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Toronto Mayor

The Rob Ford Rap

Here’s  a remix created by DJ Steve Porter. Quite justified actually, since the Toronto mayor will not be missed for his contributions to the city, but rather all the things he managed to do wrong. Politics is funny in that area, how did they manage to elect someone who manages to do everything wrong. Read More »

The Truth

Honest Phone Company

This is a problem worldwide. Phone companies, who are logically expected to handle enormously amount of traffic on their customer service hotlines, are seemingly always experiencing a lack of staff. This leads me to wonder if it is all a tactic to increase waiting time so you will surrender your opportunity to complain unless it is truly what you will ... Read More »

Black Belt Fail

Martial Arts Fail

I guess it is fairly safe to say that none of these people are real experts in their respective martial arts. Some of them seem like they have never practised it before trying to record these attempts on camera. A lot of them actually look like they could do it. I guess some practitioners of martial arts today are trying ... Read More »

Ken Block

The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course

This is definitely one of the most daring drift course I have ever see. Built by Need For Speed’s Racing Advisor Ken Block, this course features some crazy obstacles to showcase the best of speed, fun and action. It is almost like a plot designed for a high-end video game. Read More »

Money matters

Ferrari Pick up Prank

This video is about a social experiment to see if girls are easier to pick up if you have a Ferrari, no matter how you look. There are some scenes that will be quite a punch to your faith of humanity, this is what it is today. The conclusion is rather clear, see for yourself. Read More »


Being Single Today

The idea of being a bachelor isn’t half as good as it sounds. Sure, conceptually you are not tied down and are free to roam the streets partying or just about doing pretty much anything you want. But that is not really what’s in it for you, you are more likely to be camping the couch with chips and DVDs ... Read More »

Hangover Speak

Hangover Language

Funny video of the communication between hangover men. Hangovers are one of the worst things to experience. The whole day is a total dread, I would get hungry without appetite. And the taste of whiskey stays in my mouth the entire time. I might feel like vomiting, and then realise there is nothing left to expel from my system.   Read More »


Social Media Experiment by Jack Vale

This is creepy, if you are the one getting pranked. Just by tapping to social media platforms, people whom you never knew existed can get access to your personal information. A good advice is to tweak your privacy settings to ensure that information you want to keep between you and your social circle is restricted. Read More »

Looking good

Presentation Matters

I like how this video makes an obvious point about the importance of presentation. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that girls are the issue as the video title suggests., because these applies for both genders. I mean, if a guy visits the club in jeans and t-shirt, it can’t be that much of a surprise if eyes ... Read More »



Bill Cosby’s perspective what chess depicts. Not war, he says. Gotta agree that he has a point. Marriage is after all a game of strategy, couples trades blows all the time. When couples fight, it is a win some and lose some. The queen can definitely deliver some deadly blows.   Read More »

Wheelchair Stunts

Wheelchair Freestyle

Watch what this guy can do with his wheelchair. Pretty amazing, they should incept this sport into the Olympics or something. It is not about being disabled or not, wheelchair is a vehicle just like bicycles and skateboards. It takes some serious skill to be able to manoeuvre them that well. Read More »

Judge Judy

Dumb Criminals

Look how important this dumb criminal feels about being accurate. The first thing these criminals done wrong was even agreeing to defend their case on Judge Judy. Well, at least now we know thieves can still be truthful at times, even f they are doing it in an entirely wrong setting. Read More »

Un-aired Commercial

Protein Shake

I am one that never like to make too much action when I am in public areas. I don’t even like shaking MacDonald’s shaker fries in the restaurant, that is how much I try to avoid it. Watch this commercial of ready mix protein shake, and you will find out when it never aired. Read More »

Free Advertisement

Free Advertisement

Here’s a great way to produce a free advertisement. This will put creative marketing agencies to shame. Basically, all you have to do is to do an ad so bad that people will always remember it. This works. I am sure if I ask you what Mike buys, you will be able to tell me. Read More »

Security Answers

Security Questions

Do you find it difficult to select a security question? Well, I do. Often I end up making up my own questions and answers. And then down the road when I find myself locked out, which unfortunately always happen, I forgot the answer to the question. Sometimes I don’t even have any recollection of why I even chose that question ... Read More »