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Blockchain Use Cases – From Trump to Shakira!

Since the emergence of bitcoin, the blockchain technology has witnessed a meteoric rise in its popularity, not only due to its high levels of security, but also for the relative low costs of its setup. Throughout this article, we will look at blockchain use cases, apart from its use in cryptocurrencies, while stressing on the merits of this innovation. Notaries, ... Read More »

Wireless Hacking #1

Welcome to the first of a series of articles dedicated to the art of hacking wifi Internet connections using Kali Linux and terminal commands. You will know: • What are the different flavors of wireless networks you’ll encounter and how difficult it is to hack each of them. • What are hidden networks, and whether they offer a real challenge ... Read More »

Why Haven’t Smart Contracts Ended The Age of Classic Contract Law Yet?

Implementation of the smart contracts’ technology represents a group of challenges when applied to conventional approaches of contract law. Furthermore, these challenges exhibit a universal nature which remain unchanged whatever the jurisdiction is. The most striking problem underline the fact that smart contracts are built to operate in a virtual echo-system that lies parallel to the legal system. Accordingly, the ... Read More »

Platforms with Bitcoin and Co. are to register their users in a central database, according to the EU Council.

Bitcoin Vs Sovereign Money As Tools For Monetary Reform

No one can deny the fact that the global economy is experiencing a crisis that necessitates a brilliant reform plan. It is in arguable that an effective remedy should be aimed at alleviation of the diagnosed problems. Despite the apparent independance of most of the world’s central banks, “politization” of money is one of the main catalysts of the current ... Read More »

CASPER – Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus Protocol For Implementation On Ethereum

CASPER represents a security deposit protocol that relies on an economic consensus approach. Accordingly, nodes across the network, which are called “bonded validators”, must pay a security deposit, along an action named “bonding”, in order to be part of the consensus via means of block production. Casper determines the amount of rewards received by the validators mainly through the protocol’s ... Read More »

Patent – A System For Exchanging Value Across Various Cryptocurrency Blockchains

Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged within a peer-to-peer environment, without relying on 3rd intermediary parties. Although exchange of value is possible using a single cryptocurrency, exchange of values across various coins’ blockchains is currently not possible without utilization of some sort of an intermediary party, such as cryptocurrency exchanges. To overcome this problem, a patent was introduced proposing an innovative system ... Read More »

An Overview Of Smart Contract Scripting For Cryptocurrency Blockchains

The blockchain technology offers secure means for recording information in a distributed, decentralized manner, which opened the door for using it to transfer value via cryptocurrecies. The blockchain technology utilized the concept of “smart contracts” which was coined by Nick Szabo in 1994, aiming at revolutionizing contract law and formal business practices via innovation of electronic commerce protocols between trustless ... Read More »

Tutorial: How To Buy From the Valhalla Market?

Today we want to show you how to use the Valhalla Market, also known as Silkkitie. It is one of the oldest markets on the deepweb and has been active since 2013 . Valhalla supports multisig payments, escrow and Finalize Early. Although multisignature payments are supported, the funds in your balance are still held by the market , therefore exit ... Read More »

A new technique utilizing sub-chains to improve bitcoin’s scalability

The scalability of bitcoin is one of the main issues hurdling its mass adoption. Moreover, oephan risk related to the blockchain’s large blocks limits the transactional capacity of bitcoin. A paper published on Ledger Journal has proposed a new technique that utilizes the concept of weak blocks, or functional difficulty blocks, to construct subchains that extend between adjacent real block ... Read More »

TheDealersChoice, a client-side, encrypted Dark Net market

Exit scams are one of the worse problems for any honest deep web user. Even though escrow mechanisms can be employed to protect both the buyer and the seller, these are often centralized and even if they are not they require an arbitrator to determine who wins a dispute. This, along with the prospect of L.E discovering any relevant information ... Read More »

Cryptocurrencies – Financial Systems With The Highest Cybersecurity Standards On The Planet

Cybercrime is increasingly becoming a threat from year to year and its yearly losses have been steadily rising during the past few years. As more and more people are relying on technology and the internet to store wealth and trade (forex, saving accounts, cryptocurrencies, bonds, stock, commodities…etc), cyber-security has become a big concern for individuals, companies and governments. Cryptocurrencies offered ... Read More »

Atomic Verification Via Private Key Locked Bitcoin Transactions

The smart contract technology permits the creation of new protocols that can be implemented on top of bitcoin’s protocol itself. This signals the development of complex scripts, that are far beyond the requirement of a single digital signature. A research paper, which has been published a few days ago, introduced a new concept of private key locked bitcoin transactions, which ... Read More »


SPECTER : A New Scalable and Fast Cryptocurrency Protocol

One of the big issues with bitcoin’s blockchain is the scalability of the protocol which means that the blockchain cannot process a high transaction throughput rate, mainly because the block size has to be kept to a minimum, and their production rate has to be low to guarantee that mining nodes can reach consensus in a secure manner. As of ... Read More »

Blockchain Voting & The Future Of Democracy

Blockchain voting can offer a myriad of benefits that would completely transform the face of democracy in the 21st century. Nowadays, voting is mostly carried out using paper based systems which despite their inexpensiveness and accessibility have two major setbacks; firstly, paper voting systems are almost entirely dependent on the honesty and security of personnel supervising the procedure; secondly, paper ... Read More »