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Site has been seized by Law enforcement during operation Onymous – Using Multisig transactions with 2 version – Lite / Full (For expert users)


IMO Alpacas are like cute and small versions of camels :)

This marketplace has a lot of potential! It has the best looking and seems to have the most organized layout, to date. Once Alpaca implements all its planned features, then i can definitely see this site taking off to the top.

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Very Authentic

This is probably the most legitimate marketplace I’ve experienced so far. I highly recommend this site.

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Super neat

Alpaca is not having any issues with their site anymore, from what i can see. But then again, they were also working on many things at one time, back then.

They say their next project is adding a ‘bitmessage feature’. I’m already excited!

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Clean and aesthetic design.

Apparently the only marketplace with an automatic multisig feature. Signing transactions is done for you so the transaction process couldn’t be any easier (manual signing is also offered for the more advanced users).

They still have to fix up some minor errors/issues,. The site is new so it’s understandable. Other than that, it’s a very pleasing site.

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