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Nigeria Lacks a 2017 Cybersecurity Strategy but Faces the Most Cybercrime Ever Seen

According to the Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN), the Nigerian government is ill-prepared for cybercrime in 2017. Cybercrime changed drastically during 2016; threat actors grew in number and capability. The Nigerian government lacked a cybersecurity budget and overlooked the creation of a realistic strategy. For these reasons alone, CSEAN announced a fearfulness for the cybersecurity landscape in 2017. ... Read More »

EU Council Requests The Registration Of Bitcoin Users

The European Council seeks to introduce an anti-terrorism measure that will ensure a stricter handling on cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ripple. If the motion gets accepted by the heads of state and the governments of the member countries, the listed currencies will be managed by the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive. According to the German media outlet heise.de, the ... Read More »

176 Investigations Started In Sweden, Operation Hyperion

176 investigations started against 226 persons in Sweden as part of Operation Incognito, the Scandinavian side of the United States-led Operation Hyperion. Hyperion was a global law enforcement action against dark web criminals (who dealt mostly with narcotics). Authorities already detained and remanded 12 of the suspects in custody from the Northern region. Most of the suspects are located in ... Read More »

Indian Government is Preparing to Fight Digital Black Economy Involving Bitcoin

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government devised one of the country’s worst financial catastrophes to date, as the general population struggle to finance daily living amid severe shortage of cash. The Indian government’s demonetization of two most widely used banknotes and confiscation of gold has pushed people to search for alternative stores of value like bitcoin. However, mainstream media reports ... Read More »

Sweden’s Largest Darknet Vendors Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

In the middle of November, the Skaraborg District Court charged four individuals for drug trafficking. Sofia Karlsson, the lead prosecutor, then explained the 6,000-page indictment over several weeks. After she finished reading the charges, she urged the court to sentence the group’s leaders to 14-years in prison. Karlsson provided the court, and judge, enough evidence to agree upon a guilty ... Read More »

Swiss Authorities Left Powerless Against Online German Weapons Shop

On May 18, a man from Frick, Switzerland visited the website migrantenshreck.ru (migrant fright in English), a firearm webshop promising fast and discreet product delivery for customers who want to protect themselves against asylum seekers. Behind the shop is Mario Rönsch, a well-known German right wing extremist who is infamous in the country for calling for violence and incitement. The ... Read More »


The Bayesian Method For Deanonymising A Large Percentage of Bitcoin Transactions

Although bitcoin is famous for its anonymity level, it is agreed that it is not completely anonymous as there are multiple ways for tracking the sender of bitcoin transactions in most cases. We will discuss the Bayesian method for identification of bitcoin addresses throughout this article. The Bayesian method for identification of bitcoin addresses can be broken down into 3 ... Read More »

Seven Arrested In German Vendor Bust

Two men from Duisburg (aged 20 and 28), Germany and five suspects (aged 22 to 30) from Goslar, Hameln, Vreden, Esslohe, and Saarbrücken, were arrested in suspicion of running a vendor shop on the dark web. According to documents at the König-Heinrich-Platz Court, the seven suspects were running a vendor shop on the dark net selling narcotics, including marijuana, cocaine, ... Read More »

Judge Closed the Case Against a Friend of Shiny Flakes, Fined Him 1350 Euros

In 2015, the German Federal Police arrested a notorious vendor—both darknet and clearnet. The vendor, Maximilian S., operated under the name “Shiny Flakes.” After a long and surprising trial period, the Leipzig District Court sentenced the 20-year-old to seven years in prison. German police raided 38 homes following the Shiny Flakes bust and seized massive amounts of illegal substances. A ... Read More »

Another Suspect Claimed Someone Else Used His Address to Buy from the Darknet

We recently wrote about the 45-year-old Kyle Nathan Smith who pleaded not guilty to several drug importation charges. Customs intercepted packages of MDMA with his address on the packages. Then local law enforcement found drugs in similar packaging in the man’s home. However, claiming that someone else used his computer to buy drugs worked; the judge found him not guilty. ... Read More »

Bulgarian Captured in Avalanche Sting Pleaded Not Guilty to the Whole Indictment

Krasimir Nikolov, a 44-year-old from Bulgaria, is one of the individuals arrested in the international Avalanche bust in December. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania filed an indictment that charged Nikolov with unauthorized access to a computer to obtain financial information, four counts of bank fraud, and conspiracy. On December 22, Nikolov pleaded not guilty to ... Read More »

ISIS Supporters Used Orbot and Telegram to Communicate with ISIS Handlers

In June, the National Investigation Agency in Hyderabad arrested eight individuals for conspiracy to commit terror attacks. The eight planned attacks on carrying parts of the city at religious establishments and government buildings. For six months, the eight remained in custody, and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) searched their electronic devices for any trace of evidence that pointed to a ... Read More »

Man Busted for Shipping Darknet Packages to His Mother’s Address

In August 2016, a 36-year-old from Vorchdorf ordered drugs from the darknet. The man, a 36-year-old shipped the packages to his mother’s address; the rehab program he participated in would catch these types of mailings. The Frankfurt Customs Office, between August and December, intercepted four packages sent to the mother’s house in Unterach. The Federal Police sent word to the ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup December 31, 2016

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: The IRS and DOJ want to stop Coinbase customer from interfering in its summons After the IRS filed a “John Doe” summons targeting Coinbase in an attempt to access its user records on November 17, a battle ensued in which Coinbase is attempting to defend the privacy of its ... Read More »