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Research: Analyzing solutions for bypassing internet censorship

The increased popularity of internet usage has made it possible for any individual with access to a computer to access human knowledge that has been accumulated by hundreds of generations. However, some entities, especially governments, work hard to monitor or even completely block access to certain types of information. To evade these restrictions, various technologies have been innovated to protect ... Read More »


Research (?): Deepdotweb – The most cited reference in academic research centered on the dark web

The dark web represents parts of the internet that only exist on darknets, or overlay networks, that can only be accessed via special software and browser configurations. The dark web comprises a small percentage of the deep web, which represents content on the world wide web that cannot be indexed by conventional search engines. The dark web comprises a number ... Read More »

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Research: Exploring the generative mechanisms underlying darknet marketplaces

Darknet marketplaces are considered by some to be the ugly side of the internet that hosts illicit drugs, stolen documents, hacking tools, child pornography, weapons, and more. A recently published paper debates this belief for two main reasons. First, the darknet represents a digital infrastructure that is growing at a steady rate. Some describe the darknet as a weird mixture ... Read More »

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Research: How to orchestrate a cryptocurrency pump-and-dump scheme

The almost total anonymity offered by the cryptocurrency verse has rendered it a fruitful arena for a myriad of fraudulent activities including Ponzi schemes, currency heists, and pump-and-dump schemes. Even though pump-and-dump schemes represent a well known form of ruse that have long taken place across traditional financial markets, they have recently found a new area to flourish in – ... Read More »

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Research: Analyzing trading of hacking related products on darknet marketplaces

The size of the deep web is estimated to be five hundred times that of the surface web. The dark web comprises around 6% of the deep web and involves all forms of illegal activities including illicit drug trading, weapons trafficking, counterfeiting, and trading of malicious and hacking products. Dark web marketplaces, or crypto markets, represent unique forms of platforms ... Read More »


Research: The cost of being legit on the dark web

The dark web has been always thought of as a place to conduct illegal activities, such as trading illicit drugs, buying hacking products, facilitating online child abuse, and weapons trafficking. However, many studies have shown that considerable legal activities also take place on the dark web. The online anonymity offered by Tor renders it indispensable for political activists, whistleblowers, and ... Read More »


Research: Using stochastic geometry to analyze network traffic and exclude heterogeneous (malicious) darknet traffic

Throughout the past few years, the explosive advancement of receivers and the rapid surge of data traffic have greatly impacted the current network architecture. According to data presented by the Cisco Complete VNI in 2017, the monthly internet traffic per receiver will rise to around 43 GB by the year 2021. As such, in order to attain optimum network management ... Read More »

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Research: Analyzing the Tor routing protocol to identify structural weaknesses

The Onion Router (Tor) has been developed in order to protect the privacy, integrity, and availability of communications taking place across its network. This unique network is based on a community that utilizes a special network protocol to enable users to browse the internet anonymously. Even though the protocol’s open source code is publically available, some of its aspects, including ... Read More »


SGX-Tor: Maximizing Tor’s anonymity via SGX enclaves

With the growing popularity of Tor as an anonymity network, a large number of attacks have emerged to undermine its anonymity. Guaranteeing total anonymity despite adversaries targeting Tor represents an extremely difficult task, especially since Tor relay nodes are hosted by volunteers located all over the globe. Presently, one can obtain sensitive information, such as identifiers of hidden services and ... Read More »

Identification of darknet hacker communities (forums, IRCs, carding shops, and darknet marketplaces)

Cyber attacks lead to global losses that exceed $450 billion each year. To address this problem, ethical hackers and researchers put great efforts into Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) development in order to identify hackers and emerging threats. CTI analysts have highlighted the significance of studying the ever-growing online hacker communities. Despite their valuable CTI importance, collection of data from online ... Read More »


Research: Cyber threat intelligence and the dark web – Overseeing current approaches

Research studies that analyze information regarding various communities on the deep web and dark web have unfolded novel angles in the domain of security informatics. The existence of dark web communities that operate with high levels of anonymity opens the door for data driven approaches that target different means of adversarial reasoning. Such approaches would require certain data that is ... Read More »

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Research: Did legislative changes really restrict the use of “legal highs”?

Even though the Psychoactive Substance Act (2016) seems to have more or less curbed the circulation of legal highs, which are currently referred to as “novel psychoactive substances,” a recently published paper in the Pharmaceutical Journal has proven that legislation may boost their sales on the dark web and elsewhere. With more than 700 novel psychoactive substances reported across Europe, ... Read More »

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Research: Mitigating risks via the dark web

The “dark web” has proven that it deserves its moniker. The dark web is a hidden part of the world wide web that can only be accessed via special forms of software that render users untraceable and anonymous. The dark web is the preferred arena for criminals, whistleblowers, political activists, and others who engage in a scurrying online ecosystem. Regrettably, ... Read More »

CyberGhost Review

Virtual Private Network (or VPN) service provides online security and anonymity to millions of users around the world. It encrypts your data and creates a tunnel around it to prevent IP address leakage. It also allows its users to bypass georestriction and access websites and content they usually cannot from their location. By design, VPN software connects you to the ... Read More »

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Research: Can we consider darknets as parasites?

Infrastructures and platforms have been turned into concepts that can help us understand large sized computational systems. The distinction between an infrastructure and a platform represents a debate. A recently published article uses the concept of darknet networks to illustrate how infrastructures are more or less public, while platforms are more associated with private relations. The article analyzes how darknets ... Read More »