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Florida Pedophile Downloaded Child Abuse Pictures via Verizon Cellphone

A city employee of St. Augustine, Florida, had allegedly downloaded hundreds of child abuse pictures and videos from darknet sites before a so-called “cyber-tip” led to his arrest. Florida law enforcement, after receiving the tips and conducting an investigation based on the evidence provided by the tipster, raided the man’s home and seized the 37-year-old’s phones and computers. After discovering ... Read More »

Former PlayPen Member Sentenced to Life in Prison

U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Rose sentenced a former member of the darknet child abuse forum “PlayPen” to life imprisonment and another 10 years on top of the life sentence. Both the judge and an Assistant United States Attorney called the man’s crimes the worst he had ever seen and that the only fitting sentence was life imprisonment. No other ... Read More »

Cocaine Trafficker Sentenced to Six Years in Federal Prison

The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia announced that convicted cocaine trafficker from Alexandria was sentenced to six years in prison for shipping cocaine across the United States for several years. The man, according to court documents, shipped cocaine to buyers across the United States who then sold the drugs to their own customers. He had also, in ... Read More »

Seventh Man Admits Guilt in the Freiburg Abuse Case

A 33-year-old man from Spain—the seventh suspected child abuser in the Freiburg abuse case—admitted his role in the child abuse linked to the darknet chatroom “Tabooless Chat” and the darknet child abuse forum “Elysium.” The man will be the last defendant on trial in this case until the mother of the victim and her partner receive final prison sentences and ... Read More »

Cop Gets Probation in Child Abuse Case Linked to Darknet Forum

Homeland Security Investigations, Interpol, and the Colorado Internet Crimes against Children Task Force conducted an investigation into a former El Paso County sheriff’s deputy who had sexually assaulted a child, taken pictures of the abuse, and described the sexual assault on a darknet child abuse forum. The case has drawn attention from the media due, in part, to the convicted ... Read More »

Russian FreeHacks Forum on the Darknet

The darknet to some people is almost synonymous with all things illegal. Nothing could be more misrepresented, however. While indeed it helps aid anonymous engagements, assuring users of freedom and security to exercise all that pertains to them away from observation, the darknet has been grossly defined by negatively by government agencies and the like. The core intent of the ... Read More »

Neustadter Youth Drug Supplier Jailed

A 29-year-old responsible for large-scale drug trafficking through the darknet has been sentenced to nine years and six months in prison. The young man was charged and handed the sentence by the presiding Judge, Klaus Halves, in a German Court in Coburg district. The convict was brought to court to answer to charges on drug dealing on the deep web ... Read More »

US Military Data Offered on Darknet

At the beginning of last month, the darknet had its first in military data offering. In a bizarre sale of hacked military documents, a cyber-security monitoring network, Recorded Future, chanced on what could prove vulnerabilities in military devices. In a strange twist, the hacker offered the data for a measly $100 – $150. The Inskit Group from Recorded Future monitors ... Read More »

Former GP Cleared of “Crimebay” Murder for Hire Charges

Dr. David Crichton, a former GP from Bournemouth, Dorset, had blamed his financial advisor for the loss of almost $400,000 from his pension fund. After discovering the losses and that his financial advisor had provided poor advice, the retired GP sent suicide notes to his financial advisor. And then he signed up for Crimebay—a fake hitman site on the darknet—and ... Read More »

Italian Man Busted After Returning to a Burned Drop

Italian authorities revealed how a 34-year-old known only as “M.F.” in the press had almost avoided arrest while at the center of a drug trafficking investigation. The man, a former resident of Rome, had allegedly been buying large quantities of drugs on the darknet and then reselling them in ways unknown to the police. Despite the dealer’s best efforts to ... Read More »

Third Suspect Arrested in Connection with NSW Drug Syndicate

Not long after suspected drug trafficker Dov Tenenboim named his accomplices in an Australian courtroom, Australia’s Strike Force Bergmark arrested yet another alleged member of the drug trafficking syndicate that had imported more than a million dollars worth of drugs from Europe. The police, in late July, arrested Daniel Sopher—the third member of the darknet drug trafficking group operating out ... Read More »

Customer Arrested After Vendor Used the Wrong Stamps

In the District Court of Wolfratshausen, a 23-year-old from Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany, faced a judge for sentencing connected to a recent drug possession and drug trafficking conviction. The prosecution asked for a prison sentence of more than two years. The judge, though, after hearing the defendant’s side of the story, called the sentence proposed by the prosecutor “incomprehensible.” In ... Read More »

Bus Driver Caught Sharing Videos on Darknet Child Abuse Sites

A lengthy RCMP investigation culminated in the arrest of a 31-year-old man who had been uploading pictures and videos of children to former darknet child abuse forums such as “Childs Play” and “MagicKingdom.” The man evaded the public and international law enforcement agents for a significant stretch of time and even now only law enforcement, court officials, and some of ... Read More »

Germany: Police Arrest 28 Darknet Drug Buyers in Single Operation

Although the raids and arrests on July 25 only lasted a few hours, the investigation of dozens of darknet drug buyers began in late 2017, German customs (Zoll) said in a press release following the arrest of nearly 30 suspects only hours after the raids. The Zoll investigation culminated in a multi-agency raid in Neubiberg, Ottobrunn, Neuried, and Munich. More ... Read More »

Healthcare Ransomware Attack Declines despite Flashy Attack

A report released by Cryptonite, a cyber-security firm shows that ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations are on a decline despite flashy attacks recently. According to the report, the number of ransomware attacks decreased from 19 in the first quarter of 2017 to eight in the same quarter of 2018. Despite the Allscripts and Labcorp attack in the healthcare industry, there ... Read More »