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Three Irishmen Jailed For Dark Web Drug Trading, Use of Cash Vital in Crackdown

As previously reported by DeepDotWeb In December, three Irishmen including Richard Sinclair of Coleraine, Stephen Rodgers of Carrickfergus and Kyle Hall of Belfast were charged with several offenses including money laundering, possession of and intent to supply class A drugs and intent to supply and class A drugs. This week, Sinclair and Hall both plead guilty to most of the ... Read More »

DARPA To Fight Against Human Trafficking

On December 28, President of the United States Barack Obama announced that January would be the National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. As part of this program, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will be developing next-gen search technologies. This new tech will help law enforcement authorities track down the online violators of the crimes. In a recent ... Read More »

The Legitimacy of the Latest FBI Hack is Still Being Questioned

A hacker known as CyberZeist, for the second time, hacked the Federal Bureau of Investigation and uploaded account information to Pastebin, according to RT. CyberZeist (CZ), in 2011, breached the FBI’s security with a phishing scam. Internet users attributed the hack to Anonymous—and Anonymous claimed credit for it. Like the 2011 occurrence, Anonymous received lots of attention, thanks to the ... Read More »

Blockchain Use Cases – From Trump to Shakira!

Since the emergence of bitcoin, the blockchain technology has witnessed a meteoric rise in its popularity, not only due to its high levels of security, but also for the relative low costs of its setup. Throughout this article, we will look at blockchain use cases, apart from its use in cryptocurrencies, while stressing on the merits of this innovation. Notaries, ... Read More »

Wireless Hacking #1

Welcome to the first of a series of articles dedicated to the art of hacking wifi Internet connections using Kali Linux and terminal commands. You will know: • What are the different flavors of wireless networks you’ll encounter and how difficult it is to hack each of them. • What are hidden networks, and whether they offer a real challenge ... Read More »

Why Haven’t Smart Contracts Ended The Age of Classic Contract Law Yet?

Implementation of the smart contracts’ technology represents a group of challenges when applied to conventional approaches of contract law. Furthermore, these challenges exhibit a universal nature which remain unchanged whatever the jurisdiction is. The most striking problem underline the fact that smart contracts are built to operate in a virtual echo-system that lies parallel to the legal system. Accordingly, the ... Read More »

Platforms with Bitcoin and Co. are to register their users in a central database, according to the EU Council.

Bitcoin Vs Sovereign Money As Tools For Monetary Reform

No one can deny the fact that the global economy is experiencing a crisis that necessitates a brilliant reform plan. It is in arguable that an effective remedy should be aimed at alleviation of the diagnosed problems. Despite the apparent independance of most of the world’s central banks, “politization” of money is one of the main catalysts of the current ... Read More »


Ohio Man Indicted On Child Porn Charges

James Denney, a 30-year-old man from Anderson Township, Ohio was charged with two counts related to child pornography promotion. According to the indictment, the accused knowingly promoted a URL on the dark net containing child pornographic material. He also helped a connected child porn forum user in accessing illegal content of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Law enforcement ... Read More »

Two Englishmen Sentenced for Downloading Child Pornography from the Darknet

On January 5, both Exeter Crown Court and York Crown Court in England saw two separate cases of defendants who used the darknet to access child pornography. In one case, a 40-year-old from Birchy Barton Hill, Exeter, pleaded guilty to three counts of downloading or viewing child pornography. In the other case, Martin Richard Shepherd, a 45-year-old hospital IT employee, ... Read More »


Aviation Industry Under Attack By Chinese Hackers

A recent study by a security company shows that Chinese hackers are conducting successful cyberattacks on the aviation industry. Long since, security experts have been warning firms and governments against Chinese hacker attacks aiming at sensitive information and business secrets. Fire Eye, a security software company, released a report showing that the cybercriminals from the Asian country are attacking the ... Read More »

Dutch Public Prosecutor Fights Against Bitcoin Money Laundering

According to a survey conducted by the media outlet fd.nl, the Dutch Public Prosecutor (OM) is waging a war against criminal traders and exchanges of bitcoin. The Dutch OM is looking forward to at least three BTC money laundering criminal cases in 2017. Bitcoin trading has always been legal. The cryptocurrency had seen a 28 percent increase from 2015 to ... Read More »


Bitcoin Price Analysis January 16, 2016

Beijing Now Controls the Price of Bitcoin Bitcoin kicked off the new year at lofty levels of $1139, inches away from gold parity – depending on which exchange you looked at. The digital currency surprised critics last year, scooping pole position for best performing currency and commodity class of 2016. Bitcoin investors took home 125% returns at close of December ... Read More »

West Virginian Sentenced for Trafficking 400KG Marijuana, Most Via Postal Carriers

On January 3, 2017, 27-year-old Parker Wyatt Mays received a prison sentence of one year and one day for his admitted participation in an intranational drug trafficking ring. The 27-year-old from Huntington, West Virginia, pleaded guilty to marijuana distribution in late August 2016. The Drug Enforcement Administration pursued Mays and a large list of co-conspirators in an ongoing, long-term investigation. ... Read More »

CASPER – Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus Protocol For Implementation On Ethereum

CASPER represents a security deposit protocol that relies on an economic consensus approach. Accordingly, nodes across the network, which are called “bonded validators”, must pay a security deposit, along an action named “bonding”, in order to be part of the consensus via means of block production. Casper determines the amount of rewards received by the validators mainly through the protocol’s ... Read More »

Patent – A System For Exchanging Value Across Various Cryptocurrency Blockchains

Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged within a peer-to-peer environment, without relying on 3rd intermediary parties. Although exchange of value is possible using a single cryptocurrency, exchange of values across various coins’ blockchains is currently not possible without utilization of some sort of an intermediary party, such as cryptocurrency exchanges. To overcome this problem, a patent was introduced proposing an innovative system ... Read More »