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Blockstack – A Blockchain Based Trust-to-Trust Internet Architecture

The internet’s initial design, which relied on the end-to-end framework principle, led to mobilization of program specific logic and complexity to the peripheral parts of the network, while keeping the network’s center focusing on the simple task of delivery of data. Nevertheless, the originally proposed end-to-end principle did not offer sufficient levels of trust and security. There are multiple central ... Read More »

Reporters Explained that Pure Cocaine is “not a good thing”

Researches and drug users from the UK reported a “dramatic” increase in cocaine purity. Spikes in purity, in the past, appeared only momentarily. Often followed by a nationwide decline, followed by an interesting decline in emergency room visits. Researchers in the UK, after some of the initial reports surfaced, sought answers to the supposed potency increase. As often the case ... Read More »

Belarus Hosting Multi-Agency Darknet Training Event

As the criminal activity on the darknet becomes less of an exception and more of the norm, law enforcement learns to adapt to the modern age of crime. An example of this is an event at the International Training Center of the Police Academy between May 15 and 19 in Belarus. There, regional authorities and international experts will learn about ... Read More »

DNM Vendors Still Selling Fake Euros, Despite German Crackdown

C. Aliens DNM Vendors Still Selling Fake Euros, Despite German Crackdown The counterfeit currency industry, in 2016, bloomed on the darknet and impacted specific regions far more than others. DeepDotWeb readers need no convincing that Germany has struggled with an influx​ of counterfeit currency, tickets, and nearly anything else worth counterfeiting. Even though Germany’s darknet crackdown started with weapons, a ... Read More »

German Attorney General: “We Only Catch The Stupid Criminals”

Andreas May, the Attorney General of Frankfurt, said that law enforcement authorities in Germany only arrest those darknet criminals who are “stupid”. Dark web crime in Germany had seen a rapid increase in the past year. In recent months, law enforcement authorities in the country had arrested and prosecuted numerous criminals who were using the dark web to purchase illicit ... Read More »

Philippine Police Arrest Several in Massive CP Operation

After an international tip, authorities in the Philippines​ arrested another pedophile akin to Peter Scully. Like Scully, this child abuse advocate played some role in an international child abuse network. The abusers live-streamed child pornography​ and torture, via the darknet, to thousands of viewers worldwide. They arrested the Queensland man while he attempted to erase some of the data in ... Read More »

Researcher Calls “Data the New Cash”

Like England’s National Health Service, Ireland’s Health Service Executive “could be a ‘sitting duck’ for a cyberattack,” a cybersecurity researcher said. Thanks to the widely spreading ransomware called WanaCrypt (or WannaCry, WanaCrypt0r 2.0, and a couple more) the HSE voluntarily isolated HSE networks until something happened. The WanaCrypt0r ransomware infected more than 120,000 machines in at least 100 countries around ... Read More »

Three More Reasons to Keep JavaScript off in Tor

Dr. Neal Krawetz, self-proclaimed security specialist and forensic researcher, took to his personal blog to publicize three low-level vulnerabilities in the Tor browser bundle. Upon first read of that sentence, one might wonder why Dr. Krawetz used his personal blog instead of the proper channels. That, it seemed, was a majorly frustrating element for the researcher: that “official” channels rarely ... Read More »

What CIA does on target’s Local Area Network

Based on Wikileaks Vault 7 leak of CIA tools and documents, we can imagine what a data exfiltration attack to a corporate network by CIA looks like. I’m going to focus on the Local Network activity so let’s say there is already a compromised computer in the LAN that will be used as a pivot to further exploit the target ... Read More »

Altcoins mania – The year of 2017 is the year of altcoins

Since the genesis block was mined on bitcoin’s blockchain, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies has never witnessed the rate of growth we have been experiencing since the beginning of the year 2017. The gains were sometimes even astronomical e.g. Litecoin’s (LTC), Ethereum’s (ETH) as well as Ripple’s (XRP) price each increased by more than 1000% since the beginning of the ... Read More »


German Grew Mushrooms And Ordered Cannabis From The Dark Web

Law enforcement authorities detained a man from the District of Regen, Germany for ordering equipment used for mushroom growing and cannabis from the dark web, and for cultivating magic mushrooms. In the middle of October 2016, the customs authorities in Frankfurt intercepted a package containing approximately 90 grams of cannabis addressed to the 22-year-old suspect from the District of Regen. ... Read More »

Germany Facing Record Levels of Internet Fraud

A recent case in Germany revealed just how common fraudulent online storefronts have become. The Munich District Court heard a case that exemplified the fraud issues in Germany. And Matthias Huber, public prosecutor, explained the reason similar shops kept causing problems for the general public—and the police. The biggest issue that victims often face, he explained, was that fraudsters usually ... Read More »

Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Almost Ended Up In Jail Due To A Water Leak In 2011

Ross Ulbricht, the convicted administrator of the infamous Silk Road Marketplace, was almost arrested by law enforcement authorities thanks to a water leak in 2011. According to American Kingpin, a new book by Nick Bilton documenting the rise and fall of Silk Road, Ulbricht started cultivating hallucinogenic mushrooms in early 2011. His master plan was to grow and harvest the ... Read More »

Slovakian Authorities Charged A Past Member Of PlayPen Child Porn Site

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the administrator then took control of the child porn website PlayPen, investigators all over the world arrested about 900 users of the illicit site. A week ago, Swiss authorities reported that they detained 42 suspects who were alleged members of PlayPen. Now, an additional defendant was arrested in Slovakia who is accused of ... Read More »

President Trump Signs Cybersecurity Executive Order

On May 11th President Donald Trump signed a long anticipated Executive Order on “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure”. Under the order, the President is holding the heads of federal agencies accountable for managing cybersecurity risks. Each agency must now use the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework on cybersecurity. The order also requires agencies ... Read More »