DAPP, known as DAO, has revealed that smart ... Read More »


K-Chains – Blockchain Protocols Based On Quantum Mechanics

Quantum mechanics have ignited a transformational change in the way we envision the world and utilize technology. Economics is one of the prominent fields throughout which Quantum mechanics can be deployed. Quantum mechanics can be utilized to create a novel class of blockchains. A new paper has just been published exploring the possibilities of building blockchains on the basis of ... Read More »

Bitcoin Legislation and Investigation – A Proposal For the US Law Maker

The advent of bitcoin, and digital currencies in general, unleashed a myriad of problems that emerged from the anonymity associated with cryptocurrency transactions, thus raising concerns related to money laundering. Legislators and law enforcement agencies are currently struggling to mitigate the money laundering issues affiliated with cryptocurrencies and several other digital currencies. In the face of these threats, government agencies ... Read More »


Dandelion – Turning Bitcoin Into A Fully Anonymous Financial System

Bitcoin, and some other cryptocurrencies, have gained much popularity during the past few years. Even though bitcoin doesn’t promote total anonymity of its users, it is publicly perceived as a privacy preserving digital currency. Technically speaking, cryptocurrencies publish all users’ transactions on public ledgers that can be visible by anyone and this process is a pivotal part of the process ... Read More »

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Swing-Pay – One Card for all P2P Payments Using Biometric Authentication

Prelation of payment technologies is increasingly improving the quality of people’s life all across the globe. Emerging innovative payment solutions are creating not only opportunities, but also challenges for the future of the global financial system. Being a swift and convenient payment method, contactless payment technologies are gaining wide acceptance, especially amongst merchants for whom throughput is the most important ... Read More »

Ouroboros – A New Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Blockchain Protocol

Ouroboros is a new proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain protocol that offers rigorous security measures. The new blockchain protocol establishes security properties that are comparable to those offered by bitcoin’s blockchain protocol. As Ouroboros deploys the PoS concept, it is qualitatively more efficient than blockchain protocols that rely on the proof-of-work (PoW) concept. The creators of Ouroboros showcased the practicality of its ... Read More »

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A Security Evaluation of Public and Private Tor Bridges

The Tor network represents a revolutionary network protocol that counteracts surveillance, censorship and internet traffic monitoring, via encryption and concealing patterns of communication by routing internet traffic through multiple onion routers (ORs). The IP addresses of some of the entry ORs, which are known as Tor bridges, are concealed so that it would be rather difficult to block traffic routed ... Read More »

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Open Source Intelligence OSINT and the Dark Web

The dark web, the part of the deep web which is comprised of a number of darknets (e.g. Tor, Freenet, I2P…etc), provides individuals with an anonymous way to connect to the internet and publish information. Although this anonymous atmosphere is used to facilitate communications for legitimate purposes, it is also exploited for transforming information, services and goods for illegal purposes. ... Read More »

A New Concept For Deep Web Crawlers

Content that belongs to various pages of a website can only be enlisted within a search engine’s results page, only if this content has been indexed, or “crawled”, by the search engine’s “web crawlers”, or “web spiders”. A web crawler, or a web spider, is a special script that traverses the internet to index websites’ content. Conventionally, web crawlers can ... Read More »


QuickNet – A Faster, More Efficient Deep Web Network Architecture

QuickNet is a novel deep network architecture that is faster and more efficient than the current “fast” deep web network architectures such as SqueezeNet. QuickNet utilizes fewer parameters when compared to previous network architectures. This has been made possible via implementing a couple of pivotal modifications to the reference “Darknet” network architecture model: a- Using depth-wise separable convolutions. b- Using ... Read More »

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CoinAsia – Asia’s Unified Sovereign Backed Cryptocurrency

Sovereign backed and regulated cryptocurrencies are increasingly gaining acceptance as novel solutions to the world’s economic crisis. The Bank of England announced launching its own cryptocurrency, RSCoin, a few months ago to strengthen the British economy and facilitate global trade, while the central bank of China, or People’s Bank of China, is working on replacing the present monetary system by ... Read More »


The Balance Attack – A Novel Type of Attack Against PoW Blockchains

Researchers, from the University of Sydney, identified a new type of attack, which they named the “Balance attack”, that can be launched against proof-of-work PoW blockcains such as ethereum’s and bitcoin’s. The attack is based on delay of network communications amongst groups of nodes that possess somehow balanced mining power. The theoretical analysis, of the authors of the paper, depicts ... Read More »