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Ethiopian Smuggling Ring Busted In Italy

An Ethiopian narcotics smuggling ring was busted by the Guardia di Finanza (GDF – Financial Guard). It resulted in 16 arrests and the seizure of nearly 1.4 tons of drugs. The gang made about 100 routes from Ethiopia, the main target being Rome. In the Italian capital, law enforcement authorities caught a man with 1,300 pounds (590 kilograms) of narcotics ... Read More »

Pharmacy Student Arrested In Vienna For Selling Narcotics on the Dark Web

A 19-year-old German was arrested in Vienna for selling narcotics on the dark web. Police information says the pharmacy student was a dark net vendor who sold LSD, magic mushrooms, cannabis seeds, codeine and other prescription drugs originating from Germany, Spain, and Russia to his customers. Austrian law enforcement authorities arrested the student on November 8. Officials say he operated ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price analysis 30th November 2016

Bitcoin Price Hits a New $1000 high on Indian Exchanges Bitcoin was back on the headlines this week, reasserting itself as the asset of choice for Indians seeking a safe haven asset class. While on most days it’s China, this week demand peaked in India, where an official ban on 500 and 1000 rupee paper notes by Prime Minister Modi ... Read More »

IRS Demands Entire Coinbase User Database For Tax Purposes

The Internal Revenue Service, a U.S. government agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement, has requested popular bitcoin trading platform and wallet service provider Coinbase to provide personal and sensitive financial data of millions of customers over the past three years for tax filing purposes. Various court filings have been submitted and a formal investigation was initiated by ... Read More »

An interview with Ex-NSA Agent and New Cybersecurity Comic Author

Ex NSA Analyst, Oren Falkowitz left the agency in 2012 and went on to co-found two different start-ups, Sqrrl, and Area 1 Security; both of which analyze and stop cyber threats. His latest venture, Pineapple Sparkle, is a comic book he uses to showcase his thoughts on America’s current state of online security. Falkowitz says that the book is being ... Read More »

Norway Busted Massive a Darknet Child Porn Ring and Seized 150TB of Pictures and Videos

Norwegian officials announced the bust of Norway’s largest child-abuse ring wherein police identified 51 suspects and seized 150 terabytes of child porn. Officials spoke about a new branch of law enforcement focused on darknet crime as well as the name of the operation—Operation Darkroom. Hilde Reikrås, head of the taskforce responsible for the takedown and Operation Darkroom, announced that 20 ... Read More »

Interview: Monero’s fluffypony talks about current developments and the future of cryptocurrency

Anyone currently having a closer look into the world of cryptocurrencies, would have likely stumbled across Monero, a privacy focused cryptocoin that is gaining a lot of traction right now. We travel to Plettenberg Bay, South Africa to have lunch (and of course beer) with fluffypony, one of Monero’s core team members. The topic of our discussion was Monero’s current ... Read More »

Byteball: Make DAGs, Not Chains!

Byteball is a decentralized cryptocurrency like none seen before it. It has no blocks, hence no blockchain, hence no block size issue. It relies instead in DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) to partially organize transactions, which form their own “blocks” called units. These units are limitless, but the fee paid for each transactions ir proportional to their size. – Read Whitepaper ... Read More »


Companies Required to Give Customer Data to Authorities in China’s New Cybersecurity Law

Companies Required to Give Customer Data to Authorities in China’s New Cybersecurity Law China has approved a controversial cybersecurity law that gave the government unprecedented access to technology worldwide. The law was green-lit as a national security measure but went too far, human rights groups said. It granted the government the ability to censor online content and restrict free speech. ... Read More »

UK Regulator Partners With Epiphyte to Test Bitcoin Remittances

Epiphyte, an instant settlement service provider, has secured a partnership with the UK to become the first to conduct FCA-regulated blockchain-based payments. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), a financial regulatory body of the UK which oversees all of the country’s financial markets, has authorized Epiphyte to launch a service called SpecialFX, via the FCA’s sandbox. Essentially, SpecialFX is expected to ... Read More »

British PlayPen Member Prosecuted After Nearly a Year of Fighting the Case

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in 2015, took control of PlayPen, one of the largest darknet child pornography websites. PlayPen members, one-by-one, were identified and prosecuted worldwide. Newcastle Crown Court, after notably lengthy proceedings, finalized the sentencing of another PlayPen member—Steven Archer. Archer was another PlayPen member identified by the police in 2015. Like many of the accused, Archer fought ... Read More »


State Department Fails at Cybersecurity Again, New Report Reveals

Cybersecurity at the US State Department has been scrutinized for years while under the leadership of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. The department has a tech budget of $1.92 billion annually, yet has never scored well on internal security tests. This year’s report looked no better than previous ones. The State Department’s Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) latest report revealed ... Read More »

Three Darknet Amphetamine Vendors to Be Sentenced by Federal Cybercrime Center

The General Public Prosecutor’s Office of Koblenz formally charged several individuals for distributing 5,300 grams of amphetamine. Three Bavarian citizens were indicted for jointly distributing “massive” quantities of amphetamines via the darknet. Charges were filed by the Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate) Ministry of Justice where the suspects were to face charges. This changed once investigators discovered that the men shipped packages to ... Read More »