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  1. reliable website

  2. Chemist Warehouse

    hey guys, bb is up and fine and has been doe while now

  3. Why are you guys listing scammers? People use this website as a reliable source. Gotmilk keeps scamming buyers because they are getting his info from this website! Another shipment of FAKE phentermine was shipped out!!

  4. Looks to me like a few guys were up late. Imbibed a few too many and decided, unwisely, to leave comments. I’m just sayin’.

  5. I am aa newbie to your site of alpha bay i need instructions on how to use from the start…

  6. Hey,

    which market do you think is the best and safest? I want to buy bank logins at The Real Deal Market, but i am afraid to get scammed.

    Greeting Marc

  7. bonjour a tous,
    comment s’inscrire sur ce site ? car je veux mettre des commentaire sur les marché sombre ,mais il me demande de connecter !!! mais je ne trouve pas ou m’inscrire ?
    merci de votre aide


  9. I need to get some good ID where do I find the sites that I

  10. Why is AlphaBay Green when it clearly isn’t allowing people to login, and hasn’t done so for a long time.

    Are you guys legit? It’s very concerning that you’re posting reviews on the site for AlphaBay from just two days ago and people haven’t been able to access their accounts?

    Please explain?

  11. I am lost and penniless and homeless do not have nothing but this device, but I used the internet and computers beautifully All I want to work to improve the current

  12. Beware Dream Market Seller Opiatesupplier.

    This guy is notorious for selective Scamming buyers. He supposedly disappeared for a few months (doing time in prison perhaps?) then wrote his own WELCOME BACK blog on here. Be safe, Be truthful, Be godlike

  13. can i have any legit seller of pains pills now?

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