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Highly Educated Young Users are Leading Illicit Dark Web Narcotics Trade

The Global Drug Survey and its lead researcher Monica Barratt have found that highly educated young users have been leading illicit dark web narcotics trade over the past year. According to the findings of the Global Drug Survey, users of dark web that order illicit drugs and narcotics using darknet marketplaces are likely to be male, young and recipients of ... Read More »

Austria One Step Closer to Mass Surveillance

Following the attack in Manchester, some political groups fought for complete government supervision over instant messaging. WhatsApp messenger especially. The Social Democratic Party of Austria and Austrian People’s Party pushed for increased government oversight far before the Manchester attacks. But the recent attacks add ammunition to their agendas. And now the country faces a true constitutional crisis—deliberating whether or not ... Read More »

MasterCard Starts DNM Credit Card Search in Brazil

Patricio Hernández, CIO of MasterCard, announced that the company began the deployment of a new early detection system in Latin America. The system itself is not new; the United States and Europe already benefit from the protection it provides. It is new to Latin America though. Hernández explained that the system scanned the deep and dark web for credit card ... Read More »

Two Buyers Arrested for 250 Pill DNM Purchase

On February 11, 2017, customs officials at the Vienna Schwechat airport intercepted a package of 250 ecstasy pills. The ecstasy originated from the Netherlands—a red flag for law enforcement. Several months later, following an investigation by Austrian law enforcement, the district police in Volkermarkt arrested the buyer of the package. The Netherlands is well-known as one of the greatest exporters ... Read More »

Scotland Opiate Treatment is Endangering Other Drug Users

Director of Scottish Drugs Forum, David Liddell, explained that more cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol users landed in emergency departments, in 2017, than opiate and opioid users. This came as an interesting twist—opiates like heroin and fentanyl “were Scotland’s biggest problem in terms of substance misuse.” This, he explained, indicated that the focus of drug services in the country made seeking ... Read More »

One PlayPen Member May Only Serve Four Years

One of the men caught in the FBI’s notorious “Operation Pacifier,” U.S. Army Sgt. David Tippens, fought the charges filed against him with more intensity than most. Documents released in his case revealed the “outrageous” behavior of the FBI. Tippens, defended by the public defender who got one PlayPen member acquitted, appeared to be headed in the same direction. However, ... Read More »

Calvados: students deal with more than 10,000 ecstasy seals

French Arrested After Customs Intercepted A Package Containing Ecstasy

A few days ago, law enforcement authorities arrested a young man from Nantes, France for ordering ecstasy pills from the Netherlands. According to the French news outlet 20minutes.fr, a young man in his twenties was detained on May 26 after customs intercepted a package containing ecstasy pills arriving from the Netherlands. The prosecution considers charging the suspect with the importation ... Read More »

Bank cards

Austrian Federal Police Identified Carder Group Who Stole More Than 50,000 Credit Card Details

Recently, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BK) in Austria announced that they had identified a group of criminals who stole more than 50,000 credit card details from the victims. According to Rudolf Unterköfler, head of the Federal Crime Division at the Federal Criminal Police Office, Austrian law enforcement authorities identified a group that traded more than 50,000 credit card details ... Read More »

Swiss Convict Who Escaped From Custody Confessed

Tobias Kuster, a Swiss convict serving his prison time, escaped from custody last year. While he was on the run, he allegedly murdered a man and attempted to order a gun from the dark web. He was arrested in January. Earlier this month, the convict confessed and new information was revealed in the investigation. It is now clear that undercover ... Read More »

25% of UK Drug Users Use Darknet Markets

The Global Drug Survey (GDS) is a London-based drug and alcohol research group that releases, once a year, the results of the world’s largest survey on drug use. The survey covers, for example, trends in drug popularity within a specific country. One point of interest from the Global Drug Survey 2016 showed that global darknet market usage increased significantly—and it ... Read More »

Active Cyber Defense Bill Would Allow Cybercrime Victims to Hack Back

A new bill, entitled the Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act (ACDC), will soon be introduced in the United States House of Representatives by Republican Representative Tom Graves of Georgia, and if enacted would allow the victims of cybercrime to hack their attackers. Victims of cybercrimes would also be allowed to hire others and direct them to undertake active cyber defense ... Read More »

Yet Another Amphetamine Vendor Arrested in Austria

Towards the end of September 2016, Customs Officers in Frankfurt, Germany, intercepted a package that contain 500 grams of amphetamine paste. This package, like so many similar package seizures conducted at the hands of Customs Officers at the same Customs Office, sparked an investigation into the declared recipient. After several more package seizures, investigators made their move. A 24 year ... Read More »

GS BTC 2.jpg

Bitcoin Price Analysis June 13 2017

The Flippening Bitcoin’s teething problems have not gone unnoticed. This week, Ethereum came closer to surpassing the market cap of Bitcoin. ETH price broke past $300 to an all time high of $400, backed by mainstream media and speculator bids on the flippening. Bitcoin’s scaling deadlock and high transaction fees, have led to doubt amongst investors over its continued dominance ... Read More »

Drug Vendor And Reseller Arrested In Sweden

Law enforcement authorities detained a narcotic vendor in Umeå, Sweden, who allegedly sold the illicit substances in closed groups on Facebook and on the dark web. Investigators also arrested a man from Taby, Sweden, who allegedly bought large quantities from the main defendant with the intention to resell the illicit substances. According to the police information, a 27-year-old man living ... Read More »