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WestJet Christmas

WestJet Airlines managed to pull off an incredible Christmas surprise for their passengers. No one would really expect they will get free gifts just like that. Imagine getting a 50″ television right after a flight. This publicity stunt probably cost them much, but it also won many hearts. Christmas is a season of giving, and WestJet did just that. Read More »


Drink and Drive

This is one amazing prank, a little brutal but totally worth it. Nobody should every advocate drinking and driving, even if it is to your friends. For that one night of coincidence, that is a whole lot of things being put on the line. What if you wake up one day to realise you just lost 10 year off your ... Read More »

Pantene Commercial

Gender Labelling

There is some truth in this commercial by Pantene Philippines. In a modern society where woman are increasingly joining in the corporate world, it is not unusual to place gender labels stereotypes. Nobody bats an eye when a male superior pushes you around, but everyone makes a big hoo-ha when it comes from a woman. Read More »

A dangerous world

Catching a Predator

A prank designed to bring out the worst in humanity. This is a world that has been accustomed for the strong to feed off the weak. We are a civilized society, but that doesn’t mean we have all the traits of a what makes a decent society. In times of vulnerability, don’t count on others to do the right thing. Read More »


What does the spleen do?

This was created by Harvard students, as a parody to the recent hit “The Fox” by Ylvis. A funny food for thought, since human bodies can function pretty normally even without the spleen. If the body was designed to use the spleen as a secondary function to storing lymphocytes, why does it require a status as a unique organ anyway? ... Read More »


Condom Size

This was a banned ad that is actually quite funny. Why would anyone require assistance for buying condoms anyway. This should be quite a grab and go thing, no? Not much science there, just choose a decent brand and it’s all good to go. We really could not be expecting any promoters to tell us how each of them feels. Read More »


A Misfortune for Drinkers

Fortunately, no one seems to be injured. The amount of liquors are quite a quantity, could have kept me drunk for years maybe. Save money on shelves, and stand to lose more when the cookie crumbles. Alcohol lovers will find this incident a major upset. Now, a moment of silence… Read More »

The Launch

Slip & Slide

Looks like a great amount of fun. This place is located in Butler, OH and called Ohio Dreams. Basically, it is a summer camp that specializes in action sports. They are certainly not kidding, this activity in itself already packed so much action. This is a video that Mountain Dew sponsored, in case you are wondering. Read More »


Bridge to Boat

Looks like an incredibly difficult stunt to pull off. I have never tried parachuting, but it seems like a lot of risk if he were to land in the water. Anyway, the accuracy in which he managed to gauge the landing was nothing short of impressive. We have some amazing people out there. Read More »

Important Alert

Push Notification

I do admit sometimes mobile phones can be a distraction, but this bride is taking it into a whole different level. To completely disregard such a solemn event takes the cake. The groom will forever have this event imprinted in his memories, but perhaps that will be the least of his problems as he struggles to compete for attention with ... Read More »


Cool Parenting

This video got a lot of hype when it was posted on Youtube. Got lots of negative comments criticizing the family for ’emotionally abusing’ by making fun of the daughter’s tantrum. This is what wrong with society, when people exhibit huge amount of anxiety over many harmless things, and neglecting those that are truly important. I personally feel this is ... Read More »


Japanese Breakdancing

It is obvious that every crew member is a talented dancer. But it takes more than talent to execute something like this. The performance is so well-organised with an astounding level of difficulty. I am no dancer by any means, so I believe I can consider myself lucky if I can just get on the stage with no incident. Read More »

tow truck fail

From bad to worse

Ever had an incident that see things going from bad to worse when you got someone into the loop, who was supposed to be the solution? This video exhibit a sentiment of what I think of many customer service centres. I have recently experienced an incident where I called for help, only to make things worse after following their instructions. Read More »

Everything's possible


I am no designer. But I am really amazed by how Photoshop can change one’s look so dramatically. With designing tools this advanced, the need for having perfect models for one’s advertisement is getting less important every day. The key to good visual is not the presence of scenery of models, but the skills of the photoshop expert. Read More »


One trip

I am genuinely glad I am not the only one who believes that groceries should be done in one trip. It doesn’t matter how many hands I have, or how much weight I am able to withstand. It is about the principle of the matter, simply because it sounds like an utter waste of time to conduct two separate trip ... Read More »