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Cloud Nine / C9 MultiSig Guide

Cloud 9 Marketplace details: Cloud 9

As It appears on their website:

Navigate to their Multi-sig Configuration page here (when you are logged in): http://xvqrvtnn4pbcnxwt.onion/on.c9?u=1&p=customer.btc_multisig

Bitcoin Multi-Signature Configuration

Multi-signature transactions allow you to purchase goods from a vendor (using Cloud-Nine as an escrow provider) with the assurance that neither the vendor or Cloud-Nine are able to spend the money alone.

Importantly, Cloud-Nine has no access to funds stored in an escrow transaction.

When goods are received or a dispute is resolved:

  1. a transaction is created and signed by Cloud-Nine
  2. the signed transaction will send money from the multi-signature address, to a withdrawal address chosen at random from the configuration below.
  3. the transaction is then forwarded to you
  4. you then using your wallet software sign the transaction once more
  5. you send the transaction to the Bitcoin network for processing
  6. the money arrives into one of your nominated Bitcoin addresses below.

How do I configure multi-signature transactions?

To use Multi-signature escrow payments we require:

  1. One full public key to create new multi-signature addresses (You must own the private key – it will be used to sign transactions)
  2. At least one withdrawal address where money will be sent to you whenever there are issues with your orders

Multi-signature details

You can make multi-signature transactions a breeze by downloading our offline multi signature HTML file (http://xvqrvtnn4pbcnxwt.onion/on.c9?p=multisig) , and opening it locally

You can change your public key at any time. Any transactions you have will continue to be valid using the earlier public key.


Cloud-Nine multi-sig tool

We have built an offline HTML file multisig tool that can create public/private keys, verify and sign transactions using Javascript

Using this tool you don’t need to use any specific wallet. Transactions can be sent using Blockchain.info’s broadcast transaction feature, or most wallets.

Our source is based on the Open Source Coinb.in multisig tool found here, you can even use the Coinb.in tool if you wish.

The changes we have made to the original Coinb.in tool are:

  • Imported external CSS, Javascript and fonts, so only 1 HTML file is required
  • Removed unecessary features

This file does not reference Cloud-Nine at all, it is simply a cut-down version of the OpenSource Coinb.in software

How to get it?

The md5sum of the current version is e298912164f0963610824e9d300e1f5d

  • Download it to your local computer as a .html file (http://xvqrvtnn4pbcnxwt.onion/on.c9?p=multisig&a=download)
  • View the source code (http://xvqrvtnn4pbcnxwt.onion/on.c9?p=multisig&a=source) , copy and paste it to your local computer as a HTML file to open (md5sum may be different this way)
  • You can view the page (http://xvqrvtnn4pbcnxwt.onion/on.c9?p=multisig&a=view), but Javascript is required for any functions to work

One comment

  1. Hi,

    i was just trying to use this tool (the c9 multisig offline java tool). Is there anyway of testing it out? When you sign a transaction and press ‘submit’ where is it submitted to? does it send you the output or does it send the output to the blockchain directly? Can you use the same tool for other markets also?


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