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I wanted to share a 1 hour video by one of the tor developers Jacob Applebaum.

He talks about legitmate, confirmed capabilities of the NSA from FOIA leaked documents showing just how technically capable the NSA is. Anywhere from simple backdoors, flying a drone over top of your house to sniff packets, mold injecting backdoor chips into your computer case, to beaming energy into your house. None of this is conspiracy theory, it is all confirmed with documents shown in his presentation.

The video can be watched on YouTube using HTML5 embedded instead of flash at the following page.

I also uploaded it on in case you would prefer to download it and watch it in Tails.

The SHA1 checksum is 801fa9c2b3f2dfe120f93e6ffa6e6a666e5aa12a
The MD5 checksum is eb07bbcc15ae5aeba1e1322d2995fdde

For those of you using Tails, just use place this file in your tmp folder [Places -> File System -> tmp] Open a terminal (black rectange icon) and type the following commands.

cd /tmp

And check that the outputted string matches.


  1. Thank you for all posts very informative.

  2. Anonfiles download link is down

  3. By defenition, FOIA files are not leaked, are released after being redacted ;-)

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