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Meet Steven Ruijter: Utopia Market Developer Aka “CosaNostra”

Update: At the 10th of June 2015 – Steven was sentenced to a lengthy Jail term along with 15K Euro fine, if you want to help feel free to donate to him via this address: 12CogZNo4CFLZ6ViMZL5NcrwBA5svXi12V Utopia was one of the markets with the shortest lifespan, only one week before its founders, former staff member of BlackMarketReloaded were raided, arrested ... Read More »

Interview: “Mr. Nice Guy” Market Admin Tells His Story

Just a few days ago, Mr Nice Guy admin was exposed while conspiring to ddos other markets, After the story started to spread, he requested to conduct an interview where he could tell his side of the story, and i was happy to provide him with the stage to do so, i just asked question and let him answer freely, ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – Jun 3

This was bitcoin this week, since May 27. A classic candlestick hammer (highlighted) indicates lower prices have been rejected; safe to call it a bottom for now as prices are now at $ 225. The slow decline from $240, followed by an impulse drop most recently, on June 1st that broke support at $ 230 all the way down to ... Read More »

Poseidon Market Doxxed: Hosting Location Revealed

Another marketplace fail – A a new market was launched earlier today – “Poseidon Market”, a quick look at the markets server-status reveals the market hosting company as well as the internal server name (http://poseidonzskufuwb.onion/server-status): Avoid. Thanks to TRD for pointing this one out. Read More »

Op-Ed: Why Ulbricht Needed to Get Life

Which side are you on? Whilst life is a spectrum of grey, rather than being black or white, formative years can, in some instances, give us a clue as to which side we’ll end up being on or who we’ll be. There are plenty of kids who enjoyed reading and became writers or lawyers, and others who enjoyed vinegar and ... Read More »

DNM Recap: State of the Union June 1st

Perhaps a more fitting choice of words would best be used to describe the situation as customers, vendors, and market administrators alike were reminded of the increasingly competitive and divided nature of online drug-dealing marketplaces over the past few weeks. Just now recovering from a two-week-long raid by DDoS attackers, most of the larger darknet markets are, as of May ... Read More »

Section 215 Expires, Senate Approves USA Freedom Act

As Section 215 of the Patriot Act lapses, the Senate overwhelmingly approved the USA Freedom Act sending the bill back to congress with amendments. Now the Freedom Act heads back to congress where they will review – and likely approve – the amendments added by the Senate. Section 215 Section 215 of the Patriot Act is the provision that gives ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – 31 May 2015

Recapping the week’s biggest Bitcoins stories from around the web. The “Silk Road saga” is over, the founder of illegal online market Silk Road has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. US District Judge Katherine Forrest was not convinced that Silk Road was created “out of youthful naïveté.” On the top of the prison sentence, Ulbricht has to ... Read More »

Meet The Market Admin Who Was Responsible For the Ddos Attacks

Without getting into too much details – a market was responsible to at least some if not most of the DDosing of the past 2 weeks, luckily the ddoser account got hacked by another market admin who was extorted by him (TRD), and all communication documented – its pretty much self explanatory, added some comments: * Need to point out ... Read More »

Silk Road Admin Ross Ulbricht (DPR) Sentenced to Life in Prison

The Silk road saga came to an end when Ross Ulbricht, the convicted founder of Silk Road, has been sentenced to life in prison for running the underground online drug bazaar Silk Road (1), signaling the government’s seriousness in combating Dark net markets. Before the sentencing the parents of the victims of drug overdoses addressed the court. Ulbricht broke down ... Read More »

DoctorX: Despicable me

A Post by Fernando Caudevilla – better known as DoctorX, the doctor who provided harm reduction advice on Silk Road, originally posted on his blog and share to his request: After being declared guilty, Ross Ulbritch has been sentenced to life in prison as mastermind of Silk Road. Judge has dismissed all arguments about harm reduction. Also, I has been ... Read More »

Vendor ‘SuperTrips,’ Sentenced To 10 Years

A Dutch man described by the U.S. as the biggest drug dealer on Silk Road was ordered to serve 10 years in prison a day before the convicted mastermind of the illegal online marketplace is set to learn his fate. Cornelis Jan Slomp, 23, a software developer who used the moniker “SuperTrips” and sold cocaine, Ecstasy and LSD, was sentenced ... Read More »

ThePurpleLotus: Indicted For Wire Fraud & Counterfeiting Using “Silk Road” 1/2

As it was published in Justice.gov: A Louisiana man was charged in a two-count information with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit trademark counterfeiting using the “Silk Road” online marketplace, announced Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite Jr. of the Eastern District of Louisiana. “Anonymous online ... Read More »

Secrets to Unmasking Bitcoin Scams – 4 Eye Opening Case Studies

Guest post by Ofir Beigel is the owner of 99Bitcoins – Bitcoin offers great opportunities for people to exchange money online instantly and anonymously. However, many sites take advantage of Bitcoin’s pseudo anonymous nature and use it in order to scam people out of their coins. I’m sure this is not something you didn’t already know. But here’s the kicker: ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – 27th May

In terms of dullness and inactivity, bitcoin price action this week was markedly better than last week. After Tuesday’s dip down to $229 to test weak hands (longs) and trigger stop losses, prices have been went up for a while, peaking at $243 on Sunday. Since then, declines over the past 2 days, seemingly resemble what happened 2 weeks ago ... Read More »