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Market was either seized or scammed – Uses Traditional Escrow system

scam, stole my money

i lost some of my bitcoins after depositing there. a total scam, stay away

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Bitcoins deposited into Andromeda go missing

Multiple instances of bitcoins going missing when deposited into bitcoin address Andromeda market provided. BE WARNED and BE CAREFUL!!

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iv been using andromeda now for a few months and while there has been a bit of downtime for server upgrades i have found it a very reliable market.
the admin is very easy to speak to and the new discussion board has made it even easier for users to contact the admin publicly about issues and get them resolved quickly.

id like to point out that unlike the links above show the andromeda forum has moved to :-


but if you want to access the market or register an account you can still use the link provided:-


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I trust them

It’s a good market, helpful admin and a few trustworthy vendors. It’s been down for 4 days so I couldn’t finalize an order but came back today. No explanation for why it was down… but I’m glad it’s working. So long as they don’t go down unexpectedly again this is a market I recommend. The admin seems genuine and I’ve never had a problem before with them.

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Really Bad

Really bad market place filled with problems and admins or rude and not helpful at all my bitcoins are stuck and I cant withdraw use them at your own risk.

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it is up

working today, whoopie :D

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Gone down?

Has this site gone down? Havent been able to access it literally in 4 days and it went down about 10 minutes after i paid for vendor status? Anyone know if its coming back up?


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Is andromeda still up and running or even working..... has it gone down?
  • james turkey the third reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

Is this site still up? I cant access it, nor its forum.. has it gone down my bros?

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Very fast vendor

My parcel from BudBoss came in 4 days (really damn quick for international), tasted and smelled great A+++ The market worked like a dream,i twas confusing at first but when i figured out it was the same as Bitpay i realised it was pretty simple. i’ll be buying from Budboss on this market again.

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Best MARKET here.

Its great for the vendor and the buyer, keeps scammers out and good buyers in.

Everything you want in a marketplace and a great web design.


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