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Law Enforcement Arrested 900 PlayPen Users Worldwide

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested the administrator then took control of the child porn website PlayPen, investigators all over the world arrested about 900 users of the illicit site. In December 2014, the FBI took control of the PlayPen child porn website for 13 days after arresting the administrator. While the Bureau was controlling the website, they uploaded ... Read More »

Slovakian Drug Dealer Arrested In Germany

German law enforcement authorities arrested a Slovak national, who is accused of selling narcotics. On May 2, just before midnight, police officers have identified the suspicious activity of an 18-year-old man near the railway station in Zorneding, Germany. When the officers checked the identity of the suspect, the 18-year-old handed out a pre-rolled joint to the police officers, presumably in ... Read More »

Three Men Sentenced For 15 Years, Obtained Cache of Guns From Dark Web

Three men pleaded guilty to the possession of a massive storage of ammunition, firearms and paraphernalia on November 2, 2016. This week, brothers Abdullah Ali and Adam Ali, and 21-year-old Roman Nikolajevs were sentenced to 15 years in prison for the illegal possession of firearms and illicit activities on the dark web.   In early 2015, the Ali brothers initially ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 19th May 2017

Since the last price analysis, bitcoin continued its rally up to an all time high at $1940 on bitstamp, inches short of the $2000 level. Bitcoin is now trading $700 above the price of a troy ounce of gold at $1223. Mainstream media is knee deep into the hype, roping in new investors and curious onlookers. A CNBC article went ... Read More »

Woman Pleaded Guilty in $6.6m Cannabinoid Conspiracy

On May 4, the Acting United States Attorney in Missouri, Tom Larson, announced a guilty plea in a major federal synthetic cannabinoid case. Sheila Marie Nawaz, like others caught in the same case, pleaded guilty to mail fraud. She admitted mailing close to 2,500 packages of legal cannabinoids to locations in the United States. The report included proceeds of over ... Read More »

Two Suspects Arrested In Florida Credit Card Skimming Scheme

In a joint law enforcement action, investigators arrested two men from Florida for running a credit card skimming operation. The 39-year-old Lester Castaneda and the 27-year-old Luis Enrique Jimenez-Gonzalez, both of Florida, were arrested by law enforcement authorities for encoding stolen credit card information on plastic cards, which they allegedly used to steal money from the victims, a Salt Lake ... Read More »

Court Rules Phone PINs Are Not Protected by the 5th Amendment

Two defendants in an extortion case in Florida have been ordered by Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Charles Johnson to turn over the PINs needed to gain access to two of four phones that were seized during the arrest of the defendants. “For me, this is like turning over a key to a safe-deposit box,” Judge Johnson said. The defendants, Hencha ... Read More »

FBI Transparency Report Shows a Decline in NSLs

According to a recent transparency report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the FBI issued less National Security Letters this year than last year by a 5% margin. National Security Letters (NSL) fall into a semi-shady area of law enforcement—partially because of the lack of oversight surrounding them. Additionally, the NSLs come with a gag order, more ... Read More »

Indian Government Leaking 130m Financial Records

Government agencies in India leaked a massive number of online identity related information from the world’s largest biometric identification system: Aadhaar. Aadhaar, described by a World Bank Economist as “the most sophisticated ID programme in world,” functions as a form of ID for citizens. The eight-year-old system also handles payment verification and inherently holds millions of personal records, both financial ... Read More »

LocalBitcoin Seller Guilty of Illegal Currency Exchange

The legal stance of Bitcoin, in the United States, seemingly varies from court case to court case. The IRS calls Bitcoin a piece of property, for all intents and purposes. State courts, judges, and laws differ tremendously. A clear answer is a rare and infrequent occurrence. When a state’s view on Bitcoin becomes clear, it usually coincides with a court ... Read More »

Report: Cybercrime On The Rise In Germany

As criminals have more access to different services, tools and guides on hacking forums and illicit marketplaces, cybercrime increases worldwide. Recently, government and industry executives reported in Germany that cybercrime is expanding rapidly in the country. In one of the most technologically and digitally advanced countries in the world, officials stated that despite the major increase in cyber attacks targeting ... Read More »

US Darknet Drug Traffickers Arrested After Overdose Of A Teen

Law enforcement authorities in the United States linked the fatal overdose of a teen to two darknet narcotic vendors, who were arrested recently. The Drugs and Vice Division of the Portland Police Bureau, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Postal Service started an investigation after 18-year-old Aisha Zughieh-Collins was found dead from an overdose from the synthetic substance ... Read More »

Data of 500,000 Children Stolen from Pediatricians, Sold on Dark Web

A hacker who operates with the online alias Skyscraper revealed that 500,000 records of patients have been stolen from various healthcare companies and are currently being sold on the dark web. According to Skyscraper, all of the stolen records and identities are that of children and they include sensitive information such as the names of the children and their parents, ... Read More »