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Six Arrested In Austrian Vendor Bust

Six persons, aged between 17 and 40, were arrested in Branau am Inn, Austria for allegedly running a vendor shop on the dark web selling narcotics. After several months of investigation, Austrian law enforcement authorities managed to detain the six suspects. During the house searches of the alleged vendor group, police found half a kilo of amphetamines, 500 pieces of ... Read More »

German Politician: Crime On The Dark Net Is Growing

German politician Harald Schwartz (CSU – Christian Social Union in Bavaria) visited a local police station in Sulzbach-Rosenberg to discuss important topics, including internet and dark net crime. “In today’s world, crimes do not just take place in a conventional way, especially in the instance of economic crimes and Internet crimes,” this statement was the reason why Schwartz visited the ... Read More »

German Tried To Extort Haribo And Kaufland With Poison

Bonn prosecutors started an investigation against a 74-year-old pensioner from Dortmund, Germany. The retired man allegedly tried to extort money from Haribo and supermarket chain Kaufland. According to official court documents, in December, the 74-year-old allegedly threatened to poison candy using cyanide if the two companies didn’t pay the suspect one million euros. The accused person attached signs to various ... Read More »

In-Depth Correlation Analysis of IDS Alerts for Tracing Potential Attackers on Darknet

The darknet represents an essential part of the internet whose monitoring can predict the current global trends of cyber crime and analyze the magnitude and techniques of various malicious online activities. Given the fact that darknet websites are not hosted on conventional internet servers, the incoming darknet data packets usually do not include a payload. Accordingly, it is almost impossible ... Read More »

City to Teach Kindergartners About Drugs, Darknet, and Addiction

Communities worldwide continue to blame the darknet for drug problems or usage in schools and other youth organizations. Some countries, for instance, blame increased drug usage on the darknet. Others, in contrast, report outdated drug laws led to more synthetic drug use. Some countries blamed an increase of drug overdoses on the darknet and an influx of synthetic drugs. Some ... Read More »

Android Trojan “Marcher” Almost Impossible to Eliminate

In the recent months, different types of malware manifested itself in various forms, spanning most common platforms. Perhaps the most notorious piece of malicious code came from the FBI themselves; they used a controversial NIT on Tor users worldwide. A more common type of machine infection, within these past few months, took the form of banking trojans. Modernized and increasingly ... Read More »


Concepts of Cryptolaw – How Blockchain Based Legal Applications Are Changing The Law?

The advent of bitcoin has introduced the world to a groundbreaking innovation that can change the face of humanity once and for all. The past few years have witnessed governmental interests, across several countries, in many of the aspects and applications of the blockchain technology. The examples are numerous; The Bank of England will issue its own cryptocurrency. Sweden is ... Read More »

23 Charged in Fentanyl Distribution Ring

On February 14, 2017, the Drug Enforcement Agency arrested 23 men and women in connection with a heroin and fentanyl distribution ring. The DEA in connection with local and state partners raided 12 locations throughout Boston and the South Coast Area. Court documents revealed that two men led the ring: Fernando Rivera-Rodriguez, 31, of Boston and Fernando Hernandez, 42, of ... Read More »

Man Receives $800 Fine for Ordering 30g Marijuana off the Darknet

In early February, Mark Stephen Shaw pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, attempting to import a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. These charges were the least of his concerns, the presiding judge said. On November 28, 2016, the Australia Post mail center in Greenfields, Australia, intercepted a package containing 14 grams of marijuana. At the Mandurah Magistrates Court, ... Read More »

Bitcoin news roundup, March 5, 2017

This week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments: New developments: Self-proclaimed bitcoin creator Craig Wright is filing numerous blockchain-related patents Craig Wright, the Australian businessman who has, in the past, claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, was recently on the news due to an investigative report published by Reuters. The report claims Craig Wright is filling dozens of blockchain-related patents, ... Read More »

Deep web data mining algorithm 1.PNG

A New Algorithm for Deep Web Data Mining

The logarithmic rate of advancement of internet related technologies, machine learning science and techniques of data mining have led to wide application on the internet page information pattern analysis problems. A couple of researchers from Hebei University, China, have just proposed a new algorithm for deep web data mining in an attempt to boost the efficiency of currently present mining ... Read More »

OpenBazaar Finally Integrates Tor

On January 18th OpenBazaar released their Milestone 1 Developer Release of OpenBazaar 2.0, a new version of the software which is built on the decentralized InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). The new version of OpenBazaar includes long awaited privacy features, such as support for Tor. On February 14th it was revealed that the code to allow Tor integration with OpenBazaar was ... Read More »


Austrian Sentenced For Narcotics Trafficking

A 20-year-old from Amstetten, Austria was sentenced for ordering drugs from the dark net. According to document at the St. Pölten Regional Court, the defendant purchased speed, cannabis, hash, ecstasy, and LSD from the dark web. At first, he only ordered the narcotics for his own consumption, however, later on, he started to sell them. “It was really crap, what ... Read More »

Prison firm for the couple of officials who imported ice via the Internet

French Couple Sentenced For Ordering Meth

Last week, three persons were arrested for ordering meth from the dark web in French Polynesia. Law enforcement authorities almost immediately released the third suspect from custody. However, a couple, aged around their 40s, was charged with, and sentenced for drug trafficking and importing narcotics from the dark web. Customs officers detained the couple after they tried to pick up ... Read More »

Imprisonment Demanded For Dutch Vendor Group

The Public Prosecutor (OM) requested an eight-year prison sentence for three men and a woman, from North Holland, for running a large-scale online drug trafficking ring on the dark web. According to official court documents, the vendor group was active between 2012 and 2014. They dealt with “all kinds of hard drugs” offered in both small and bulk quantities. The ... Read More »