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Scam site – AVOID Or your money will be lost


They got me for 150. This was my first attempt to buy online. I’m trying to look at it as a valuable lesson on doing proper research.

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Keine Ware null kommunikation – gefälschte Seite!

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scammer site good that i didnt lost that much

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This Page is Crime- they stolen 100.-
It is just SCAM!!!!

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Yep, they got me

They got me for about 200. Luckily I was able to withdraw my remaining balance to another wallet. So there’s that.

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i am a druger.


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4yjes6zfucnh7vcj.onion is a scam, got me for $200

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  • michael price reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

i had my bitcoin sent to this site and it never came into the account yet it has moved around it was suppose to have got to my account on this site yesterday what do i do from here does anyone no i bought them from localbitcoin figuring that it would be faster to have it directly shipped here but the bitcoin never showed in my account where do i go from here on reteiving it

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They will take your money. There is no response from admins or sellers. Site is one huge scam. Some sellers from SR2 were copied onto the site too. There is also a feedback generator on the listings so don’t be fooled.

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rip off

why is this site still up they took most of my coin and there is no place to contact them. this place is full of shit

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Fuck these people!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

I went and deposeted my bitcoins thinking this was going to be an alternative to agora. Then I look on here and realized it was a scam so I took out as much as I had left over after making a small order. Now it says my coins were send and I haven’t seen them in 3 fucking hours. Delete this shit at one. There’s no fucking reason for a fucking scam you pieces of shit I hope you die in burn hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

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delete this fucken scam site

I too was sucked in on this fucked site. After evo I desperately wanted to find a favourite vendor and low and behold found them here. All seems OK and they are slick with this site but no vendor replies, no support, no withdrawals etc. Should have realised but this is a Top notch fuckin scam. Wonder if all the legit vendors know they’re copied (down to a tee) on this site? I also wonder why these cunts are allowed to keep this site operational when it’s a known scam? Surely something could be done to fully expose it for what it is? Maybe “SCAM SITE. SCUM-SUCKING PIGS RUN THIS SITE” could flash up on screen whenever anyone visits it. May only bad luck and misfortune plague these pricks

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Complete scam
  • ilikepotatos reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

Scam site. They steal the usernames and feedback from legitimate vendors on other sites like agora and evo. When you purchase something, it stays in escrow limbo indefinitely, as the “dispute” button ALWAYS says “this option will be available in 6 days”. Well, three whole months have passed and it still says 6 days. When you try to withdraw your bitcoins, they cut off the last 4 numbers so that it is NOT sent to your wallet. AVOID.

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Damn ass hole scammer's!

I lost almost $350 to this ass hole scammer. I should have known better. I only chose the product because it was $50 cheaper than on another market. Well that teaches me..

It is down now.. Got there money and ran I suppoze..

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Yes, Drug Market is a SCAM

Unfortunately I have to confirm anything other people have said.

  1. Order from a reputable supplier never arrived.
  2. Money transferred from this web site to another bitcoin account never arrived.

This web site is clearly a scam and that supplier isn’t actually selling anything on this web site.
Congrats, Drug Market: you “earned” a few dollars by scamming people.

STAY AWAY, everyone.

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Stay Away from DrugMarket

Product never sent.

Support doesnèt care.

Stay away.

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I thought this place was legit because of all the feedback (even though there are a number of repeat posts). I ordered something small, and 2 weeks later it’s not here. I chalked that up to the package being from the netherlands, and that maybe customs got it. Then the second order (cost 0.03 bitcoins, about 17 bucks) never arrived. So I had about .04 bitcoin ($23) left in my account on that website, and figured I should send them back to my wallet since this website isn’t working out. It’s been two days and there’s no money in my wallet. Oh and, I got my bitcoins by using a service called Virwox, and they have a CRAZY amount of fees. All in all I spent about $60 on nothing, and that’s fucked up, because I am SO broke. Right now, I’d spend that money on groceries. What a fucking waste. Please, please do not make the same mistake I did. I’ve heard Atlantis marketplace is good.


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Yes this site is still up and its a complete SCAM through and through… I made a small order (thank god) from a vendor and ran it through its paces at the time the feedback seemed normal enough but as I looked at more and more vendors, (some very reputable on other DN sites) I noticed alot of similar feedbacks. A quick search here shows it as a scam site which is unfortunate for me but lucky it didnt cost me too much.

1. All sellers have the same feedback over and over.
2. When you try to make a withdrawal it will cut off the last 4 digits or so. Your Btc goes somewhere but it sure as hell aint back to your wallet.
3. Support doesnt exist dont even bother.
4. Basically its a slow death by watching all the normal processes from legit sites and its a 14 day countdown to a complete and utter ripoff.

Oh well you live and you learn.

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