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Multi-Agency Joint Operation Busts a Darknet Drug Trafficking Ring

A multi-agency joint operation consisting of Eurojust, Europol, Dutch and German authorities dismantled a darknet drug trafficking ring that operated from Germany and the Netherlands. The ring was allegedly made up of 13 members, 12 of which were arrested on completion of the operation. According to a Eurojust press release, the ring sold a variety of drugs through the darknet ... Read More »

Op-Ed: The Verge Publishes Clueless Article on end of DNM “Golden-Age” That Never Was

TheVerge.com is a trendy website with a tech news approach akin to the Facebook Group I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE’s approach to science. At publishing time, their website’s front page is reminiscent of an aneurysm, the top story’s headline reading: EMOJI ARE SHOWING UP IN COURT CASES EXPONENTIALLY, AND COURTS AREN’T PREPARED Need I say more? It should come as no ... Read More »

Netflix Series Star Arrested for Dark Web Drug Trafficking

Law enforcement from Oakland County has announced the arrest of a 21-year-old Michigan resident on the grounds of drug trafficking. Ryan James Zettel was featured in the 2018 Netflix series, Dope, where he claimed to be a drug trafficker operating through the dark web. The graduate of Troy Athens High School appeared on season 2, episode 3 of the Netflix ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 17.2.2019

Bitcoin price has been relatively stable last week, ranging between $3,750 and $3,631 throughout the week’s trading sessions. The market’s bulls failed to break through the resistance around $3,778.5, which corresponds to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level. As we stated during last week’s bitcoin price analysis, this resistance level is gaining more strength, especially that it had not been breached ... Read More »

130 Suspects Wanted for Electronic Fraud in Kenya

  Last week, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) in Kenya sent out photos of 130 people suspected to have engaged in a cyber-attack. The suspects are alleged to have taken part in extensive fraudulent electronic activity and hacking into banking systems. Reports state that some of the criminals involved bank workers who enabled them to execute their activities. This ... Read More »

Indonesia Man Arrested for Buying Liquid Cannabis via the Darknet

A resident of South Tangerang has been arrested for buying liquid cannabis over a dark web market site. The 28-year-old, whose name is only listed as ‘AD,’ bought the drugs using cryptocurrency and arranged to ship them to Indonesia from the U.S. through mail services. When the package reached the Customs Office, administrators noticed it contained wet tissues weighing a ... Read More »

Man from Miami Beach Apprehended for Unlawful Exchange of Bitcoin for Cash

A web designer from Miami Beach is facing prosecution in the Third District Court for selling bitcoin to Ricardo Arias, an undercover detective. Michell Espinoza, aged 35, was charged with taking part in illegal transmitting and laundering of bitcoin worth $1,500. Detectives began to pursue Espinoza in 2014 when he was advertising himself as a bitcoin seller through the crypto-exchange ... Read More »

Bulgarian Cryptocurrency Exchange Firm Owner to Be Extradited to the US

The owner of RGCoins, a Bulgarian crypto exchange firm, is to be extradited to the US following a ruling by the court of appeal. The cryptocurrency exchange firm, whose operations targeted clients from Eastern-European countries, was shut down shortly after the court of appeal confirmed the extradition decision. Rosen Yosifov is facing extradition to the US following a formal request ... Read More »

Four Ukrainians Who Ran xDedic Arrested and the Site Taken Down

An international multiagency operation resulted in the takedown of xDedic, a darknet store dedicated to the sale and purchase of access to hacked servers from all over the world. The takedown was marked by the arrest of four Ukrainians believed to be the administrators of the online store and the seizure of xDedic’s domain and servers in Belgium and Ukraine. ... Read More »

Scotland Man Jailed for Buying Firearm on the Dark Web

Police recently apprehended a 48-year-old male citizen of Scotland for buying a Glock 9mm handgun from the dark web. Loner David Mitchell has been repeatedly questioned by detectives, but he refused to tell them his motive behind the purchase of the weapons. Mitchell went on a darknet market site and made a deal with a vendor who sold the weapons ... Read More »

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Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 13.2.2019

Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 12.2.2019 By Tamer Sameeh Bitcoin price began recovering during the second half of last week, recording a week high of $3,800 on Friday. After dropping down to a week low of $3,405 on Wednesday, a new bullish wave was ignited, pushing bitcoin price upwards to break through the resistance around $3,600. The week low was ... Read More »

German Darknet Drug Dealer Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

A software engineer from Geldern, Germany, was sentenced to seven years in prison after he was found guilty of darknet drug trafficking. The 37-year-old man had told the court that he engaged in the illicit sale of drugs to help his cousin. In passing the sentence, the court determined that the man sold cannabis and its products through the darknet ... Read More »

Rancho Cordova Nurse Arrested for Plot to Sell Opioids over the Darknet

Federal agents have arrested a female nurse from Rancho Cordova, California, for selling prescription opioids on the dark web. Carrie Alaine Markis ran an online pharmacy, known as Farmacy41, where she sold over 20,000 opioid pills to people all over the country. According to evidence shared in court, Markis communicated with her customers online through private messages. She informed them ... Read More »