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Cannabis Road

4.10 (5 reviews)
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Market was hacked and taken down – Cannabis only marketplace – Using multisig transactions.

Really awesome admins!

Whenever I request a feature, the admins work hard to roll out the feature as quickly as possible.

This market is beginning to look like the old SR with it’s features!

Loving this!

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Great marketplace!

Since Silk Road is no more, I recently joined Cannabis Road and have made two small purchases, with different vendors. Everything went smoothly. The site works pretty much like the old SR. And the prices for quality product are MUCH LOWER than they were on SR. Highly recommended.

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Don't listen to moonerbase

moonerbase is a shill from another marketplace, and knows nothing about the current administrators which have no relation to the original developer who screwed up. that original developer is long gone and is not involved in CR in any way, so moonerbase is spreading false propaganda to promote his market.

he is probably either TurtleTime or gwern

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CannabisRoad not safe

CannabisRoad was hacked and forced to close after 2 days! Now it comes back with fixed some things but not all. This idiot isn’t fit to be running a market and it should have warning sign to tell people of danger.


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Smooth transaction with a dank product A+

I tested out the Cannabis Road multisig system and for someone who isn’t too technical, I found it actually pretty easy on the buyer’s side.

Also support answers your tickets right away. Great experience so far.

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