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Down for too long – HonestCocaine – An Agora & Blackbank vendor opened his own shop

looking for snow

hey i need help getting stuff
can anyone help

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Not bad.

Ordered from them for the first time and it arrived in a few days and is a pretty decent quality, at least compared to what I used to get locally. The prices from their private store are acceptable and I’ll give them another shot. Kind of afraid to go for too large of an order after reading some reviews of non-arrivals and no refunds.

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Used to be my go-to.

These guys used to be awesome, you could do a bump or two and be fantastic. But they have seriously gone down in quality, as another poster said, you need at least a .075 line to get good at times. Since receiving 2-3 consecutive batches like that, I’ve moved on to better vendors. Hell you can get 5g from Traphouse for $200-$250 that is better than what they serve these days.

What happened to the honesty, HC?

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Spent 25k plus with this crew over the span of 6 months. Quality varied from great to ok. Sadly you can expect to be treated like a lying thief when there’s a non arrival which is what happened upon placing my largest order. I understand their conditions and accept them but some compassion and humanity wouldn’t go astray. I certainly wouldnt expect a full reship or even 25% but any good businessman would perhaps offer the next order at cost price but it seems loyalty means fuck all. Have since gone elsewhere and spent 30k in the last 3 months and I’m more than happy.

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Used to be good and honest.

Had a flawless record with these guys.

Than lost 3 larger orders in a row, which
were devided in 3.5gr lots (approx 25gr total)
NONE arrived.!

Vendor is useing escrow but does never refund or reship!?
So basically he’s just using it for show.

This goes against everything DPR fought for, and the
DN stands for. As both parties have resposabilities
and not just the buyer.

However even being a loyal customer for years even after explaining what happened nothing could been done in my case.

Managed to get 40% of 3.5gr order in BTC backthrough resolution

Needless to say I won’tbe back.


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Used to be awesome.

I’ve ordered from his website a couple times, and ordered from them on DNMs countless times, and honestly I feel their quality has been falling for a little bit. Used to be my go-to, but once I got a batch where I needed at least a .075 line to get good, I decided to try some other dealers.

Their product is expensive, 7/10-9/10 quality I’ve gotten from them, awesome stealth, prompt shipment. But I think the price has overpassed the quality honestly. Still, you can trust them.

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thats all i have to say

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