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Trio That Sold Drugs Worth Over $17M Through the Dark Web Busted

A man and two women were arrested for allegedly distributing drugs all over Australia through the dark web and the Australian post. The three are believed to have sold drugs worth over $17 million and to have established themselves as the largest dark web drug vendor in Australia over time. The man allegedly led the group and had a vendor’s ... Read More »

A Ring of Fraudsters that Laundered Profits Using Bitcoin Busted

An announcement made by the US Department of Justice disclosed that a multi-year, multi-agency joint operation made up of U.S. law enforcement agencies led by the U.S. Secret Service and other international agencies dismantled a ring of fraudsters that operated from Romania. The ring allegedly had 20 members, 16 of which were foreigners. The ring targeted American victims through online ... Read More »

Plymouth Man Arrested for Purchasing Controlled Drugs via the Dark Web

A male resident of West Plymouth, England, was arrested on February 7 for allegedly importing illegal drugs from Columbia via the darknet. He was charged with drug trafficking a variety of controlled drugs, including oxycodone and heroin.   The 29-year-old man named Andrew King would purchase the drugs from dark web markets after which they would be delivered to his home ... Read More »

Massachusetts Man Arrested for Buying Oxycodone on the Darknet

Andrew King, a 29 year old man from Plymouth, Massachusetts, is being accused of buying hundreds of oxycodone pills from a vendor operating on a darknet market, which were imported from the Medellin region of Colombia. The package had been sent using the carrier DHL and was intercepted by law enforcement agents from Customs and Border Protection, a branch of ... Read More »

Silk Road Movie in the Pipeline as Director Explains What to Expect

In 2012, one of the biggest drug raids in the dark web history was launched against the infamous Silk Road market place. The FBI seized a large number of drugs and bitcoins and arrested many vendors as well as the administrator on several charges. The mystery unfolded, in this case, has motivated a film director to tell this story through ... Read More »

Counterfeit 50 euro bills should have produced two Emsländer. Symbolfoto: dpa

How the Secret Service Tracked Down Darknet Cash Counterfeiter Billmaker

United States Secret Service agents were recently able to track down and bring down the most notorious domestic counterfeiter of Federal Reserve Notes, commonly referred to as US Dollars. The counterfeiter operated as a vendor on darknet markets under the name Billmaker. The Secret Service accuses 34 year old Daniel Johnson of Oklahoma of being the darknet counterfeit currency vendor ... Read More »

BTC 25.2.1.PNG

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 25.2.2019

Bitcoin price began recovering last week, as the bearish wave, which has been controlling the market during the past few weeks, lost its momentum. The week started by bitcoin price breaking through the resistance around $3,778.5, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement, during Monday’s trading sessions. The upwards momentum continued on pushing bitcoin price to higher level, and a ... Read More »


Hackers Stole Nearly A Half Billion Personal Records In 2018

The Identity Theft Resource Center has noted an unprecedented surge in hacking activities relating to the breaching of individual personal records in 2018 in their recent research. According to their study, most of these activities were primarily attributed to the continual use and reuse of individuals’ password and usernames as well as the vulnerability posed by third-party vendors. As claimed ... Read More »

Woman Accused of Using Dark Web Sourced Information in Identity Theft

A 27-year-old woman from Mauston, Sauk County, is accused of using information sourced from the dark web in identity theft. The woman allegedly purchased credentials from the dark web to supplement information she stole from her victim’s mailboxes. She was placed in custody to await trial and was charged with two counts of credit card fraud and three separate counts ... Read More »

Romanian Police Officer Accused of Darknet Drug Trafficking

A 37-year-old Romanian police officer was arrested after he attempted to pick up a drug package he had ordered over the dark web from Belgium. The police officer is accused of importing ‘high-risk’ drugs into Romania from the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The officer was arrested together with his girlfriend, with whom he allegedly engaged in cultivating cannabis which they ... Read More »