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Old time vendor active on several markets selling Psychedelics & Others.


What can I say about DutchDrugz? Well, as the title of my comment says he’s my all time favorite.

  • AMAZING product quality : seriously, everything I tried from his shop blows any other competitor out of the water by far.

  • VERY friendly vendor : you can easily enjoy a conversation about drugs with him, he’ll engage you with no problem if you’re polite ^^

  • GREAT customer service : I’ve had two packages that got lost (stolen) at the customs, he was extremely understanding, helpful and generous -more so than any other interaction I’ve had with any vendors including legal RC vendors during the past 5 years. I’m not even mentioning the times I received double the amount I ordered just for having written reviews of his products : that’s called keeping a customer happy :)

As for the products tested :

  • 2C-B : top quality pressed pills, amazing visuals, great sexual enhancer -if you know even just a little about 2C-B, yeah, it’s special.

  • DMT : nothing to say. Life changing.

  • Ketamine : By far the best K I’ve had, many special holes in memory (especially when combined with the aforementioned DMT LOL)

  • MDMA : I have a short but intense history of MDMA abuse, so I’ve been very careful with it for the couple of past years. I didn’t think the magic would ever come back. I was wrong. This purest of the pures MDMA brought back the magic with a capital M (two years of quasi-total abstinence might have played a role too lol)

I’m now saving to test his Mescaline which seems really awesome (how couldn’t it be?)

SUMMARY : Best psychedelic vendor ever :P

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Professional and friendly vendor

I bought from him multiple times and I wasn’t disappointed. The shipping time for me was 5 – 7 days and the package always arrived clean and undamaged.

The LSD (150-180 mcg) is really good. It may not be the cheapest, but it’s worth it. You can be sure it’s actually LSD and not some other similar chemical.

I also recently got some DMT from this vendor as well. I bought 200mg but got a bit more (about 220mg) which is nice. I shared it with 4 of my friends (50 mg each) and even though I didn’t feel anything, two of my friends did. It was our first time, so we probably burned it a lot.

If you’re looking for a legit and friendly vendor, this might be the guy for you! I highly recommend him!

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Great vendor with great products!

Have tried his lsd and Mdma. Very pure strong clean lsd. Great fucking visuals and hallucinations.

Mdma was also very very good. Only thing bad is that he doesn’t have a listing of 5gm mdma! The price is a little higher than others but really worth it.

Have bought his stuff on Hansa.

He recently launched his own site at great prices! Try his products out!And the best thing is he is very kind and fucking honest!

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