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Old time vendor active on several markets selling Psychedelics & Others.

Absolute BEST vendor - and looks back online!

Very pleased to see DD back online! Easily the best online vendor out there. I have ordered a few times from him (2C-B,LSD & MDMA) and products arrived fast and safely, with good stealth. I lab tested my first order from him myself and it was all totally clean, as advertised. The only place I trust for psychedelics and his MDMA is amazing quality as well (don’t be fooled by the low-low prices!).

Be warned though, a lot of his products feel much stronger than the advertised dose. Maybe he doses generously, but more likely this just shows how much bad quality product there is elsewhere!


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On undetemined "vacantion"?

The site admin posted a message on 8 july, it seems they have supplier problems and won’t be able to service again for undetermined time.

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Sites empty, DutchDrugz isnt replying to messages.

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Trustworthy and reliable

Great, friendly person to buy from. My first package was caught, so dutchdrugz re-sent the package (50% of original) and it arrived in no time. Reliable and trustworthy, especially when compared to most other markets, will be buying from again!

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Best, Fastest, Cheapest, Friendliest

Dutchdrugz shows 91.86% on deepdotweb comparative list… This is how available his site is, nothing else, he is allowed to a private life no??? Hes 101% !!! Amazing quality,fast friendly professional and cheapest vendor
….. What Do You Want More???
7 ★★★★★★★
$ (¥€$!!!)
You are looking for the best? Its your lucky day, you found him!!! Thank You DutchDrugz!!! I will be back very soon!!!

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Fails to disappoint, again!

Don’t be fooled by the rock bottom prices, they are amazinggggg! Very friendly vendor, got responses within 10 minutes after making an inquiry a few weeks ago, 5DD with priority packaging, excellent quality.

Had no problems before and it seems many people are also in the same boat – anyone who doesn’t receive anything might want to keep away from the foreign imports for a while, customs are probably on to you!:)

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i read in an article that dd got arrested in january so im unaware who was running the site since. wish i found that out before i ordered 3 weeks ago.

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Not responding any more

I’m unsuccessfully trying to restore the BTC or use them which I deposited in December (!). After many attempts to contact the support and couple of promises and redirections they stopped answering. No response for weeks by email and I have never got and answer in the site messaging and tickets system.

Even though I’ve got couple of successful deals more than a year ago, I personally don’t have a trust to this service anymore. It looks like something have changed after the DDOS couple of months ago and not only the site address :( I would be happy to know that I’m wrong.

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Trustworthy Vendor

I was stupid and didn’t read the list of countries this vendor doesn’t ship to before I placed my order, but DD was happy to give me a full refund.

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fast delivery to a hard to reach place, Packaging was perfect, neat and discrete. def has all my business from now on.
10/10 would recommend dutchdrugz.

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Still happy here !

Since my first review half a year ago I have made other orders at Dutchdrugz. Every time all is good. Once the package didn’t arrive : he reshipped it according to his policy.

Lately I have mainly tested 2C-B.
I’ve heard this product is quite hard to find, don’t know if it’s true, anyway his is the bomb !
At first try I took orally some pills (it was on a nexus flip, 3 or 4 hours after the mdma) and I was quite disappointed. Something happened but not what I expected and I was too tired to adapt.
But then I learned it’s more potent when insufflated.
So on the next trials (no more with mdma) I went for 1/2 half a pill, then 3/4, then the whole pill, and finally a few days ago 1 and 1/2 (but that last time it was on a very long night while watching 4 games of the NBA playoffs and listening to surf music, best solo night ever !). Every time the trip was fascinating, I really like this drug. At higher dosage (even a tiny line of ~2 mg makes a difference !) the trip is not so much stronger as totally different. I never had this impression with other drugs. All of theses trips were made on a period of 5 months, I don’t think it’s OK to take it too often, although I have no comedown from 2C-B. And I found it quite easy to snort even if I read it is considered as not funny.

So a very good experience again with this vendor !
Next I’ll go for LSD :)

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quick and topnotch quality

Very fast shipping – 12dd to a far away place.
Super communication – quick, friendly, helpful
Stealth – great.

This is the 3rd order I made, the 2nd one hadn’t arrived, but this happens where I’m from. He is willing to reship, and is very positive and communicative about all this.

I have my trust in this guy. The first order was quick as well and the quality was topnotch.


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Excellent vendor

Ordered 2g of MDMA last weekend (only got 1g delivered + a little overweight, next time state the amount in the message as well!). Very good quality, easy to tell even by inexperienced eyes. Completely white and only crystals.
Great delivery time, but can’t comment on the communication as I lost my login details so I couldn’t log back in after placing the order.
I’m going to order more right away ;)

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First of all, he has some amazing products listed in his shop, and very reasonably priced.

His customer service is second to none, answered all my questions in a timely manner, he has a life like the rest of us patience is a virtue.

In my opinion he is the best vendor out there, find out for yourself, he doesn’t scam, more likely to be intercepted!

Delivery was a lot quicker than expected 5 days to Europe

5 stars to DD, will return over and over again!

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Ordered over a month ago nothing happened, asked him about it and a possible refund and didn’t get an answer

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Top notch product, and amazing service

This vendor is the most pleasant vendor I have ever dealt with. Responds to your messages fairly timely, even during a recent DDoS attack he still strives for the best customer service.

Also I ordered to a country that is on his no reship policy list, however after an order did not show up (my own fault, ordered many things from many countries in the span of a month…) He decided to STILL go ahead and do a small reship to a new address which arrived.

Now the product. Best quality out there. Got the high dosed LSD, and 1/4 of a tab was enough for a solid light trip. My friend was amazed at the purity of the MDMA. The K was perfect. And his prices are VERY reasonable. Plus free shipping with orders above 60 euro.

If you are wary, don’t be. This guy is the REAL DEAL. Thanks DD ur the man!

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Reliable vendor
  • Virgin Mary guy reviewed 8 months ago
  • last edited 8 months ago

Safely received, 8daysdelivery. Even with site down he sticks to his word.

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OFFLINE for a week
  • HypnoticFeeling reviewed 8 months ago
  • last edited 8 months ago

How long has it been? A week? I can’t tell when this site was last online. Possibly another quit scam incoming..

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As many comment, useless to explain, IT’S TOP QUALITY & SERVICES.

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  • ALIELERUOFOTOT reviewed 9 months ago
  • last edited 9 months ago

Their 2cb is really fine, good prices and communication, fast delivery to south europe, i recommand!

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Greatest MDMA ive tried by far

Hi there guys, im here to talk about an MDMA order I made a month ago or so. I couldnt be more happy, at first I had my suspicions because everyone said it was top quality but I tought it was pretty cheap. Dont get fooled by its low price(Which is fucking awesome), this is one of the best mdma’s (if not the best) Ive tried in a long long time.

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10 m and 5 blotter. DD is real with the best stuff

Ordered 10 g of mdma and 5 blotters.
Came very fast and tried the m that weekend, it blew me out of my mind! Top notch stuff!
Tried lsd last night and it was strong and great without feeling bad this day.
Totally recommended him and will defiantly order again! 10/10.

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Order Review

Delivery is fast (~5days for acid)
Product is good (no taste, long trip)
I’m 100% satisfied and will order again.

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Amazing products for reasonable price!

Dutchdrugz is the best vendor for Psychedelics, truly amazing products.
MDMA and LSD are of high quality and purity.
Shipping is very quickly in Europe. All packages are professionally sealed and stealthy.

I highly recommend ordering from him, as all the other marketplaces are quite unstable. You will not be dissappointed!

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The best vendor!

Really easy to use shop, also very friendly vendor!

Ordered few XTC pills: great product, really low prices and ok stealth. Ordered sundaynight and received thursday in Europe. Tried the pills few days ago, and really good quality! Happy to see honest vendors :).

Conclusion: good quality and very low prices.

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Ordered wednesday night, order got finalized thursday morning 4 am :). Arrived in the mail on saturday (in the Netherlands). Great stealth, double sealed. Even answered a question I had about his opinion on dosing 2CB, great service, I trust the pills will be awesome!

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You'll be happy here

I have, sadly for my health, a way too big experience with fake mdma.
You know the kind that seems OK the first hour, and then the effects just vanish ? This year I have tried 15+ vendors on the darknet, and since March, the only time I had the real deal was with Dutchdrugz (in July, so after 4 months of thorough quest. And even after that I tried some more vendors, because I like to be sure and because I am sometimes stupid and because this shop was closed in September. And I was disappointed, and so, since 1 month, I stopped the search, I stick with what is sure).
I rolled on mdma a few times in the last 10 years, this is my favorite chemical drug, almost the only one I use.
For reasons irrelevant to this case (broken heart and the like), I felt the need to get back to the molecule and get high a little more this year. And I found it more complicated. It’s like 90% of people, whether on the darknet or in my town, have methylone or any other RC instead of good old molly. At least, this is from my experience, and from what I later read on the subject. Sometimes I got a slightly better fake mdma ; it still wasn’t mdma.
It’s even not that most vendors and reviewers are lying on markets (though I am fed up with people writing stuff like “Product looks good, haven’t tested it yet” : you cannot tell true md by the look or whatever ; at least, even with a 10 year experience, I still can’t. I have to take it).
Indeed most of the people around me are quite happy with the fake md.
I am not.
MDMA is something magical for me.
I have no time, and no more health, to spend on substitute.
So for those who feel the same, do yourself a favor, believe my review, I’d be happy if my sad experiences serve to anyone.
It’s probably quite possible to find other sources. I am happy there is dutchdrugz. Cheers, mate, and it’s true : honesty should be common ; but is not.
Happy rolling for everyone and be safe ;-)

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Trustworthy vendor with quality products!

I have bought products from Dutchdrugz in the past and I can vouch for him that he is trustworthy, professional and his products are of very high quality. Stealth is also very good.

I highly recommend vendor.

Keep up the good work!


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Best Vendor

He is one of the best Vendors i ever seen.
Bought about 60 2c-b Pills and arrived after 4 Days.
He is a nice guy to take a conversation with and he had done great Support for us cause we forgot our PIN so he helped us to reset it :)

Tryed the Pills, best Quality!
We’ll write a Review soon on Redit.

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Ok yellow

I thought to buy but as I saw your reviews I was scared

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The 2 0.5 reviews were given by me cause the stuff took some time to arrive; I was afraid it would not arrive but it did arrive in like 10 days; I really dont know how to delete reviews

Awesome Guy

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Great prices, fast delivery and good drugs

Ordered 3 2C-B pills and they came after 4 days in a small package. Worked just fine, pills were great for their prices and all in all a good purchase. I’m probably gonna keep ordering from here, especially whilst the other markets are down.

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Trustworthy vendor

I have at the moment 6 orders with this guy and let me tell you he’s been my favourite vendor for 6 or 7 months now. I’ve only tryed his LSD, pills and MDMA at the moment. I was sick of all the scammers on Agora and Alphabay in the last two years and one time as i was looking through the listings on Agora if i remember well, i found his LSD listing.
Ordered 5 LSD blotters
– arrived in 3 days to Eastern Europe
-they came in a ziplock which was vacuum sealed in mylar
-the envelope was a normal flat one like the ones for the utility bills

Next order was a pack of 20 Ecstasy pills which were one of the best presses i have ever seen.
-every one one of them was perfect, there wasnt any crushed
-they came vacuum sealed as well
-inside the envelope there was bubbly foil (i dont remember the name)
-they arrived in 4 days which is still the fastest time i have received anything here

4 orders later i bought a 10g pack of MDMA which arrived in the same week.
-only crystal, no powder
-some pretty solid rocks in there
-stealth was top notch as usual
-the high was one of my best (i am not a heavy pills or MDMA user but i enjoyed it as hell and my friends as well)

So i can vouch for him. Don hesitate to buy. Top products, stealth and shipping. Thanks for the extra in the last order man!

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This guys legit!!

gonna check the stuff out

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Not recieved order yet 2 weeks, no reply from vendor

This guy is fake

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Never recieved the fucking order. Even the vendor wont fucking reply. Has shut down shop.

The vendor took my money and he shut down his shop.
He is not replying and probably not even sending me my drugs.


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Время пришло в Челике!

Здравствуйте,есть товар в Челябинске?

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A Man of Honor
  • KeesKaas reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

This is my go 2 guy when I need psycedelics, all the products he sells are of top quality.

The K he sells are a lot better then i can get on the streets, the mdma of top notch quality, the acid is mind blowing.

And if something goes wrong with the order he always makes up for the mistake. This is definetly a man of his words!

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Delivering As Described

In these… uncertain… times I wanted to say that DutchDrugs’ vendor shop did exactly what’s promised. Goods exactly as ordered, arrived six days following the order being placed (included a weekend). Sent with decent stealth from NL to UK.

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What can I say about DutchDrugz? Well, as the title of my comment says he’s my all time favorite.

  • AMAZING product quality : seriously, everything I tried from his shop blows any other competitor out of the water by far.

  • VERY friendly vendor : you can easily enjoy a conversation about drugs with him, he’ll engage you with no problem if you’re polite ^^

  • GREAT customer service : I’ve had two packages that got lost (stolen) at the customs, he was extremely understanding, helpful and generous -more so than any other interaction I’ve had with any vendors including legal RC vendors during the past 5 years. I’m not even mentioning the times I received double the amount I ordered just for having written reviews of his products : that’s called keeping a customer happy :)

As for the products tested :

  • 2C-B : top quality pressed pills, amazing visuals, great sexual enhancer -if you know even just a little about 2C-B, yeah, it’s special.

  • DMT : nothing to say. Life changing.

  • Ketamine : By far the best K I’ve had, many special holes in memory (especially when combined with the aforementioned DMT LOL)

  • MDMA : I have a short but intense history of MDMA abuse, so I’ve been very careful with it for the couple of past years. I didn’t think the magic would ever come back. I was wrong. This purest of the pures MDMA brought back the magic with a capital M (two years of quasi-total abstinence might have played a role too lol)

I’m now saving to test his Mescaline which seems really awesome (how couldn’t it be?)

SUMMARY : Best psychedelic vendor ever :P

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Professional and friendly vendor

I bought from him multiple times and I wasn’t disappointed. The shipping time for me was 5 – 7 days and the package always arrived clean and undamaged.

The LSD (150-180 mcg) is really good. It may not be the cheapest, but it’s worth it. You can be sure it’s actually LSD and not some other similar chemical.

I also recently got some DMT from this vendor as well. I bought 200mg but got a bit more (about 220mg) which is nice. I shared it with 4 of my friends (50 mg each) and even though I didn’t feel anything, two of my friends did. It was our first time, so we probably burned it a lot.

If you’re looking for a legit and friendly vendor, this might be the guy for you! I highly recommend him!

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Great vendor with great products!

Have tried his lsd and Mdma. Very pure strong clean lsd. Great fucking visuals and hallucinations.

Mdma was also very very good. Only thing bad is that he doesn’t have a listing of 5gm mdma! The price is a little higher than others but really worth it.

Have bought his stuff on Hansa.

He recently launched his own site at great prices! Try his products out!And the best thing is he is very kind and fucking honest!

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