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Eight Arrested In Malta For Selling Counterfeit Euros

The financial division of Europol and Maltese law enforcement authorities arrested eight suspects who are believed to be selling counterfeit euros on the dark web. Officials say the gang was among the biggest euro counterfeiters on the dark net. Only eight people have been arrested by authorities, however, police claim they are a bigger part of a large international organization. ... Read More »

Canadian Man Had Access To 967 Child Porn Files

Jonathan Bettez, a 36-year-old Canadian man was arrested for possessing child pornography. According to police information, the man had access to 967 child porn files containing images and videos from children aged 3 months to 12 years who were being assaulted sexually. Law enforcement authorities searched for the child porn data and in a police database and compared the files ... Read More »

Bitcoin price analysis for December 23rd 2016

Bitcoin’s $ 1000 Gifts for Christmas As I am writing this, I am overwhelmed by the performance of Bitcoin, mostly over the past 48 hours. Bitcoin has spun up a surprise for the world, and there is more to come over Christmas. Few assets would go up more than 50% within a year, after a 3 year bear market that ... Read More »


Why Are US Mainstream Media Outlets Removing the “Operation Darkroom” Story?

Towards the end of 2016, Norwegian officials announced the completion of an international darknet child pornography investigation. Police identified 51 suspects, and many were law enforcement officers, politicians, or other well-known individuals. The investigators seized 150 terabytes of child porn under the now defunct “Operation Darkroom.” Mainstream media picked up on the article and published stories about the arrests but ... Read More »

Yahoo Was Hacked Again: 1 billion user accounts were compromised

Back in September, DeepDotWeb reported Yahoo announced 500 million accounts were compromised by what the company claimed to be a “state-sponsored actor”. Back then all affect users were notified and the problem appeared to be swept under the rug. Now, Yahoo issued a press release in which it states more than 1 billion user accounts were compromised – and sensitive ... Read More »

Freedom Hosting Admin Ordered to Face Charges in the US

The Court of Appeal denied a Dublin man, the owner of Freedom Hosting, the chance to stand trial in Ireland. Eric Eoin Marques, known by the FBI as “the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet,” held a dual US and Irish citizenship. In 2013, after a Maryland indictment accused Marques of distributing and promoting child pornography on the ... Read More »


NapoliGroup Was Under Investigation in 2012 and Controlled 90% of the Counterfeit Flow

On December 8, Europol announced the takedown of a major counterfeiting ring. The Special Unit Currency Police and Tax Police Unit of the Guardia made the first arrest in Naples, Italy—where it all began. The announcement made by Europol explained the joint collaboration with various international agencies—but Europol partnered with Italian law enforcement in January 2015 and the investigation took ... Read More »

34 Teenagers Arrested For DDoS Attacks, Europol Wants to Send a Message

34 teenagers, mainly under the age of 20, were arrested by the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol on December 12 for deploying DDoS-for-hire attacks on various websites. Europol Head of European Cybercrime Center (EC3) Steve Wilson stated a strong case will be made against young adults attempting to pursue a criminal path with technologies. Wilson, who led the successful ... Read More »

Zeus Botnet Successor “Floki Bot” Available on Alphabay

The Zeus malware, first identified in 2007, consistently made headlines for major hacks and breaches. And now, according to a recent press release from two security firms, the Zeus malware evolved into something potentially more dangerous. Security researchers first spotted this new form malware in September 2016. According to the announcement from Talos and Flashpoint researchers, the new malware—Floki Bot—rapidly ... Read More »

Evil Ransom: Infect Two People, Receive Free Decryption Key

On December 7, the MalwareHunterTeam, a company which operates a popular platform called CyberTracker, discovered a first-of-its-kind ransomware that grants a free decryption key to a victim that successfully infects two more people with the same ransomware. Conventionally, when a victim or a computer operator is infected with ransomware, its creators demand a ransom for an decryption key to gain ... Read More »

PlayPen Member Fought the FBI’s Illegal Warrant and Still Got 7 Years for Child Pornography

On March 26, 2016, Dennis Patrick Meehan Hughes pleaded guilty to several child pornography charges. He was a pediatric oncologist prior to the FBI’s Operation Pacifier that decimated PlayPen, a darknet CP website. Several months after hearing the former oncologist’s guilty plea, U.S. District Judge George C. Hanks Jr. sentenced Hughes to spend seven years in a federal institution. The ... Read More »

Singapore Overtakes HK in Fintech Race, Friendly Bitcoin & Blockchain Regulations

Seunghyun Cho, the chairman of a private investment company called Marvelstone, oversees the development and operations of six fintech startups. In a recent interview with Taipei Times, Cho explained the team’s decision to establish its headquarters in Singapore and the local government’s friendly regulations towards fintech startups, blockchain development and digital currencies. Despite the rapid growth of the Singaporean fintech ... Read More »