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A recent article on Forbes.com talks about a false sense of security users may have when using Safe-Mail.net


If you are a user of Silk Road, you have likely seen many users advocating the use of a service called Safe-Mail.net. This company describes itself as “the most secure, easy to use communication system”, and many Silk Road users have adopted it. But there are some things you should be aware of.


Known users of the Safe-mail web service include operators, vendors and customers of the dark web’s many drug market sites, journalists writing about the investigation into Silk Road, and BTCKing, the vendor who ran an underground anonymous Bitcoin exchange and allegedly worked with BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem to sell more than $1 million worth of Bitcoins to users of Silk Road.

When I reached out to Safe-mail for comment, Amiram Ofir, Safe-mail’s President and CEO, responded in an email that the company and its employees “certainly are not aware of any criminal activity,” adding that the company does “follow court orders that are issued in Israel by an Israeli court. Any other law enforcement agency should contact the Israeli authorities.” It’s worth noting, however, that Israel signed a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with the U.S. in 1998. An MLAT request was used to image the Silk Road web server, according to the criminal complaint of Sept. 27, 2013.

Ofir told me that communications between users and the web service are SSL protected, and that information stored on the server is encrypted with user-specific keys. When asked if Safe-mail has received court orders issued by an Israeli court on behalf of a non-Israeli law enforcement agency, such as the FBI, Ofir replied with a short “Yes.” My followup email, asking if Safe-mail has the ability to decrypt information without a user’s key, went unanswered.

So, the first time to note is that the FBI is already aware of Safe-Mail.net and is already receiving court orders from non-Israeli law enforcement agencies. And they are likely giving them everything they need in order to read the emails. Therefore, you should remember that no email service should be trusted. No email service is going to go to jail for you. And if you are sending anything sensitive over email using plain text, it will likely be read eventually by somebody other than the intended recipients. This is why things such as strong PGP encryption are essential to any type of sensitive communication.

With this, it should be noted that Safe-Mail is no safer than Gmail when it comes to protecting your privacy with its centralized email service. Never trust any company with your privacy, always encrypt.


  1. Thanks first for the good info.,I am really into medicinal marijuana, as my husband has cancer. I have found great sites that help. I had no idea. What is PGP. Can I put in on any email address? I was using safe-mail. It kept boomeranging my emails back. They lied to me saying Spam Cop was attempting to shut them down. They do not have a spam problem. I paid even extra for encrypted email. Obviously got ripped off. They NEVER answer emails I’m surprised you got to speak to anyone. I’m so done with safe mail. Can I put PGP on my computer?

  2. Yeah, I never really trusted safe-mail. Sometimes important or sensitive emails would never arrive in my inbox. Come to think of it, a lot of emails seemed to get lost in the abyss when I used them. But, as you all should be aware, it doesn’t matter so much what email provider you use as long as you only access the account through TOR, and never send information that could identify you through email, unless you use strong encryption. In any case, its probably preferable to use a provider that doesn’t willy-nilly hand your info over to the FBI. mail2tor2zyjdctd.onion/ (mail2tor.com) is a good one.

  3. Ruud van den Berg

    Worst of all, they seem to protect criminals. A niece is blackmailed via safe-mail. No reply from [email protected] after one week.

  4. Ruud van den Berg

    e-mail address should have been: [email protected]

  5. Dear Ruud van den Berg

    Dear Ruud van den Berg.

    You don’t need safe-mail admin to help you out, I will. I’m sure the people who send emails to your niece is using the free version of safe-mail, not the premium. The IP address is not hidden when it’s the free version.

    You need to open the email, and click on “show full header” or “show mail source”. His IP address will be shown as “Received: from pc ([XX.XXX.XXX.XX]) by Safe-mail.net with https”

    So his IP address will be inside the parenthesis/brackets.

  6. Thanks for your suggestion.

    The e-mail contained: “Received: from tapuz.safe-mail.net ([]) by BAY004-MC1F5.hotmail.com over TLS secured channel with Microsoft SMTPSVC(7.5.7601.22712)”.

    Does this indicate the use of the premium version, or…?

    (safe-mail.net reacted to a second e-mail with the request to contact Interpol.)

  7. Ok, so how safe is claw mail ? i want to know if i can receive my mails in claw mail which is included in tails ? is it worth using ? i mean its in tails so it should be safe,Pls correct me if i’m wrong

    • StacieJaxx

      Hi, Red Queen. Claws Mail happens to be an email client, and not an email host. Anyway, since it is included in Tails, it should be safe enough. Still, you do need extra measures to protect and secure your email communications.

  8. its a israel operation need I say more?

  9. To Drose:
    yeah, say more you shitty little anti-semite.

  10. Just use bitmessage you retards.

  11. It depends what your doing, common sense. Basic things without controversies, Safemail why not? A freedom fighter contacting Wikileaks or AJNews, differences that. So you see the points!

  12. I just opened a free safe-mail because my gmail got hijacked and I figured it was a small company not likely to be targeted by hackers. I noticed after a couple years that the spam built up, so I cleaned it out and also, it goes down, so I figure it is not a good idea to use the storage for anything I need unlimited access to. It is just sort of I don’t know – back up account. I have jerks that think it’s cute to read my emails to my kids and make problems with info that is none of their business – no big deal – except to us that they annoy. I saw it was down again and wanted to tell them THANK YOU for making sure it is used for legal purposes and kept secure. I know nothing about this silk thing or whatever. I have met many people who are into “bad” stuff and they take themselves WAY to seriously and act like big tuffies when they are actually very foolish and silly to be into crime. Criminals are just stupid and think they are clever. There are good ways to prosper and be free. Have an awesome day, every body. :)

  13. WTF is wrong with the world nowadays? Everyone scumbag want be ruler and boss of entire humanity?

    Wtf, safe-mail is my primary email, the first one free email that is clean without all annoying ads.
    Fuck web “rulers”, we dont want you at all.You protect me against miself? No thanks! We dont need rules on the web.

  14. Hello board , can anyone help with with my pgp system , I have it all working and have sent mails to my self, when I get it in the clip board to decrypt its say nothing in on the clip board ???????? I have removed the program and downloaded and installed again, same shit grrrrrrr help please

  15. the service is down right now.

    i wonder anyway, how are these jews are able to setup an email-service with their claws (instead of hands).

  16. Safe-Mail is a trap!!! Don’t go there!

  17. I thought that safe-mail.eu was from the same owner as safe-mail.net, but their service is totally different after checking. On safe-mail.net you can’t keep your private key private while with safe-mail.eu you can delete your private key after you have send your encrypted mail and load it back in when you want to decrypt mail.

    So my guess is that safe-mail.net can decrypt messages which are on the server and will give information when they asked to do. Because they can and must do it according the MLAT.

    Safe-mail.eu would probably also do it, but when the user has deleted his key they can’t do it.

  18. Anyone have any experience with Protonmail?

    They seem all right to me, got in after just about a months wait. Haven’t used it much yet.

    • redbush

      Hey GE,
      I’m using protonmail and so far so good. The reviews seem reasonable and I like the two authentications system before you login. Though I’m still not sure how safe it actually is. It’s nice that they claim that not even them have access to your mail because if you lose your decription key, you lost your email with it. Still, I’m not convinced as if it is actually that secured then surely authorities and governments will have problem with it.
      Any thoughts on this anyone?


    Well, i just know, that the Safe-Mail is an Deep Web E-Mail Service.

  20. Safe-mail good bye

    I hadn’t used the safe-mail account for so long I had forgotten about it, I was looking for my password the other day, now after reading this article I’m just going to let the account expire.

  21. i just came.

  22. safe mail is probably a honeypot by now, if it wasnt one in the first place.

  23. I was just about to get registered to Safe-Mail.net – you just saved my butt from non-privacy!

  24. Never had a prob with safe-mail, never used it for serious stuff, had a couple of accounts there over the years, both of em’ used as a junk mail catcher.

    One time forgot the one account, found it on my files by an audit, went there, still had the pass, the account opened but was frozen due to jam of spam that used up allotted amount of storage.

    Deleted the account.

    One prob with safe-mail today is their captcha that works using the old http sys, without the s. They are NOT going to revamp their system to upgrade as it would mean dump the site and start over.

    No need for security as I never used online at all for security knowing it was NEVER secure, just a ruse to “see clues.”

    Don’t put online anything that you would not print in any newspaper, including ads.

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