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Research: A novel model of extraction of data from the deep web

With the rapid development of modern society, people’s need for information interaction is surging with the advent of the internet. With the help of the world wide web, information can disseminate quickly, and the forms through which information may be shared are increasing, including documents, pictures, audio clips, videos, hyperlinks, forms, and many more. The surged demand for web information ... Read More »

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Exploring the best means for estimating bitcoin price volatility – A research study

It is inarguable that cryptocurrencies, namely bitcoin, have attracted considerable attention during the past few years. This can be attributed to the innovative features of their underlying blockchain technology, the anonymity of their transactions and their decentralized framework that omits the need for intermediaries or third parties. However, being a highly volatile investment asset, many individuals are reluctant to participate ... Read More »


Research: Cryptocurrencies integrated with the dark web

The blockchain technology, which is the basis of cryptocurrencies, is expected to totally transform the global financial system during the next few years. The anonymity offered by many cryptocurrencies represents one of the main features enticing individuals, as well as organizations, to use cryptocurrencies instead of traditional fiat currencies. The dark web has also gained much attention lately, since it ... Read More »


Anonymous cryptocurrencies in 2019

Cryptocurrencies represent an innovative development in the world’s financial system. Bitcoin, the world’s first ever cryptocurrency, was thought of as an anonymous currency. However, it has been proven to not be fully anonymous, and modern approaches, such as blockchain analysis, have been shown to be capable of tracing back bitcoin transactions to those who executed them in the real-world. Accordingly, ... Read More »

Research: Taintchain – Tracing the movement of stolen bitcoins

The first half of 2018 has witnessed cryptocurrency thefts that are worth around $761 million. Moreover, the past few years have been associated with a surge in the utilization of cryptocurrencies in various money laundering schemes. This surge in cybercrimes has urged law enforcement agencies, as well as researchers, to develop means for tracing stolen bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. A ... Read More »

Research: Using cryptocurrency in money laundering

Cryptocurrencies have introduced the world to a new decentralized financial system, which offers participants the chance to enjoy executing transactions in an anonymous manner. On the other hand, they have facilitated money laundering, thanks to their innate anonymous nature, which has increased the rate of various money laundering activities at an alarming rate. Even though cryptocurrencies are associated with the ... Read More »

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Research: A security solution for the Tor network and cloud based services

Cloud technologies have recently become an indispensable part of IT’s current infrastructure. More and more companies have begun migrating to the cloud, where they can safely save a percentage of or even their whole information archives. There are multiple reasons that can explain why businesses are moving to the cloud; the most important of which is lack of resources needed ... Read More »


Research: Cryptocurrency mediated drug trafficking in Russia

Increased usage of new digital technologies, such as the dark web and cryptocurrencies, has led to digitalization of various crimes, especially illicit drug trading. Using special software, such as the Tor browser, to ensure anonymity and hide their activities, individuals can presently conduct various forms of illegal activities on the dark web, including trading illicit drugs, weapons, and other goods ... Read More »


Research: Categorizing content on the dark web via a novel crawler

The dark web is similar to other parts of the deep web in that its content cannot be indexed by conventional search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and others. Even though there are currently special search engines that can crawl the content of several darknets, they are still immature and cannot index all parts of the dark web. This represents ... Read More »

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Research: A novel tool for detection of prohibited online content

The spread of prohibited content on the internet is increasingly becoming a problem namely to governments and law enforcement agencies. Prohibited online content is present not only on the dark web, e.g. the Tor network, but also on various websites on the surface web (Clearnet). Many research studies have been conducted to analyze available solutions for the detection of prohibited ... Read More »

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Research: A modern look into Bitcoin’s advantages and usage risks

The birth of bitcoin marks the emergence of a novel global financial system that is based on decentralization, privatization, and individualization, rather than globalization. Bitcoin omits the need for intermediaries or third parties in various forms of financial transactions. The blockchain, which is the technology underlying bitcoin, is expected to put retail banking to extinction. A recently published paper delves ... Read More »

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The dynamics of bitcoin price – A comparison between exchange and P2P trading

Even though bitcoin was launched less than ten years ago, extensive research has been conducted on the economics of this decentralized currency. Most financial research conducted on bitcoin have focused on its returns. Others presented an alternative approach that analyzes the premiums paid on bitcoin, which are believed to considerably rely on the economic and political situation in the investor’s ... Read More »


Research: Riffle – A novel anonymity network

Riffle is a communication system designed at MIT to address the problems associated with the Tor network. Riffle is a unique anonymity network that implements a verifiable shuffle and is believed to be ten times faster than the Tor network. According to an article published as part of 2016’s Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Anonymity, researchers from MIT and Qatar’s Computing ... Read More »


Research: Analyzing solutions for bypassing internet censorship

The increased popularity of internet usage has made it possible for any individual with access to a computer to access human knowledge that has been accumulated by hundreds of generations. However, some entities, especially governments, work hard to monitor or even completely block access to certain types of information. To evade these restrictions, various technologies have been innovated to protect ... Read More »