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Singapore Overtakes HK in Fintech Race, Friendly Bitcoin & Blockchain Regulations

Seunghyun Cho, the chairman of a private investment company called Marvelstone, oversees the development and operations of six fintech startups. In a recent interview with Taipei Times, Cho explained the team’s decision to establish its headquarters in Singapore and the local government’s friendly regulations towards fintech startups, blockchain development and digital currencies. Despite the rapid growth of the Singaporean fintech ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price – What To Expect During Trump’s Era?

According to many economists, Trump’s administration will change the face of the US economy significantly. During his victory speech, Trump promised to promote the growth of the US economy via a “great economic plan”. Along his presidential campaign trail, Donald Trump plotted his economic strategies and positions which included a major tax revamp plan, renegotiation or breaking the North American ... Read More »

Department of Justice Plans New Laws “Just Like Rule 41” For International Cybersecurity

The December changes to Rule 41 gave the FBI authority to push their cyber-boundaries even further. It granted legal grounds to hack computers that would, before the change, be untouchable, so to speak. In reality, the FBI received nothing new. Agents acted far outside their legal restraints and, in a literal sense, their geophysical ones too during the PlayPen case. ... Read More »

Suspect Gave Investigators Names of Darknet Vendors After Getting Busted

On December 7, a 19-year-old stood before the judge at the District Court of Landau. Passauer Neue Presse, a German newspaper, reported that the defendant, “a pale, thin boy, looked attentively at the judge as if he were his teacher.” Police officers arrested the 19-year-old for ordering several drugs from the darknet. He ordered numerous packages until a post office ... Read More »

China Begins to Crackdown on ATM Cash Withdrawals; Bitcoin’s Liquidity as Solution

Stepping upon the path of India, China has begun to impose some serious capital controls and restrictions on cash. On December 8, the Chinese government officially halved the amount money UnionPay bank card holders can withdraw from ATMs in Macau, in an attempt to regulate the Macau gambling industry and prevent the devaluation of yuan. According to SCMP, several billions ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup, 18th December 2016

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: Digital exchange Kraken has acquired a bitcoin buying service One of the most well-known digital currency exchanges, Kraken, has acquired a bitcoin buying service called Glidera. According to CoinDesk, this is one of a few acquisitions Kraken has been making in the last few years. Glidera’s services, which enable ... Read More »

Yahoo Helped the FBI Catch a Pedophile in France and Identified a CP Network Online

In October, the search giant Yahoo spotted unusual activity originating from an I.P. address in France. They immediately notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation—the suspect purchased feeds that featured the live abuse of children in the Philippines. The FBI reached out to the Central Office for the Prevention (translated Repression) of Violence to People (OCRVP) in Nanterre, France. Authorities indicted ... Read More »

Croatian Student Has To Pay Back The Damage He Caused With Internet Fraud

According to information from the Zadar Municipal Court, an 18-year-old Croatian high school student was arrested for internet fraud. Court information says the suspect scammed nearly 30 persons who tried to buy products from the 18-year-old. For example, the fraudster advertised an iPhone 5, which a customer bought and when she opened the package it contained worthless pieces of wood. ... Read More »

Darknet Bust: Global Law Enforcement Raids Massive Counterfeiting Organization

Many law enforcement agencies, each with their own name for the operation, just arrested an extensive counterfeiting organization. Most of the investigation took place in Naples, Italy. During the hunt for the distributor of more than 600,000 counterfeit euros, the investigation crossed borders. From Naples, notes traveled to Spain—with law enforcement close behind—then Portugal, Malta, France, and Germany. Europol arrested ... Read More »

How to earn interest on your Bitcoin – P2P Lending with Bitbond

Bitcoin is a bit like the wild west of finance. If you want to be the one walking away towards the setting sun when the dust settles, you have to be extra careful as Bitcoin scams and ponzi schemes are everywhere. Unfortunately, these scams often work and many “investors” are left at the bottom of the pyramid holding an empty ... Read More »

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Are Cryptocurrency Social Tipbots Dead?

Cryptocurrency tipbots are apps that enable users on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, to send microtransactions or “tips” to other users. Although a year or so ago there were many cryptocurrency tipbots that enabled users to send tens of coins to anyone on the globe, many of those tipbots have stopped providing their services for ... Read More »

Hospitals in Turkey Report Spike in Synthetic Cannabinoids from the Darknet

In Manisa, Turkey, an official spoke to the press regarding an ongoing drug dependency issue—precisely an issue tied to the darknet. Dr. Ümit Atman, Head of the Public Health Department’s Drug Dependency Program, had a unique perspective. She said that 30 percent of the people hospitalized for drug issues purchased the substance(s) online. The increasing number of hospitalizations, she said, ... Read More »

Zimbabwean Economists Consider Adopting Bitcoin as National Currency

Zimbabwean economists including Phillip Haslam believe bitcoin is a viable alternative to the foreign currencies in circulation in the country as it brings several immediate advantages to Zimbabwe. In an interview with the Institute For Security Studies (ISS), Haslam emphasized two important advantages and aspects of bitcoin which could allow Zimbabweans to adopt bitcoin without further sacrifices and risks: Bitcoin ... Read More »

Pennsylvania State Prosecutor Pays $1,400 in Bitcoin as Ransom

The computer of a Allegheny County district attorney Stephen Zappala, a state prosecutor in Pennsylvania, was infected by a ransomware known as Avalanche. Zappala paid US$1,400 in bitcoin to decrypt his computer and gain access to his files. Avalanche is arguably the largest ransomware operation to date which was cracked down by the the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), ... Read More »

Social Networking & The Blockchain Technology – A Brand New Era

The blockchain technology has not only revolutionized the global financial system, but it has also introduced a new concept of decentralization that is just beginning to change the world around us. When it comes to social networking, blockchains can forge innovative solutions that omit the control and censorship imposed by centralized business corporations such as Facebook, Twitter…etc. How Can The ... Read More »