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Doing it wrong

Calling Turkey

Well, this is how NOT to call a turkey. Like the other host said, this just look so wrong. We can all learn a lesson here – Be smart, but don’t be smarter than you have to. I imagine her colleagues will have this moment imprinted in their memories for a long, long time to come. Read More »

Barney Balloon

The Day Barney Died

Looks like lots of kids will be grieving over this incident. As a result of strong winds during Manhattan’s annual parade, the gigantic Barney float lost control. Swaying into a street light after a vigorous struggle with the handlers, Barney got punctured. Not an ideal outcome of a thanksgiving parade, but definitely entertaining. Read More »


Chatroulette’s Wrecking Ball

If you play on Chatroulette, you may have encountered a number of eccentric people. This is one epic encounter, watch how people react when Steve Kardynal performs his own funny version of Wrecking Ball in front of his lucky audiences. I may be wrong, but this feels even better than the original version. Read More »

A good handshake

Guide to a good handshake

Handshakes are the concluding gesture of a closed deal. It leaves a good impression if you deliver a good one. However, there are a thousand ways to do it wrong. Watch this video as it shows you the what-nots of a good handshake. The wet fish is commonly seen, but have you ever encountered the Granddad or the Scobe? Read More »

The letter B prank

The Letter B Prank

Now that’s one funny prank by Roman Atwood. Nobody likes bugs on their shirt, do this in most parts of the world and the reactions are going to be similar. Especially when the subject is a bee. Bee stings, remember? Except maybe Australia, down there bees are nothing compared to the species of dangerous animals they house.   Read More »

Coffee Shop

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

The amount of work put in to make this happen is just so well calculated. The result is a  beautifully executed surprise. I would probably have been left stunned if I was in the crowd. It is like the X-Men, but in real life. Although I do admit I felt that the storyline could be better. No one gets so ... Read More »


Deluxe Hugs

Watch this guy sell deluxe hugs to passer-bys. I am pretty amazed at the response, but at the same time feel sorry for the poor guy giving out free ones. If you can actually sell hugs that well, you could pretty much sell anything. Beats most 9 to 5 jobs out there today. Read More »

Thai Commercials

Funny Thai Commercials

A compilation of funny Thai commercials. Believe me, this country have a talent of designing humour on television. One who has never been to Thailand may think the country is behind on TV entertainment. The truth is, they are actually a whole lot better than what some of their Asia counterparts are offering. Read More »

Amazing Bra

Push-Up Bra

This is a commercial aired in Thailand for a series of push-up bras. Pretty amazing, what it can do. But for men who prefer the female gender. I say this, “Welcome to a more dangerous world”. Thailand have almost perfectly refine the art of transforming a men into a women. We can’t really be 100% sure now, can we? Read More »

Jerry Springer

Guess What…I’m A Man!

A Jerry Springer classic. Look, I have nothing against transsexual. But I think all heterosexual man will flip out if they discover their partner is not their desired gender. I don’t know about you guys, but it would most certainly devastate me. I am surprised that some of them don’t even look guilty about doing it. Transsexuals, being human, should ... Read More »

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen Kills Everything

A funny video parody of the character from the movie “The Hunger Games” killing everything. I can’t believe someone made this, it is so pointless that it is funny. Some geniuses from Youtube even thought the scenes came from the movie. Are you looking forward to the sequel to The Hunger Games? Read More »

iPhone Gold

Gold is best

I like how apple introduce one new color to the iPhone and then make it sound like a complete design overhaul. Watch this parody as they tease how the idea of iPhone gold came to light. You could pretty much change any iPhone into a gold one with some casings and/or stickers without paying top dollar. Read More »

American Actor in Japan

Funny Commercial Reels

A compilation of funny Japan commercial reels from an American actor. I can’t be sure whether this is for real because some Japanese commercials actually have a similar ring to them as what was shown in this video. It interest me as to whether this is considered a good portfolio to source for new jobs.   Read More »

Reflected Prank

Anniversary Prank backfires

Watch how the anniversary prank backfires. The twist was unexpected and actually pretty funny. On a side note, I wouldn’t ever play such pranks. Off my head, I feel so many things could have gone wrong. And no matter what, if the objective involves making someone cry, it is just not my thing. Read More »