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NYU Accidentally Exposed Secret NSA Encryption Cracking Project

A secret super computing project to crack encrypted data that is being run by New York University (NYU), IBM, and the Department of Defense was recently revealed to the public, but not intentionally. The project, known as WindsorGreen, was revealed when the software and hundreds of pages of documents detailing the project were stored on a backup hard drive that ... Read More »

Grand Jury Indicts U-47 Vendor “PeterTheGreat”

An indictment recently named the couple legally considered responsible for the death of an eighteen-year-old overdose victim in Portland Oregon. The two, Theodore Vitaliy Khleborod and Ana Milena Barrero, sold U-47700 on darknet markets like Alphabay. In early May, only weeks after their arrest (and even less time since the police stopped using the seized vendor account), a grand jury ... Read More »

DEA Says Four Recent Vendor Busts are Connected

In an odd series of once independently reported events, the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida announced that a fourth vendor has been charged in a string of related darknet cases. Upon first glance, the vendors appeared to have little in common, aside from appearing in the same press release. And really, even after taking a closer ... Read More »

New Ransomware-as-a-Service Arrives, Encrypts Most Files Within Minutes

FrozrLock, the ransomware discovered by the BleepingComputer team with early tips and guidance of security researcher David Montenegro and Avast security research Jakub Kroustek, is a new type of a ransomware-as-a-service tool which began to infect devices and servers since April 16. Although its origin is yet to be disclosed, researchers state the ransomware first started to operate in Russia. ... Read More »

Securelist Report: The Largest Botnet is Nearly Dormant

According to the Kaspersky Lab Securelist report “Spam and Phishing in Q1 2017,” activity from the world’s largest botnet sharply dropped and almost ceased completely in late December 2016. For almost the entirety of the first quarter of 2017, the Necurs botnet sat in a dormant state. And as one of the largest distributors of spam—mainly emails with malicious attachments—the ... Read More »

Swiss Espionage Records Obtained Through Israeli Private Investigator

Recently, a Swiss agent was arrested in Germany for espionage. Now, we have received information that an Israeli private investigator provided data for the Swiss agent. According to the Swiss news outlet tagesanzeiger.ch, Daniel M., a 54-year-old man working as an agent for the Swiss federal intelligence service (FIS), was tasked to identify German tax investigators involved in the purchase ... Read More »

DEA Busts a “Mystery Mix” Alphabay Vendor

In Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the Drug Enforcement Agency arrested a Joshua J. Kelly, a well known beheld on Alphabay. On May 11, 2017 law enforcement raided his shop, Heady Warez smoke shop after the DEA investigated a vendor known as “ustous.” Responses, thus far, have a unique element about them—one that does not come with many drug vendor arrests—at least ... Read More »

Swiss Convict Who Escaped From Custody Confessed

Tobias Kuster, a Swiss convict serving his prison time, escaped from custody last year. While he was on the run, he allegedly murdered a man and attempted to order a gun from the dark web. He was arrested in January. Recently, the convict confessed and new information was revealed in the investigation. The 23-year-old Tobias Kuster, currently serving five and ... Read More »

Darknet Vendor Lists One Billion Anti-Public Accounts

On May 5, the creator of the famed “Have I Been Pwned?” breach alert system, Troy Hunt, announced that he loaded “over 1 billion breached accounts into HIBP.” At the date of his blog post, HIBP hosted 2.7 billion breached accounts from numerous breaches. “There’s a lot more there now,” he explained, referring to a massive number of breached accounts—currently ... Read More »

Dark Web Child Porn Users Caught Using Clearnet File Sharing Service

Recent federal court documents show that multiple suspected board users of an unnamed DW child porn site have been reportedly ID’d by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). However, unlike the world-wide bust of almost 1000 users of the once-popular DW site “Playpen”, a site which was temporarily run by DHS and FBI agents for a fews days ... Read More »

Downed CP website had 10,000 UK Members, Including a School Governor

Earlier this year, DeepDotWeb reported that Anonymous hacked Freedom Hosting II, effectively bringing down almost 20% of all active darknet websites. According to the hacker, 50% of the websites hosted by Freedom Hosting II were child porn websites, even though the hosting provider claimed to have “a zero tolerance policy to child pornography.” Among those websites was Paradise Village, a ... Read More »

FBI Calls Playpen Case “Unprecedented in Scope”

A recent court case sparked heated debates surrounding tactics used by the FBI in the investigation into the now-convicted Steven W. Chase. Chase, as many know, created the “world’s largest child pornography website” called Playpen. He actively participated in administrative roles on the site as the site’s lead admin. Only few protested the convictions of Chase, two admins, and hundreds ... Read More »