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A Lexington Man Convicted for Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering

A 46-year-old man, identified as Ansar I. McIver from Lexington, was convicted to over 20 years in prison for distributing the killer opioid, fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin and also for money laundering. The suspect was severely punished by United States District Judge, Danny C. Reeves, who also ordered him to pay a fine of about $586,000 in cash. According to ... Read More »

Latvian Arrested for Ordering Darknet Packages of Drug from Netherlands on ‘Dream market’

A Latvian teenage citizen was arrested and detained by the Border and Customs Police of the States Revenue Authority for allegedly ordering and receiving illegal drug packages procured off the dark web. The illicit packages are believed to have been shipped from the Netherlands and Holland after having been paid for with virtual currencies and delivered through postal services to ... Read More »

The Bottom of a Dark Web Drug Investigation Unprecedented in Canada

On April 26 last year (2017) a border and customs officer suffered serious respiratory complications after handling parcels at the Canada Post’s Léo Blanchette sorting station in Montreal, Saint-Laurent Borough. His colleagues at the station discovered that the parcels had been imported from Spain and contained fentanyl, an illegal and fatal narcotic 40 times more potent than heroin. The incident ... Read More »

Two Hackers Sent to Prison for Their Roles in Hacking Talk Talk Company

Two suspected hackers have been sent to jail for conspiring and taking a role in compromising Talk Talk Telecommunication Company back in 2015. The two cybercriminals were identified as Mathew Hanley, 23, and Connor Allsopp, 21, who are both from Staffordshire. According to the court records, the two young hackers stole personal identifiable information (PII), banking details, and credit card ... Read More »

Waverly men to serve a prison sentence for selling pills laced with narcotics

Evan P. Sage, 20, and Cameron J. Lensmeyer, 20, have been sentenced to federal prison for illegal possession and distribution of drugs and possession of a firearm. Lensmeyer earlier pleaded guilty in May to possession of carfentanil and marijuana with intent to distribute. The authorities, therefore, sentenced him to seven years in prison. Sage also pleaded guilty to possession of ... Read More »

Former Dark Web Operator of DiDW Questioned on Arms Dealing

The former operator of DiDW was questioned about drugs and weapons dealing on an online portal Thursday in court. He is facing charges for operating and moderating an online dark web marketplace which trades illegal products and services. Businesses on the forum are conducted exclusively in cryptocurrencies. The accused, Alexander U., is a former operator of “Germany in the Deep ... Read More »

Two Dark Web Vendors Arrested in Croatia for Drugs Procured Online

Two suspects from Rijeka have been arrested in Croatia in a joint operation between the Croatian and the German law enforcement agencies. The two suspects are accused of running a drug ring involving the purchase and sale of drugs on the dark web with virtual currencies. According to the Office of the State Attorney General (ODO), an investigation of the ... Read More »

Renowned Hacker “tessa88” Is Identified to Be Russian National

A cybersecurity firm has been carefully analyzing and researching different accounts related to a prominent hacker, whose activities negatively affected high-profile companies. The firm believes it knows the real identity of the cybercriminal involved in the heinous acts back in 2016. The firm, Recorded Future, reports that the cybercriminal was a Russian male hacker known as Maksim Donakov. The data ... Read More »

Two Former Cedar Falls Men Sentenced in Carfentanil Drug Case

Two former young men from Cedar Falls, who were arrested for buying and selling elephant tranquilizers on the dark web, have been sentenced. The two bought what they believed were prescription tablets on the dark web but later learned the pills contained carfentanil, an elephant tranquilizer. Evan Paul Sage, 20, and Cameron James Lensmeyer, 21, who are currently living in ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 11.12.2018

Bitcoin price continued on plummeting throughout last week’s trading sessions, recording a week low of $3,277 last Friday. However, after the week low was recorded, the market began recovering slightly and the bulls managed to push bitcoin price above $3,600 on Sunday. Despite the 14% drop we witnessed last week, the market’s bears failed to pull bitcoin price below $3,192, ... Read More »