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Researchers Develop Automated Facial Scanner for the Internet and the Darknet Is Next

European law enforcement just rolled out machine learning software that hunts P2P networks for child pornography. The AI automated much of the process—freeing investigators to spend more time investigating suspects. Interpol headquarters tested iCOP (Identifying and Catching Originators in P2P Networks) and found the AI ready for use. Claudia Peersman, the lead author of a study on the software, explained ... Read More »

Chandler ​Guo: Chinese Electricity Companies Are Using Surplus Energy to Mine Bitcoin

Chandler Guo, a prominent bitcoin investor in major bitcoin mining pool Bw.com and various Ethereum Classic startus, recently revealed that Chinese electricity companies are using surplus energy to mine bitcoin. Over the past 6 months, capital controls in China have become increasingly tight. The Chinese government has begun to regulate foreign investments of large corporations and lately began to restrict ... Read More »

German Internet Fraud Duo Sentenced

A 22-year-old and a 21-year-old was sentenced for committing internet fraud by Waldbröler District Court in Germany. According to official court documents, the duo cracked email and eBay accounts and used victim information to purchase electronic devices, such as cameras. After they received the goods, they sold them for profit. Recently, the two fraudsters had to stand trial at Waldböler ... Read More »

Two Sussex Men Charged for Darknet Drug Sales and Money Laundering

An investigation conducted by South East Regional Organized Crime (SEROCU) led to the arrest of four men for darknet crimes. SEROCU investigated four men: two from Sussex and two from Birmingham. The Crawley Magistrates’ Court has seen only the Sussex men. The other two faced charges in Birmingham. Police confirmed that the court formally charged the two Sussex men with ... Read More »

Guide: How To buy From The TradeRoute Market?

Market tutorial for The Trade Route market, as it was provided by the market staff: 1. Security First of all we have to be sure that we are completely anonymous while using Trade Route. VPN This step is not mandatory but it’s highly recommended in order to protect your privacy. The reason for using a VPN is that you need ... Read More »

Firefox Zero-Day Can Be Used To Deanonymize Tor Users

Recently, a Firefox zero-day was being used to target Tor users. Experts say the code is nearly identical to what the Federal Bureau of Investigation used in their hack against Tor users in 2013. However, on the same day, the exploit came out, the Tor Project and Mozilla published browser updates that fixed the issues within the software. The Tor ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup, 10th December 2016

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New Developments: Circle has decided to give up on the bitcoin side of its business According to The Wall Street Journal, Circle Internet Financial Ltd, a social payments app that has in the past been backed by Goldman Sachs, has given up on allowing its customers to buy and sell bitcoin ... Read More »

Trust In Brands Lost Due To Cybercrime, Report Says

MarkMonitor, the global leader in online brand protection conducted a report about consumer trust and cybercrime. According to the research, 16 percent of Dutch consumers lose confidence in a brand that is involved in cybercrime. The report shows that 45 percent of the consumers in the Netherlands has already been a victim of cybercrime. Almost the third of the victims ... Read More »

IcyEagle Gets Prison Time for Selling Stolen Bank Accounts on AlphaBay

An Atlanta judge just sentenced Aaron James Glende aka IcyEagle to four years and two months in prison. IcyEagle sold stolen login credentials on the darknet, specifically on the AlphaBay marketplace. At his peak, he posted 300 different listings, including SunTrust bank accounts with a $500,000 account balance. The 35-year-old hacker ordered Oxycodone in early 2016 that a Postal Inspector ... Read More »

Global Law Enforcement Arrests Five Suspects After a Four-Year Cybercrime Investigation

On November 30, 2016, a four-year investigation into the Avalanche network paid off. The investigation, dubbed “Operation Avalanche,” involved law enforcement agencies worldwide. The Department of Justice, FBI, Luneburg Police, Europol, Eurojust, and global partners dismantled an international criminal infrastructure platform known as ‘Avalanche.’ The Avalanche network delivered global malware attacks worldwide with a specific focus on Germany. According to ... Read More »

700 Pages of Terrorism Data Stolen and Leaked from Europol

It has recently been found that an officer working for the Europol agency has leaked sensitive material about the agency’s online investigations. A televised documentary stated that it had found over 700 pages of confidential data which included terrorism investigations. The data was found on a hard drive that had been linked to the internet. The program also stated that ... Read More »

26,500 UK National Lottery Accounts Hacked

The UK National Lottery operator Camelot released a statement saying they have reason to believe that thousands of online player accounts have been breached. Camelot said that following a security monitoring check Monday, they discovered suspicious activity. They believe around 26,500 player accounts were hacked. They also stated that less than 50 accounts showed signs of activity after the hack. ... Read More »

How to earn interest on your Bitcoin – Magnr Lending

Bitcoin is a bit like the wild west of finance. If you want to be the one walking away towards the setting sun when the dust settles, you have to be extra careful as Bitcoin scams and ponzi schemes are everywhere. Unfortunately, these scams often work and many “investors” are left at the bottom of the pyramid holding an empty ... Read More »

Darknet Firearm Sales Indirectly Led to Austrian Cops Privately Carrying Guns

On November 30, a Weapons Act amendment passed the National Council’s internal committee. The amendment made many notable changes to the current laws but one stood out. It granted law enforcement the ability to carry firearms privately. Previously, officers locked their weapons at the station prior to completing their shift. An influx of firearms from the darknet—especially semi-automatic rifles—motivated the ... Read More »

Dutch Hospitals Report a Data Breach Almost Every Day

Dutch hospitals reported 304 separate incidents of patient data loss since January 1. According to the Authority for Personal Data (AP), the hospitals rarely encrypted the data. They also reported that the majority of the data loss occurred due to human error. Many data losses occurred after employees misplaced essential USB drives and other storage mediums. For example, a doctor ... Read More »