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Three Men Sentenced for Buying Glocks and Ammunition on the Dark Web

An operation conducted by law enforcement in the United States and in North West England led to the arrest of three men for importing firearms from a source on the dark web. Information about the bust was revealed at a recent sentencing hearing where each defendant was sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison for a number of ... Read More »

Popular Dark Web Hosting Provider Hacked, 6,500 Sites Down

Daniel’s Hosting (HD), one of the most popular and largest web hosting providers on the dark web, has been hacked, compromising thousands of dark web websites which have since gone offline. According to the Daniel’s Hosting homepage, the sites were compromised on Thursday night, November 15, and the provider has been looking for entry points since then. Dark web sites ... Read More »

A German Faces Trial for Drugs Ordered on ‘Dream Market’

A German man accused of placing two illegal orders for drugs on dark web marketplaces was sentenced in court. He is said to have ordered several small packages of different illegal drugs from the dark web for personal consumption and had them delivered to his home address by mail. The 40 year old man from Pemfling appeared at Chamer District ... Read More »

Judge Refuses to Suppress Evidence in Dark Web “Murder-for-Hire” Case

An Illinois judge denied a motion to suppress evidence filed by the attorney of a woman suspected of paying a so-called “murder-for-hire” site on the dark web to kill a romantic rival earlier this year. The suspect, according to her attorney, had made statements to the police during an interview after being denied her right to counsel. Video evidence revealed ... Read More »

Texas Judge Rejects Plea Deal in Dark Web Child Pornography Case

A Texas judge rejected the plea deal of a federal agent who had been using a dark web child abuse forum to download and access illegal pictures and videos. The agent was caught during a federal investigation into members of the forum. Richard Gratkowski, a 40-year-old Homeland Security Investigations agent living in Texas, had used a child abuse forum accessible ... Read More »

Man Pleads Guilty to Possession of Dark Web Carfentanil

A man pleaded guilty to the possession and selling of Carfentanil- a Schedule II Substance; he allegedly acquired from a dark web marketplace. According to the police, the man was arrested and charged after an investigation to a teen’s overdose case pointed them in his direction. Carfentanil can be considered to be the most dangerous fentanyl analog, as it is ... Read More »

Federal Investigation Agency Arrested a Hacker Involved in Telephone Banking Fraud

With the rising number of cyber-attacks instigated by black hat hackers, the banking system is in jeopardy as oblivious customers are prone to these attacks. Different policing agents are aligning their focus in the fight to bring down the cyber cartels causing the public sleepless nights. Recently, the cybercrime unit belonging to the Federal Investigation Agency in Pakistan apprehended a ... Read More »

Dark Web Drug Dealer, Who’s Drugs Caused the Death of a Star, Has His Sentence Reviewed

The drug dealer, who ultimately caused the death of a reality star after he supplied her with illegal drugs before she fell from a window, will have his fully suspended sentence reviewed following public outrage. The 27-year-old reality star, Aimee Spencer, who participated in the Newcastle reality show, fell from a first-floor window on July 11, 2016, at Chichester Terrace, ... Read More »

Homeland Security Investigations Agent Admits Using Dark Web to Download Child Porn

One of two federal agents caught in their agency’s own investigation into users of a dark web child abuse forum pleaded guilty to two different child pornography charges, according to the recently updated court docket. Richard Nikolai Gratkowski, a former Homeland Security Investigations agent, had been working for Homeland Security Investigations for almost 10 years at the time of his ... Read More »

Hainaut Man Admits Buying Gun with Silencer on Dark Web ‘to Protect Family’

A Hainaut resident was apprehended for purchasing a firearm from the dark web using cryptocurrencies. The defendant has been charged at the Hasselt correctional court and is facing charges for illegal acquisition of a silencer gun. The 30-year-old man was arrested after the police launched an investigation on the dark web after the gun attack in Brussels. Even though it ... Read More »

Kafr Qasem Resident Indicted for Financing and Purchasing Weapons for Terrorist on Dark Web

Ahmed Sarsur is facing criminal charges for financing a terrorist group on the dark web. The 20-year-old was indicted by the office of the Central District Attorney after his attempt to acquire weapons and provide financial support to terrorists in Syria. The Kfar Qassem resident has also been charged with attempts to illegally leave the country, trafficking, and possession of ... Read More »