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Silk Road 2’s “DoctorClu” Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

The prosecutors in Silk road 2’s second highest admin “DoctorClu” case, got their wish as Brian Farrell was sentenced to eight years in prison Friday. It was the exact amount of time the prosecutors had asked for. Farrell, who went by DoctorClu on the copycat site, Silk Road 2; was the second highest administrator on the site. The sentencing came ... Read More »

Tor Project Developer Resigns In Response To Sexual Mistreatment Allegations

Jacob Appelbaum, one of the most well known developers of the Tor Project, stepped down due to “public allegations of sexual mistreatment.” The Tor Project only released a brief one-sentence-statement on Thursday about the case, however, they went into further details as they heard that rumors were spreading around in the online community about sexual assault. Appelbaum did the security ... Read More »

Hacker Leaks Personal Details Of 5400 Spanish Police Officers

A hacker associated with Anonymous leaks a data dump, which appears to contain the personal details of around 5,400 members of the Spanish Police. The released information contains full names, email addresses, hashed passwords and national ID numbers. A police investigation just started about the case since a cybercriminal had successfully breached the website of Mutual Social Security Police (mupol.es). ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – June 9th

Bitcoin Strongest Performing Currency in 2016 Bitcoin edged up to $595 on Bitstamp, a 21 month high just shy of $600 resistance. Bitcoin now leads the list of best performing currencies in 2016 versus the US dollar at +27%, above XAU gold ( +17.91%) and the Brazilian Real ( + 15.18%). Overall, it was a great week for bitcoin, with ... Read More »

FBI Wants Your Biometric Data Left Out of the Privacy Act

The FBI’s proposal to exempt a large identification database from certain provisions of the federal Privacy act is coming under fire lately by several Civil Liberties groups. The proposal would make it harder for people to know if personal information about them, like fingerprints and iris scans are on file or not. The Next Generation Identification system, hold a vast ... Read More »

Prison Librarian Bought Gun On Dark Web

Dwain Osborne (26), a prison librarian at HMP Brixton, ordered a Glock 19 handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition to it from a dark web marketplace and he wanted the gun delivered to his home address in Penge, which Osborne also used as the center of his drug dealing operation. The dealer who was selling the gun to Osborne was ... Read More »

German Police Arrests User Who Bought Weed On Silk Road Years Ago

An unnamed German user of the former Silk Road Marketplace and Outlaw Marketplace had been fined over €3,000 for ordering cannabis 17 times from dark net marketplaces. According to independent researcher Gwern Branwen, who the buyer just contacted, the customer’s 17 purchases varied from 1.5 and 7.4 grams of cannabis and the time frame when the purchases took place was ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Round Up June 4 2016

The week’s summary of various cryptocurrency news and developments. NEW DEVELOPMENTS: Bitcoin Market cap hits 9 Billion With the continued exponential increase in Bitcoin value, the market cap for the digital currency has surpassed nine billion USD, bringing the base price for a full bitcoin to around $578 USD. Along with this, the second-most valued cryptocurrency, Ethereum, has reached a ... Read More »

Florida Man Trying to Get Case Thrown Out Claiming Bitcoin isn’t Real Money

Michell Espinoza, a Florida resident has criminal charges against him for illegally selling Bitcoin and money laundering. He and his attorney are arguing that there are no criminal offenses because bitcoin isn’t recognized as real currency under Florida law. Economics Professor, Charles Evans took the witness stand on Friday to help inform everyone better about what Bitcoin is. The main ... Read More »

Darkode Take Down: Louisiana Man Sentenced

Wednesday U.S. Attorney Stephanie A. Finley said that a man from Opelousas was sentenced to 12 months and a day in prison for hacking computers for information to sell on Darkode; an online hacking forum. He was also sentenced for using a computer to steal money. 29 year old Rory Stephen Guirdy, or [email protected] was sentenced by Judge Dee D. ... Read More »

Topix2’s Admin Soon to be Sentenced

26-year-old David Trail of Scotland plead guilty to supplying Diazepam and hacking credit card details. In what the Scottish authorities are calling a landmark conviction, the IT specialist was convicted 18 months after his home was raided as part of an international bust on ‘illicit internet traders’ which was coordinated by German, English, and Scottish police, as well as the ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Analysis – May 31

China Pumps Bitcoin to 21 month high at $580 This week was exciting to watch the price of bitcoin break out sharply on May 27 Thursday night. Price blew the cap off the 3000 Yuan price, a 6 month resistance level. Momentum was driven by Chinese volumes, leaving Western exchanges with no option but to follow the trend. For a ... Read More »

65 Million Tumblr Passwords for Sale on TheRealDeal

In the last few weeks there have been releases of some very high profile database breaches, linkedin, myspace and now tumblr. All of these sites have been hit with hacks, and resulted in massive data breaches, yet these hacks are only now coming to the surface. Tumblr has now confirmed it was hacked in a data breach from 2013, which ... Read More »

2 Florida Men Tied To the Sheep Marketplace Hack & Exit Scam

According to Forbes, The U.S. government has seized $4.5 million from two Florida men who allegedly stole 5,400 bitcoins from illegal online drug sales site Sheep Marketplace in late 2013, shortly before the price of bitcoin hit its peak of around $1,200, according to forfeiture documents filed last week in Jacksonville, Florida. The money was forfeited back in the spring of 2014, ... Read More »