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Bitcoin Blockchain’s High Security Will Lead Blockchain Startups to Pivot Back to Bitcoin

Banks and financial institutions have promoted the word “blockchain” as a mysterious piece of software that will bring billions of dollars to banking and save consumers millions of dollars in fees. The only issue with this is, with over two years of testing, research, and implementation, not a single successful demonstration has been released to the public. As such, the ... Read More »

House Party Protocol – remote evidence wiper program

Implementing this will make you feel that fuzzy feeling of being extra safe. House Party Protocol is a program that you control remotely and when activated, it encrypts all confidential data on your computer. It’s a life saver in case of police seizure or theft by criminals. One might suggest deleting instead of encrypting those files, but the encryption is ... Read More »

Man In The Middle Attacks

In this article I’m going to explain theory, prevention, some practical attacks and forensics related to the Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks to help you understand the risk to your privacy. Those are attacks used to eavesdrop your communication by having access to at least one part of the communication protocol. Example, Alice sends a letter to Bob and ... Read More »

Should we Worry About ICANN?

Despite 4 states suing to block the internet transition was scheduled for October first, U.S oversight of the internet has ended and management of addressing and routing protocols has been handed over to ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the global non-profit, as a contract established 47 years ago which gave the US Commerce Department authority to ... Read More »

Cryptocurrency hacks: The Biggest Heists In Blockchain History

Cryptocurrency is as hack-proof as it gets depending on the coin itself and on the hashing power that supports it. Their decentralized nature ensures that there is no single target to hack, and the blockchain itself ensures that no double-spending going on. Despite this, there have been some attack vectors that were exploited by hackers, allowing them to successfully (or ... Read More »

A Noob’s Guide to Mesh Networking

Have you ever seen Shadowmaster’s Web Hierarchy Primer? A Redditor once referred to it as “the REAL guide to the deep web.” I mention this because one section of it describes what are called “Private Networks,” and I quote: These networks do not require Internet access. Examples: PANs (Personal Area Networks), LANs (Local Area Networks),WANs (Wide Area Networks). PANs are ... Read More »

Decentralized Exchanges: Goxed No More!

Bitcoin was created as a trustless and censorship-resistant currency in which the holder has complete control over his funds. It gives people the ability to be their own bank and to transact directly with one another. Centralized exchanges, despite providing a valuable service, remove this control from their users. “A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments ... Read More »

6 SSH Clients for Dark Web Explorers

The keyword in anonymity networks like Tor and I2P is “anonymity,” is it not? Unfortunately, none of these networks, by themselves, provide full anonymity. As many users of Tor, I2P, and other networks know, it helps to take additional steps to ensure privacy. One out of many methods you can use is SSH (Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell), which ... Read More »

Introduction to Zcash, the anonymous Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an anonymous currency – this is one of greatest misconceptions surrounding Bitcoin which is, In a sense, the exact contrary of anonymous as every transaction is publicly listed on the Blockchain. Even though a wallet address does not reveal personal information about its owner, there are still ways to discover to whom the wallet belongs via blockchain analysis. ... Read More »

Next Level OPSEC with PORTAL

PORTAL is the “Personal Onion Router To Assure Liberty”. Despite it being highly beneficial to OPSEC and it requiring just an old Raspberry Pi, it’s not that talked about. With just one script, you can turn any old Raspberry Pi into a router specifically for the Tor network, meaning that when you’re connected to it, it will always send all ... Read More »

Malware Targeting US Government Computers Available On Darknet Marketplaces

According to InfoArmor, the notorious government computer malware GovRAT has been tactically upgraded. The Remote Access Trojan packs 11 high profile advancements, notes the feature list. However, researchers are not solely concerned with the updates to the malware. The improved accessibility is a major threat the government organizations in the US. GovRAT v2.0 is openly available for purchase starting at ... Read More »

5 Hacker-Friendly Search Engines You Must Use

CNN called Shodan the “scariest search engine on the Internet” in its April 8, 2013 story. Even its name sounds a little intimidating. While that was three years ago, Shodan has expanded quite a bit since then. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with it, Shodan searches for internet-connected devices across the world. As I’m sure you can ... Read More »

Build a Cheap Linux Server Part II

Build a Cheap Linux Server Part II – Link to part 1 Configuring TCP/IP Settings At the end of the last article we left off with standing up your server on the internet using Dynamic DNS. The next major item to address would be “port forwarding” or NAT (Network Address Translation); however if occurred to me that I can’t make ... Read More »

How To Get Monero?

You’ve probably heard of Monero (XMR) by now. It’s a cryptocurrency which features privacy and untraceable transactions. Several darknet markets, including AlphaBay and Oasis, have chosen Monero to be their private cryptocurrency. SIGAINT, a darknet email service, has also recently provided a TOR relay for Monero transactions in an effort to help Monero transactions stay completely within the darknet, if ... Read More »

First time trying LSD purchased from the Market.

he following article is a work of non fiction. It was written to give a detailed insight into the Authors experience when trying LSD. The Author mentioned in this article believes strongly in harm reduction and substance education. Buying LSD and having it shipped as an international delivery was a very nerve racking experience for me. It doesn’t matter how ... Read More »