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Identification of key players in darknet child pornography forums

Child pornography represents various forms of visual depictions of explicit sexual conduct involving children. It has devastating effects on its victims and represents a serious social security issue, considering the advanced networking technologies in existence today. With the advent of the darknet, access to child pornography has become extremely anonymous and secure, which has resulted in a rapidly growing number ... Read More »

More than 200 Arrests Linked to Austrian Counterfeit Euro Vendor

Last year, Austrian authorities launched an investigation into a suspected counterfeiting group accused of distributing thousands of fake euro notes to customers via the dark web. In December 2018, Europol announced that law enforcement throughout Europe had arrested more than 200 suspects in connection with an extensive investigation into a dark web counterfeiting network. In Austria, the suspected counterfeiter responsible ... Read More »

Judge Sentences South Florida Fentanyl Dealer to Federal Prison

A federal judge sentenced the last member of a fentanyl trafficking ring in Florida to six years and six months in prison for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance analogue. The final defendant, according to information revealed in a plea agreement, had organized the group and controlled the importation of controlled substances from labs in China. The United States Attorney ... Read More »

Customs Departments on the Lookout for Dark Web Packages and Drones as Major Security Threat

The 80th session of the annual World Customs Organization (WCO) policy commission conference was held last week to discuss major and global issues most custom departments, which facilitate global trade, are facing. Discussions about the delivery of illegal packages and consignments procured online on dark web marketplaces and the use of digital coins, such as bitcoins, dominated the session. Money ... Read More »

Europol’s Crack Down on Dark Web Counterfeit Money Business Leads to Arrests

During late November this year, 12 people were arrested as a result of a Europol collaboration with law enforcement authorities from 26 counties. This joint sting was aimed at criminals buying and selling counterfeit euro banknotes on many dark web marketplaces. The task, which began from November 19 to December 6 this year, also saw the Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 23.12.2018

Bitcoin price started recovering during last week’s trading sessions, following a bearish wave that lasted around a month. Bitcoin price rose from around $3,300 in the beginning of the week, up to a week high of $4,300 on Thursday, recording a 30% rise within less than a week. The market’s bulls failed to keep price above the resistance around $4,285.4, ... Read More »

Undocumented Romanian National Pleads Guilty to Dark Web Credit Card Fraud

The United States of America’s Department of Justice has charged an undocumented Romanian with committing cyber fraud at an ATM around the Memphis and Germantown area. This was confirmed by United States Attorney Michael Dunavant, who in charge of the Western District of Tennessee. The suspect, identified as Cristian Balazs-Andras, 24, was first arrested by law enforcement at Tennessee Bank ... Read More »

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Convicted Dark Web Drug Trafficker to Pay 300,000 euros to the State

A Utrecht young man convicted by a Netherlands court for conducting an international dark web drug trafficking ring online and for money laundering through virtual currencies will have to pay 300k to the state. Apart from sentencing, the court has ordered that the defendant pay at least 300,000 euros to the country after determining the turnover of his illegal business. ... Read More »

Two Croatians Arrested for Ordering Almost Two Kilograms of Drugs Online

An elderly grandparent and one of his alleged grandchildren ordered a massive amount of amphetamine and ecstasy from a dark web marketplace, authorities in Croatia announced in early December. The family members had allegedly planned to resell the drugs throughout the country. Authorities in Bjelovar, Croatia arrested a 75-year-old grandparent and his 20-year-old grandchild for serious drug offences. The State ... Read More »

MDMA Dealer Sentenced to Two Years for Selling at a Music Festival

A prolific MDMA and LSD dealer from Tennessee was sentenced to federal prison at a recent hearing in a federal court. The dealer was known to both law enforcement officers and to his customers as “Molly Poppins.” At the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Judge Travis McDonough sentenced Graham Clark, also known as “Molly Poppins,” ... Read More »

A Californian Man Jailed for DDoS Cyber Attacks

A 44-year-old man from El Segundo, California has been convicted and sentenced to over two years in prison for his role in directing distributed denial of service to two websites that belong to the famous Oklahoma telescope company, Astronomics. The suspect, identified as David Chesley Goodyear, instigated the attacks in August 2016, as reported by the United States Attorney, Robert ... Read More »

Australia Passes New Cybersecurity Laws to Access Encrypted Communication Messages

The Australian government has passed a very controversial law which gives power to law enforcement and police detectives to access encrypted communications messages. The bill was motivated by the rising level of terrorism and other crimes supported by end-to-end social media platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. Under the new law, Australian legislators can compel local and international communication providers to ... Read More »