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Tacoma Resident Imprisoned for Selling Drugs via the Darknet

A 31-year-old male from Tacoma, Washington, was recently arrested by authorities for trafficking drugs via the dark web, as stated by the U.S. Office of the Attorney. Travis Phillips was identified by the Dutch National Police as a drug trafficker in April 2017, following which further investigations were focused on him. Their efforts began when they discovered Phillips was planning ... Read More »

EU’s Project Against Dark Web Crimes Enters Practical Phase

A research project funded and launched by the European Union in May 2017 to develop technical tools to help law enforcement agencies combat crimes carried out via the darknet using cryptocurrencies has entered its practical phase. On completion in April 2020 and if successful, the project will well equip law enforcement agencies in the fight against all darknet crimes and ... Read More »

3 Australian Men Arrested for Importing Drugs from the Darknet

Three Australian men are accused by law enforcement of being part of a drug syndicate that had imported drugs such as ketamine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA into Australia from foreign vendors who operated on darknet markets. In May of last year, 34 year old Chaim Goldstein was the first of the three accused men to be arrested by law enforcement. ... Read More »

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Bitcoin weekly price analysis – 4.2.2019

It was another frustrating week for bitcoin enthusiasts, as the price of the world’s first every cryptocurrency dropped by around 3% during last week’s trading sessions. The week began by bitcoin price dropping from $3,597 to record a week low of $3,422 on Tuesday. The bearish wave was halted near the support level around $3,462, which we identified during last ... Read More »

Billings Woman Arrested Alongside her Father Pleads Not Guilty to Dark Web Drug Trafficking

A 29-year-old Billings woman entered a not guilty plea after she was indicted with dark web drug trafficking charges. The woman was arrested alongside her 69-year-old father, whom the authorities believe she ran the dark web drug trafficking operation with from their West End home. The two allegedly accepted payment in bitcoin and delivered the drug packages to their clients ... Read More »

20 Year Old Woman Purchased Ecstasy Through the Darknet for Resale

A 20-year-old unemployed woman was arrested by the Judicial Police in the city of Pombal, Portugal, on suspicion of drug trafficking after she was found in possession of a large number of ecstasy pills. Since the decriminalization of personal drug use in Portugal in 2001, someone caught in possession of drugs whose quantity exceeds the average consumable amount by an ... Read More »

Arizona Woman Defrauded of $28,000 in Darknet Scam

A seventy-two-year-old woman from Arizona was deceived by a dark web scam through which she lost a total of $28,000 to criminals. The Tucson woman reports that she met the fraudsters on Facebook where they convinced her into paying them to remove her name from the dark web. The lady said that she was petrified when they informed her that ... Read More »


(Article Provided by Energy Control) Our International Drug Checking Service has detected a dangerous adulteration in a serie of eight samples submitted as “alprazolam” for drug testing during the last month. Our analyses have revealed no presence of this drug, but a mixture of promethazine, cyproheptadine and amantadine, with 2-6 additional unidentified substances in the following samples: A pill received ... Read More »


Bitcoin price weekly analysis – 31.1.2019

Last week, the bitcoin market witnessed relatively low levels of volatility, with a price range of around $300 all through the week. During the beginning of the week’s trading sessions, the market’s bears failed to pull bitcoin price below $3,462; a price level which supported the market quite well. On the upside, a week high of $3,750 was recorded on ... Read More »

US Department of Justice Bans All Internet Gambling After Reversing Opinion

While online gambling that uses cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, is generally legal in the United States, online gambling done with US Dollars is generally prohibited. The United States Department of Justice recently announced that they have changed the way that they will interpret a 50 year old law called the Federal Wire Act after reconsidering the act. The Department of ... Read More »

A Bank Worker Has Avoided Jail After Claiming He Was Forced by Dark Web Criminals to Embezzle £75,000 from His Employer

A 22-year-old resident of Irvine, North Ayrshire, pleaded guilty to embezzling £75,000 from the company employing him. Dayne Lynn claimed that he was used by criminals from the dark web to do the dirty job and that he would not have done it had he not been compelled to. Lynn said he became involved in dark web crimes after watching ... Read More »