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Julia Galef

The Sunk Cost Fallacy

That is so true, and somehow it takes a careful elaboration for some of us to realise it. Investing more time and effort in something that does not contain any value moving forward will just snowball the eventual loss. There are painful realisations and decisions that we will face in every phase of our lives. It is an obvious theory ... Read More »

Twisty Tale

The Most Twisted Mexican Standoff

I supposed we have all watched movies with good and/or bad twists that attempts to explain confusing plots. This short film is a much exaggerated version of those movies. Sophistication can be brilliant, or they can just be downright ridiculous. Watch this movie, and see how the humorous twists spun off each other. Read More »


Getting Tazed

Getting tazed seems like a horrible experience. Watch what happens when a volunteer from United States Air Force gets the chance to feel the effects of the weapon. I am not sure who suffered more. That seems like a forceful grasp on something so vulnerable. The taze effect will probably fade away after a short time, I am not sure ... Read More »


Youtube Rewind

Catch some of the greatest Youtube stars of the year in a mashup of the most remembered videos in 2013. You should be able to find appearances and references the likes of Kid President, Ryan Higa, Annoying Orange and even Epic Rap Battles of History. What a way to conclude a year of entertainment for Youtube audiences. Read More »

Fake Translator

The Real Meaning

I am curious as to why there has to be any kind of investigation into the fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial. All that needed to be done was to do a quick assessment of his professional ability to interpret the sign language. On the Jimmy Kimmel show, a professional is invited to translate what was being demonstrated by the ... Read More »


Norway Winds

The video shows people having great difficulties in walking against the wind as storm “Ivar” approaches Norway. I know the wind can be quite a power, but I didn’t actually see the direct effects on people before. There were even police deployed to help the elderly and the women to get across the street. That is the power nature packs. Read More »

Airbitz & Dark Wallet Win Bitcoin Hackathon with DarkMarket!

Ver interesting project, Source of the information is here: https://go.airbitz.co/airbitz-dark-wallet-win-bitcoin-hackathon-darkmarket/  Reddit discution: http://www.reddit.com/r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/23m79j/darkmarket_a_decentralized_peertopeer_marketplace/ Last week, the Airbitz team hit the road and attended two different but equally valuable conferences, Inside Bitcoins NYC and Bitcoin Expo Toronto. This was a great opportunity to meet hundreds of bitcoin enthusiasts, industry experts and evangelists. However, a welcome first face-to-face meeting with some friends that we’ve been ... Read More »

Silk Road Founder’s Mother Speaks Out

In this video Luke Rudkowski has an emotional conversation with the mother of Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road’s founder who is currently in prison. This particular case is very unique and we are witnessing our legal system adapt to the evolution of the internet. For more information on this historical case and the legal defense fund please visit FreeRoss.org Read More »

How to use Tor to buy things anonymously from Agora with Bitcoin!

This video was made this video because the author was frustrated at how hard buying something from Agora through Tor, using Bitcoin was. There were no good video guides online, so he decided to make one! Thanks for your views and support! Remember to save a hard copy on notepad of your PGP Private Key and Password for the site! ... Read More »


Used Car Commercial

I did not realised that this was intended to be funny until I reached almost the end of the video. Perhaps it was the voice, or how perfectly the lines were structured that made it seem like a professional commercial. I reckon it is a pretty good car though, since after more than a decade in service it can still ... Read More »


Phone Crashing Prank

Watch this guy as he attempts to crash into phone conversations. Pretty amusing that those who were featured in the video didn’t got as far from him as possible. Most of them just set there with question marks on their faces. A few violent outbursts would probably have made the video even more interesting. Read More »


Body Language

This video might just save someone’s life one day, so I thought it would be good to share it. Body language can tells us a lot about another person. However, it is not the case for stroke victims. It will be useful to be able to identify the subtle warning signs of stroke, so we may get help in the ... Read More »

Sailor Moon

Iron Moon

This is a crossover of Iron Man to Sailor Moon. Contrary to what you may be thinking, this weird video is actually created by Koreans and not Japanese. Just when you thought Iron Man, given its name and abilities, is quite possibly the manliest superhero you can think of. Well, you got it wrong. Read More »


Scientifically Accurate Santa

This may just ruin a child’s perception of Santa and Christmas. A funny look at what is in the Santa package if everything was based on scientific logic. Perhaps after that, we may find comfort in knowing that the annual Santa Claus’s trip around the world isn’t real or it can really be catastrophic. Read More »