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Site has been seized by Law enforcement during operation OnymousOne of the new markets, so far heard only positive reports and no issues.

BSM could be down for good....jus a response to previous user's comment.
  • humboldt_nation reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

Yeah, I have been a vendor before in the past on BSM. I went on vacation for 5 months. Went to reload vendor page to start up again, & have not been able to. Upside is about 15 hours ago the site did load for me, but since then, nothing. If so, that would be too bad. Top vending site out there besides Evolution, & Agora. O well It’s part of the game. If I get any info on the issue,
I will post it. Peace.


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I'm worried this great marketplace is shut down :(

Does anyone know if BSM is shut down by the FBI or under construction by the admins? I hope by the admins.

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The Best, Most Trustworthy and Easiest

After a long history on the original silk road, silk road 2, Pandora and now Blue Sky, I can confidently and definitively say Blue Sky is the best yet.

Zero issues so far with the site functionality and it is the most transparent with the most features.

Unless a hack occurs or it turns out to be a scam, this will be my new home for my recreational needs.

Take care,


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Very good

very good market!!

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Wrong rating
  • ShaunDasSchaf reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

So why you write positive about BSM, but than you give only
0 Stars. That´s really strange.
So how I said before the BSM is an absolutely great
So I will give 5 Stars again for the BSM!!!!°!°!!!!

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BlueSky is quickly becoming one of my favorite marketplaces to shop from.
Grade A established vendors, awesome features like partial FE, a responsive support staff and more.
I really like that you can see how long ago vendors have been online and if they have checked their messages.

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Great Marketplace
  • ShaunDasSchaf reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

I can only say I love this marketplace.
The outfit is real nice. It´s easy to use.
The support answer quick.
Up to now, after about 8 times that I bought some stuff there,
everything works out great.
So from me 5 stars.

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