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Research: Quantum Assisted Blockchain Protocols

Quantum computing is one of the hottest sectors of Theoretical Computer Science. Theoretical researches covering this area began in the 1980s. Richard Fenyman and Yuri Manin were among the first researchers who delved into this topic. Recent achievements in quantum technology brought theoretical results into practical applications. The advent of the IBM-Q device formulated a novel quantum computer science community ... Read More »


Research: How Entrepreneurs React to Negative Feedback on Darknet Marketplaces?

Reputation represents one of the most pivotal assets of an online entrepreneur in marketplaces, particularly within a setting like that of the Darknet’s anonymous marketplaces. However, what would happen whenever this asset is undermined by a shock, i.e. bad reviews, or negative feedback? A recently published paper studied how entrepreneurs on Darknet’s marketplaces react to negative feedback. We will take ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 15.10.2018

Bitcoin price dropped by around 7.5% during the previous week. The market’s bears managed to take bitcoin price to break out of the symmetrical triangle pattern, we observed during our previous analysis, towards the downside to record a weekly low of $6,220 last Thursday. However, after the week’s low was recorded, bitcoin price began rising again up to $6,400 on ... Read More »

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The Dark Web is not as large as we thought

If one would think of the surface web as the tip of an iceberg, then the deep web represents parts of the web that lie below the surface of the water, and the dark web is what one would find in the blackest waters beneath. Within the same vein, darknets are the P2P networks that host content of the dark ... Read More »

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Micro-Honeypots and the Usage of Browser Fingerprinting Techniques to Track Hackers

Malicious attacks have grown at a relatively high rate during the past few years across the whole internet. To shield websites against various forms of web attacks, researchers and penetration testers utilize honeypots to collect attack information. Nevertheless, hackers can hide themselves via stepping stones (e.g. proxy servers, VPNs) or anonymous P2P networks (e.g. the Tor network). Traditional honeypots are ... Read More »

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Reconstructing Tor Circuits Using Compartment Adversaries and Monitoring of Cross-border Traffic

The Onion Routing (Tor) protocol represents a well established network routing system that is designed to provide users with low latency communication channels, that cannot be attacked by network level adversaries attempting to identify who is communicating with whom. It is clearly understood how the Tor network behaves whenever an adversary compromises a percentage of the onion routers, and especially ... Read More »


Distribution of Bitcoin and Ethereum Nodes Across the Globe – An Analytical Study

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies during the past couple of years, the cost of mining the most valuable coins have skyrocketed too. Almost every country on the planet hosts mining rigs operated by individuals who invest hundreds to thousands of dollars to mine crypto. A recently published paper examined closely one overarching question regarding the cryptocurrency mining phenomenon: what ... Read More »

U.S. Herbal Cannabis Sales on Cryptomarkets – A Research Study

Darknet marketplaces, or cryptomarkets, are online marketplaces where drug dealers sell various forms of illegal drugs. Cryptocurrencies and anonymizing technologies, especially the Tor network, are utilized by market participants to hide their identities and render it hard for law enforcement agencies to track them down. A group of researchers have recently published a paper that described how U.S. based herbal ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Price Analysis – 9.10.18

Bitcoin price has been moving sideways during most of last week’s trading sessions, as the market’s bulls failed to push the market above the symmetrical triangle pattern that we spotted on the charts during last week’s bitcoin price analysis. Bitcoin price failed to breach the resistance around $6,757.5, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level, as candlesticks bounced off ... Read More »


Research: Using BlockTag to monitor sales on darknet marketplaces

Anonymity networks and various forms of darknets, especially those accessible via Tor, along with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero, have provided a highly safe and secure ecosystem for trading recreational drugs. Even though this represents a serious challenge when it comes to tracking and monitoring, researchers have proven that these ecosystems are not totally hidden, but rather anonymized or ... Read More »


Research: Suicide and the Deep Web

The rate of death by suicide has astonishingly risen by around 25% in the United States during the last two decades, according to a report published by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) last June. Even though the reasons underlying the rise in the incidence of suicide are not entirely clear, the report pointed to the increased use ... Read More »

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Prevention of hacker intrusion via Tor circuit selection – A research paper

The Tor network has become the most widely used anonymous network that supports various forms of circuit based low latency internet connections. Nevertheless, recent incidents of security breaches reveal that the SSH protocol has been mostly utilized to launch malicious attacks by hackers. Even though a server side blocking mechanism, which can detect SSH connections individually, has been previously proposed ... Read More »

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Weekly Bitcoin Price Analysis – 30.9.18

Bitcoin price was more or less stable last week, and gains did not exceed 2% during the week’s trading sessions. Even though this is not what crypto investors expected to happen, it seems that we are in the “silence before the storm” phase, as we are just two months away from the bullish rally that usually takes place towards the ... Read More »