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Interview With “Cannabis Road” Lead Developer

Update: Cannabis Road Hacked: $100,000 (~200 Bitcoins) Gone One of the more loved markets currently is the market called “Cannabis Road”, A market dedicated only to cannabis products, no other drugs, no weapons and no carding, but this was not always the case, at the beginning this market was developed by different people than the current ones, developers that were ... Read More »

DarkNetMarkets Listing Count *IS* Booming: 53,917 Listings!

Just two weeks ago we posted a study that compared the listing count of the DarkNetMarkets the total listing count in the first Silk Road, Today,  it appears that a user – Dunavo just made a count of all the listings across the marketplaces – and published it in this reddit thread Remember that this is NOT the number of ... Read More »

Introducing The Grail: The 1776 Equal Trust Multisig System

1776 now supports two unique forms of escrowed commerce: Equal Trust Escrow, and what I’ll call “Noob Escrow.” This guest post was Provided by “Tom” the founder and admin of 1776 market – Published as it is. The chances are quite high that if you’re reading this, you aren’t going to want or need Noob Escrow. Noob Escrow provides the ... Read More »

Pymultisigtools: Multi-Platform Signing Solution

In interesting development by owockEznan one of the talented developers that made the TMP plugin: Original discussion here. Quote: For those who want to sign transactions, but don’t have bitcoin-core or the TMP Electrum plugin, I have a new, multi-platform signing solution. Right now it’s a very rough first draft, but it is capable of signing tx that are well ... Read More »

Evolution Marketplace Staff Speak: We are growing fast!

So it seems that as more people are posting threads agaist the interviewers, more people are seeking to do them, this time we had the REAL pleasure of interviewing Boogie – The PR representative of the Evolution marketplace.  Beside the fact that he was a fun person to interview he helped to clear out some common misconceptions about Evolution (refereed ... Read More »

The Pirate Market: The Interview That Added A Multi-Sig Market!

Background: A couple of weeks ago we have been chatting with a Admin of  The Pirate Market (Alias Mr. White) and his staff member Tone, and we thought it might be a nice idea to make this chat into an interview – as we know, its always interesting to hear the administration side of the marketplaces. When we started this ... Read More »

Vendor “SuperTrips” Pleaded Guilty For Selling Large Amounts On Silk Road

Following the story we have reported a couple of weeks ago and As it was published today by the Chicago Tribune: The largest drug trafficker on the now-shuttered underground Silk Road website pleaded guilty today in Chicago to distributing huge quantities of Ecstasy, cocaine and other illegal substances to customers around the world in exchange for millions of dollars worth of the ... Read More »

Interview: Dark Net Money Launderer Speaks Up

We have no idea what caused the massive surge in the amount of vendors / market admins asking to be interviewed in the past couple of weeks (probably over 20+), but we are more than happy to conduct them as much as our time lets us! This time we had an interesting chat with a vendor we know for quite ... Read More »

Evolution Market: Now Offering Multisig Transactions!

We have another market joining the Munmltisig Family, Now evolution, as always, we try to support those market offering multisig transaction so we bring you here the multisig usage guide as its listed on their wiki, this will also be listed on out multisig guides page and the market will be promoted to the multisig category on our list: Evolution ... Read More »

Market Is Currently Up Or Down? Check Our Sidebar!

Remember the service we have reported about last week? Dnstats – DarkNetMarkets Uptime Monitor a service providing an overview of the marketplaces uptime status, so you can know at anytime if: 1.Market “x” down now? 2. Market “x” back up yet? 3. Is it down for everyone or just me? 4. Which marketplaces tend to be down more than others?  ... Read More »

E-Book Recommendation: GnuPG – High Level Cryptography

To newbies taking their first steps with encryption, or users looking to expend their knowledge we would like to recommend about a new Ebook – released just now, about  GnuPG – that includes full explanations an usage guide for email &  files encryption the book if FREE for download or in a “Pay as you can model” (leave a BTC ... Read More »