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Footage from the pacific war

Rare combat clips from the pacific war , as it was posted on the original site, liveleak: 1.25 – Direct mortar strike or landmine detonation on foot patrol. 2.36 – Dead soldier with massive forehead wound. 2.46 – Distraught Marine. 4.36 – Caught in barbed wire and machine gunned. 7.06 – Intense tracer action during a beach landing. 7.17 – ... Read More »

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and the Sexy Lamborghini

Just out having a cup of coffee, two comedians discussing random things as they drive in a really nice car. “You’re going to have to serve five more years in prison because you were picked up in an ugly car.” That sort of thing. Gotta love these two, and you gotta love a car like that, too, but I grew ... Read More »