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Second Judge Suggests To Reject Evidence In FBI Mass Hack Case

Magistrate Judge Paul J Cleary is the second judge in the FBI mass hack case who just suggested throwing out the evidence obtained by a piece of malware that the federal agency had previously uploaded on the infiltrated PlayPen child porn site (as part of Operation Pacifier) back in February 2015. On April 25, the judge just recommended the evidence ... Read More »

Hungary Passes New Law To Ban Full Encryption

The Parliament in Hungary voted on a legislative amendment that would prohibit end to end encryption, online daily index.hu reported yesterday. The reasons behind this are to help fight the growing threat of terrorism Hungary is facing. The proposed changes would mandate any providers offering end to end encryption to provide data for the Hungarian government when it requests so. ... Read More »

FBI Gets Green Flag For Unlimited Warrant less Searches

The United States government is using warrant less searches along with secret requests for information, and these requests and searches keep growing in numbers. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a transparency report this week showing the number of warrant less searches has doubled between 2013 and 2015. The intelligence community vacuums up millions of communications from ... Read More »

FBI Still Harassing Lead Tor Developer

Lead software developer for Tor, Isis Agora Lovecruft claims that the FBI is harassing her because they would like to talk with her, but will not disclose a reason why.  An FBI agent showed up at her parents home and left a card, instructing them to have Isis call them.  Later, phone calls to her parents home from the FBI ... Read More »

ESU Student Arrested For Buying LSD From Dark Web

Michael Mancini (20), an East Stroudsburg University (ESU) student from Landenberg, Chester County, was busted by the police for ordering LSD from a dark net market. The college student was charged with the possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, criminal use of a communication facility and other related offenses. Mancini was arrested on Wednesday, and soon released on ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 12th May 2016

This week, the price of bitcoin pushed up to reclaim lost highs at $466 from 2 weeks ago, despite a hoax unmasking of Bitcoin’s mysterious creator. Perhaps a systemic risk, as Satoshi’s coins represent 7% of available scarce supply. Now, the headlines and traders are bullish. As of writing this, price sits at $453. As seen above on the 6 ... Read More »

NIST to Begin Preparations for Quantum Resistant Cryptography

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is following the example of the NSA, which last year announced it was time to develop and eventually transition to new cryptographic algorithms as the new and rapidly developing field of quantum computing begins to deprecate the current, standard algorithms. This marks the beginning of a new era of cryptography, considering our current, ... Read More »

German Police: Counterfeit Euros Running Wild In Germany

Counterfeit money crimes rose by 42 percent in Germany last year, according to a new federal report. Authorities have attributed the spike in crime to better quality fakes and online sellers. Fake Euro notes and counterfeit money crimes both rose dramatically in 2015, according to a report released Monday by Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency(BKA). Last year 86,500 cases were ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup May 5th 2016

This week, the unmasking of Satoshi Nakamoto made the headlines across bitcoin news outlets. Read on to find out what else made the news wire BITCOIN DEVELOPMENT: Opinion Divided on Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity as Australian Craig Wright In the span of one week, the identity of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was revealed, dragged through the mud and revoked. Cryptographer Craig ... Read More »

FBI and NSA Still Not Having Trouble Getting Spy Orders

For years critics have claimed that the US’ Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is a pushover. It’s allegedly s reluctant to reject spying orders that it’s little more than a speed bump for the FBI and NSA. That reputation isn’t about to change anytime soon. Reuters possesses a memo obtained from the Justice Department showing that FISC didn’t reject any of ... Read More »

BTC Users Could Get Jail Time in Russia

The Russian Finance Ministry is preparing to introduce legislation next month that would fine and jail digital currency users, according to Bloomberg. The Legislation, which was amended last month, has miltiple tiers of penalties depending on the persons usage, according to Interfax, a Russian news agency. For regular citizens who casually use bitcoin, a penalty is 500,000 rubles($7,800) or four ... Read More »

Man Sentenced for Buying Firearms on Dark Net

Justin Moreira,22, was sentenced by Federal Court Judge F. Dennis Saylor, to 42 months in prison and three years of supervised release. In November 2015, Moreira plead guilty to three counts of being a felon in possession of ammunition and firearms. Moreira had a conviction in 2013 for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute; which is ... Read More »

Child Porn Suspect Jailed Indefinitely For Not Decrypting Hard Drives

A Philadelphia man suspected of possessing child porn has been in jail for  seven months and counting after being found in contempt of a court order demanding that he decrypt two password protected hard drives. The suspect, a former P.P.D. Sergeant, hasn’t been charged with any child porn crimes. Instead he remains indefinitely imprisoned in Philadelphia’s Federal Detention Center for ... Read More »

FBI Ignoring Courts Order To Reveal Browser Hack

There are a bunch of different cases going on right now concerning the FBI secretly running the hidden Tor based child porn site Playpen for two weeks, then tracking users of the site wit malware in order to identify them. The courts so far have been fine with the FBI’s overall actions of running the site, but there are increasing ... Read More »

Supreme Court Grants FBI Decentralized Hacking Warrants

The U.S. Supreme Court passed a proposed change to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, one of the main bodies of law that governs the powers and behavior of the FBI. Previously, Rule 41 stated that a judge may only hand out a warrant to be issued within the district they represent, but how do you work ... Read More »