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Homeland Security Investigations Agent Admits Using Dark Web to Download Child Porn

One of two federal agents caught in their agency’s own investigation into users of a dark web child abuse forum pleaded guilty to two different child pornography charges, according to the recently updated court docket. Richard Nikolai Gratkowski, a former Homeland Security Investigations agent, had been working for Homeland Security Investigations for almost 10 years at the time of his ... Read More »

Hainaut Man Admits Buying Gun with Silencer on Dark Web ‘to Protect Family’

A Hainaut resident was apprehended for purchasing a firearm from the dark web using cryptocurrencies. The defendant has been charged at the Hasselt correctional court and is facing charges for illegal acquisition of a silencer gun. The 30-year-old man was arrested after the police launched an investigation on the dark web after the gun attack in Brussels. Even though it ... Read More »

Kafr Qasem Resident Indicted for Financing and Purchasing Weapons for Terrorist on Dark Web

Ahmed Sarsur is facing criminal charges for financing a terrorist group on the dark web. The 20-year-old was indicted by the office of the Central District Attorney after his attempt to acquire weapons and provide financial support to terrorists in Syria. The Kfar Qassem resident has also been charged with attempts to illegally leave the country, trafficking, and possession of ... Read More »

The 33-year-old suspect is facing 68 charges relating to the crimes he allegedly committed on the dark web forum.

Former PSC professor Accused of Threatening Judge with Dark Web Hitmen

A professor is accused of threatening a judge with assassination. The professor who was formerly attached to the Pensacola State College (PSC) was indicted for several charges of intimidating statements towards a judge of the Pensacola court. The professor is to be charged with up to three charges concerning him being accused of threatening the judge. The accused, by the ... Read More »

Former Cop in Belgium Sentenced for Buying Grenades on the Dark Web

The Charleroi Criminal Court in Belgium acquitted a former police officer who had been charged with attempted murder on account of a plot to kill two people with grenades purchased from an American dark web vendor. According to the former police officer’s testimony, he had planned a double homicide but had eventually abandoned the plot. Although the court dropped the ... Read More »

Suspected Pedophile Used the Same Name on Dark Web Forums and Kik Messenger

A Homeland Security Investigations operation that targeted internet child abuse forums and similar networks resulted in the arrest of a Florida man who had been sexually assaulting his young children and uploading videos and pictures of the assaults to various dark web forums. Like many criminals who once believed that using Tor to access or publish illegal content protected them ... Read More »

Italy to hold a Series of Meetings over Dark Web Crimes

Three consecutive meetings are scheduled in Genoa, an ancient port city in Italy. The gracious venue for the meetings, which are of high caliber in relation to matters of the online space, will be the Salone Orientamenti. The aim of these planned sessions and the reason for which they were instigated is to bring to the table a meaningful discussion ... Read More »

Arrests in Limburg After Search into Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering on Dark Web

A long-running search and investigation by police in Limburg, Drenthe, and Overijssel have led to a total of five successful arrests last Tuesday on account of illegal drug production, drug trafficking, and money laundering on the dark web via cryptocurrencies, reported the police on Thursday. The five suspects are a 52-year-old woman and a 54-year-old man both from Roermond, a ... Read More »

Crazy ‘dangerous’ drug from dark web put a teen in the hospital

A teenager from Grain Valley City, in the Kansas City metropolitan area, has recently been admitted to a hospital because of an overdose of a drug named carfentanil. The teenager unsuspectingly overdosed on the drug, which he thought was the regular oxycodone that he is used to taking. Fortunately, he was found alive but unconscious by emergency services who also ... Read More »

Ireland Demand for Dark Web Cocaine and Party Drugs Increase as Economy Improves.

The demand for cocaine and party drugs obtained from the dark web is resurging again in Ireland as its economy continues to improve significantly, a report giving insight on the level of organized crimes in the country has warned. The 2018 Cross-Border Organized Crime Threat Assessment (CBOCTA) annual report shows that the use of crack cocaine and other party drugs ... Read More »

Darkweb Gun Vendor Recants Confession, Says Ex-wife Ran the Operation

A man from North Rhine-Westphalia presented new details in the government’s case against him for selling firearms on dark web markets in Germany. Although he had originally admitted to committing the crimes listed in the indictment, the man has changed his story and implicated his former wife in the alleged dark web gun trafficking operation. The claims, although seemingly ridiculous, ... Read More »