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Two US Teens Arrested In Fake Gold Scam

Law enforcement authorities in the US arrested two high school students who are suspected of taking part of a fake gold scam. On March 21, the Bend Police Department detained two suspects, the 17-year-old Robert Yelas Jr. and the 17-year-old Caleb Knight. Both suspects are accused of aggravated first-degree theft by deception, first-degree theft by deception, felony computer crime, felony ... Read More »

Customs Searching Doubled Numbers of Electronics

According to a new report from Customs and Border Protection (and Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the border searches of phones and laptops nearly doubled since the previous year. The Customs and Border Protection report, revealed an increase of about 80 percent in the first six months of the DHS fiscal year. Device searches rose from 8,383 in October to 14,993 ... Read More »

Vendor Lists 100 Million Youku Accounts on Hansa

An entire database from Youku Inc., thanks to an entity known as CosmicDark, landed on the HANSA darknet marketplace for only $300. The database contained usernames and passwords for Youku, one of the largest digital entertainment companies in China. CosmicDark listed 100,759,591 separate accounts and provided a significant number of sample entries for the skeptics. CosmicDark is less of a ... Read More »

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Bitcoin Price Analysis 2.5.17

This week, almost all cryptocurrencies went up in price, simultaneously driving up the total market share of altcoins as the combined market cap broke another resistance level. The price of Bitcoin went up too, $1390 as at writing this, alongside Ethereum ($84), Zero Cash ($107) and Ethereum Classic ($7.9). “Bitcoin dominance is on a major decline. At current growth, the ... Read More »

As Tax Season Approaches, Tax Refund Sales on Dark Web Surge

With the tax season approaching, tax refund sales are on the rise again on the dark web. According to various cyber security firms including the IBM X-Force, 20 million samples of tax-themed spams and scams are captured on a daily basis by the company’s system. In February, DeepDotWeb reported the first case of W-2 form sale on the dark web, ... Read More »

Justice does not know what to do with bitcoins

Belgian Government Waits To Sell Confiscated Bitcoins For A Better Price

Belgian authorities are currently sitting on more than 1,000 BTC they seized from darknet narcotics vendors. The Ministry of Justice seeks to sell the seized cryptocurrency at the price it was worth when authorities confiscated the bitcoins from the criminals. Law enforcement authorities arrested the 25-year-old Stijn Victor in Torhout, Belgium, who was working as a computer programmer by the ... Read More »

California Woman Sentenced for Shipping Pounds of Meth

In January, a California woman pleaded guilty to a one-count indictment that accused her of conspiracy to distribute 500 grams or more of methamphetamine. The plea agreement outlined the terms and stipulations of the methamphetamine trafficking charges and sentencing guidelines. Kimberly Roxann Braun, the 43-year-old defendant, agreed to sign the plea in exchange for a minimum of ten years imprisonment ... Read More »

DEA Adds an Oral THC Spray to Schedule II

Insys Therapeutics Inc, the same company that was associated with the marijuana legalization campaign in 2016, pushed the FDA to examine and approve the medical use of their oral cannabinoid solution. The FDA approved the drug, delta-9-THC, under the Insys label “Syndros” in 2016. Now, as of mid-2017, the DEA, acting under the recommendation of the HHS and and suggestion ... Read More »

Indiana State Police: Darknet Crime Like a Game of Whack-a-Mole

For a police force, the Indiana State Police played a larger role in fighting cybercrime than many others. The Cyber and Intelligence Division ran several programs over the past few years that promoted online awareness. They focussed on the protection of children and the advancement of law enforcement’s scope. OSINT, cryptocurrency, and methods stalkers used for cyberstalking commonly came up ... Read More »

Russian Tor Exit Node Operator Arrested

On April Fools Day, Russian authorities began an investigation into posts made online calling for protests in Moscow on April 2nd. Later that week authorities arrested Dmitry Bogatov, a math teacher at the Moscow Law and Finance University, on suspicion that he violated section 3 of Article 212 of the Russian criminal code. Under that section of Article 212, Bogatov ... Read More »


Convicted Narcotic Vendor Shiny Flakes Testifies In Fellow Vendor Chemical Love’s Case

Recently, Maximilian S., AKA. “Shiny Flakes”, testified in the case of the “Chemical Love” vendor group. According to court documents, on April 10, the 22-year-old Maximilian S., who was convicted for running the Shiny Flakes vendor shop on the dark web selling narcotics, testified at the Landau District Court in Germany in the case of the Chemical Love vendor group. ... Read More »


Major Bust In Taiwan: Police Seized 511 Kilograms Of Ketamine

Law enforcement authorities in Taiwan seized approximately 511 kilograms of ketamine, which they believe to be originated from the dark web. According to a local news source, the Taipei City Police seized large amounts of LSD and 551 kilograms of ketamine in Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China or ROC), which law enforcement authorities estimate would be enough for at least ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup April 30, 2017

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: Understanding Antbleed, bitcoin’s new controversy After the AsicBoost controversy, bitcoin now has the antbleed controversy to deal with. Essentially, a mining chip vulnerability involving controversial company Bitmain could be used to remotely shut down bitcoin mining hardware, as the company added a “backdoor” that allows them to control hardware ... Read More »

Two Guilty Pleas from Area51 and DarkApollo

In 2016, a law enforcement agent with the Central California Darknet Strike Force Investigated two Alphabay vendors: Area51 and DarkApollo. The case provided a look at the way some vendors handled customer information, as well as their own. After what seemed like an incredibly short amount of time for a case against a darknet vendor, Abudullah Almashwali, pleaded guilty to ... Read More »

Belgian Researcher: Authorities Should Be Prepared For The Breakthrough Of Cryptocurrencies

According to a researcher, all Belgian investigation services, the tax inspection to law enforcement authorities, must prepare for the breakthrough of virtual money. Dirk Dierickx, head of the E-Audit of the Belgian tax authorities who specializes in both bitcoins and altcoins, stated that since virtual currencies are not regulated, they are very susceptible to fraud. The researcher shared his experiences ... Read More »