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Indicted Silk Road Admin Will Appeal Extradition Within 10 Days

Gary Davis, the Irishman ordered to be extradited to the U.S. in order to stand trial for his role as a Silk Road admin, told the press that he will be appealing the decision. Davis, formerly known as Libertas, has been fighting the extradition case for close to three years in opposition to “being dumped into an American Gulag to ... Read More »

CaliConnect’s Private PGP Key & Account Password Was “asshole209”

Although currently free on bail, David Burchard, a.k.a. CaliConnect is now looking at a minimum of 20 counts of drug-related and money laundering charges. His lawyer tells the press that he hasn’t even been able to go through the thousands of discovery pages and is unsure as to how the case will play out. The investigation into Burchard began almost ... Read More »

Drug Sales on Darknet Markets Have Tripled Since the Silk Road Bust

The government’s push to take down the original Silk Road was motivated by several factors but one in particular was especially interesting. Congress wanted to cut off online drug trade before the industry could grow became a trend. But according to research, the exact opposite has happened. Deepweb drug sales have since tripled. According to a study conducted by Judith ... Read More »

Researchers Create Deepweb Scanner for Upcoming Cyber Threats

According to Forbes, a team at Arizona State University has developed a machine learning system that actively monitors deepweb traffic for zero-day exploits before they actually happen. In July, the news was covered in articles filled with information on the fully undetectable ransomware, Stampado, that was available to be purchased for only $39. The deepweb is filled with data dumps ... Read More »

Alleged Silk Road Admin “Libertas” To Be Extradited To The US

The struggle between the U.S. government and founding members of the Silk Road has finally hit somewhat of a notable moment. In a court battle that has been continually delayed, a judge has ordered that the suspected Silk Road admin Gary Davis aka Libertas surrender himself to the United States for trial & possible imprisonment. Gary Davis, 28, is currently ... Read More »

Feds Indict Two AlphaBay Vendors on Distribution and Conspiracy Charges

Following the string of recent deepweb vendor arrests, two Brooklyn men have just been indicted in a case involving the selling of cocaine and heroin on the deepweb. According to the Department of Justice website, 31-year-old Abudullah Almashwali and 24-year-old Chaudhry Ahmad Farooq were arrested on the 2nd of August. They were indicted on the 11th on federal charges of ... Read More »

Bitcoin news round up 11 August 2016

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments NEW DEVELOPMENTS Ross Ulbricht’s defense dispute trial fairness Ross Ulbricht, also known as Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR), owner of the notorious dark marketplace Silk Road that was taken down in 2013, has been sentenced to two life sentences in prison without parole. His lawyer, Joshua Dratel, disputed the fairness of the ... Read More »

Michigan Man Arrested After Meth Package Detected

As methamphetamine usage is on the rise in Michigan, so is the importation of a much more pure product from outside the state, a local news outlet says. In 2016 alone, more than a dozen federal search warrants have been issued for such inbound packages. In an unfortunate testament to law enforcement’s growing knowledge of drugs in the mail, a ... Read More »

Yahoo Aware Of Hacker Selling 200 Million User Credentials On Dark Web

TheRealDeal market vendor called “Peace” is selling 200 million alleged Yahoo user credentials on the market. Yahoo said they are “aware” of the hacker, however, they did not confirm the legitimacy of the data. A Yahoo spokesperson told the media in an email: “We are aware of a claim. We are committed to protecting the security of our users’ information ... Read More »

Latest Arkansas Marijuana Proposal Rejected Due to Ambiguous Phrasing

A recent amendment to a proposal that would have allowed complete cannabis legalization, including distribution and sale, has been rejected by Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge. The proposed constitutional amendment for the 2018 ballot would allow residents to legally cultivate, produce, distribute, sell, possess, and use – according to a local news agency. The proposal mentions that only those who ... Read More »

Interpol Arrests Ringleader of Nigerian Email Scam Organization

The ringleader of a global scamming network was arrested by Interpol for scamming $60 million from companies around the world – through fraudulent emails. The 40-year-old man is being accused of running a criminal network that compromised emails of businesses all throughout the world. The location of this email fraud network? Nigeria. Interpol and Nigeria’s anti-fraud agency picked up a ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis 8 August 2016

The price of bitcoin took a massive hit after news of the BitFinex Hack came out. 120,000 Bitcoins stolen is the second largest collapse of a mainstream exchange after Mt. Gox back in early 2014. Just like in 2014, the market sold off, 25% this time, to an unprecedented $465 low. In fact, there is reason to suspect the hackers ... Read More »