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Utopia Marketplace is Now Officially Open!

Update:  Utopia Marketplace Seized by Dutch Police Probably the most awaited marketplace of this time, Utopia marketplace was opened today to the public after being developed for a few months and having registration open just for former BMR vendors, there was no special release note for the new marketplace just a short message on their forums: “If all things go ... Read More »

CEO of BitInstant and BTCKing indicted in New York on money laundering charges for supplying coins to Silk Road users

As it was published today in the justice.gov Website, This is the Full press release: Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against Bitcoin Exchangers, Including Ceo Of Bitcoin Exchange Company, For Scheme To Sell And Launder Over $1 Million In Bitcoins Related To Silk Road Drug Trafficking FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, January 27, 2014 Defendants Sold Bitcoins to be Used to ... Read More »

Pandora Scam/Hack Warning: Vendor accounts / Possible site Hack

Update 2:  The Admins addressed the issue and fixed it. Details at the bottom of the post. Updated:  The Current suspicion is that a former moderator on the site who got fired for abusing his position, used some extra admin account to try and scam, some say it was confirmed that the BTC address in the listing is linked to ... Read More »

Drugslist Now Offering FULL API multi-sig escrow

It seems that some marketplaces are headed in the right direction, as we previously reported – the Drugslist marketplace, started offering a Multisig escrow that is meant to help buyers and sellers protect themselves from the option of losing all their funds in case the marketplace gets shut down or the owner is deciding to scam everyone, but the problem ... Read More »

BMR Vendor Busted For Selling Deadly Toxin

A former Black Market Reloaded vendor was busted for selling a deadly Toxin “abrin”: “Korff, who had posted a listing for the sale of the toxin on a website known as “Black Market Reloaded” (BMR), was unaware the customer who responded was an undercover HSI agent. Watch the news report here: ABC-7.com WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral This ... Read More »

Drugslist Marketplace: Now Offering Multisig Escrow

One of the newest marketplaces – called Drugslist – seems to be headed in the right direction, released yesterday a list of improvements to the website, and started offering a multisig escrow, we decided to publish that since we fully support marketplaces offering Multisig / P2P escrow rather than regular onsite escrow and by that – lowering the chances of ... Read More »

Cross-Marketplace Discussion & News: The Hub Forum Is Live!

It seems like its the communities week, just yesterday we posted about the new Vault43 Community based market and darknet info source, And today its time to release another one, although a bit different. We always wanted a place where we can discuss all the Dark net markets affairs at the same place and stay up to date with all ... Read More »

Flomarket: Aaaan’d its gone! (With your BTC)

Well, cant say we didnt warn you, just a few days ago we reported that Flomarket has disabled all withdrawals , and the comment from the admin that they are “hoping” to fix this issue, The market probably got hacked like the few previous markets – or the situation now is that “i got hacked” is the best excuse for ... Read More »

Warning: Reports Of FloMarket Possible Scam / Hack

Update 2: The Market Is Gone. Another One Bites The Dust Update: we have received am official response from the market (bottom of post), its advised to stay away until this is resolved. For the last few days we have been seeing some reports about Problems in Flomarket regarding releasing escrows and Withdrawing BTC, We are not calling on scam ... Read More »

BMR Based Market: Utopia Market

Update 3.2.14 – Utopia Marketplace is now officially open Side note: Two Hours after posting this, people told us that it was suppose to be some kind of a “secret”… We became aware of the market/url on several forums posts on several different  forums – and just hours later became aware of the post saying to “keep it secret” on ... Read More »

BlueSky Marketplace Scam Attempt Warning

Update:  Apparently the blue sky marketplace admins suggested it was a misunderstanding. and OP was updated so the issue was solved. Reddit post of the admins: Op confirming the mistake:   The story was – NOTE that this is confirmed as misunderstanding: A Vendor just posted today a detailed report, explaining how to blue sky marketplace owners tried running imposter ... Read More »

Hidden Marketplaces List updates 29.12.13

In addition to our regular updates – We have done some major updates to our list of hidden marketplaces to reflect the latest changes in Deep web marketplaces scene. this is the recap of recent changes: Added a warning regarding the use of one site escrow wallets – due to the recent scams, we think that on sites escrows should ... Read More »

Pandora Market: Scam or just Down?

update: Site is back up – We are happy that this was a false alarm! Be safe. I get the feeling that we are going to have to keep this image around: We had some reports about Pandora market being down, both site and forum – probably again, “take the money and run” type of scam, we will follow and ... Read More »

Reports: Tormarket Scam In Progress?

As if the the Silk Road Drama wasn’t enough for today,  we can confirm that from about 8 hours ago Tormarket forum and the Tormarket site went down, Hours later we have started getting reports by mail and from reddit telling us that people checking their wallets / escrow addresses of tormarket are finding out that their money was emptied ... Read More »