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Dead – “We are sorry to announce that Narco Mart has Closed. There was a death with one of the oners of this site.”  Brought to you by the same people acting under the vendor identity “Cartel Del Norte” on many darknet markets since 2011 (currently on Evo & Agora)

Shut Down The Site
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I was able to access the site and shut down the payment processing system.

I will not go into detail but it looks like there were 5 paid orders that were not processed.

He was one of my first customers and will be missed.

I will keep the site up for another month to see if the his partner would like to take over the site.

Team DNS

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They were the best but the owner died in Feb.... DDW refuses to updateq

I msgd deepdotweb several times to let them know the owner of this site died from an unfortunate heart attack, his partner is trying to pick up the pieces but has no access to the site… He was kind enough to honor my order that the dead owner could not, but I feel it should be fair warning that as of 2015 feb 28th there is no administrator for the site that can withdraw coins from the wallet system it has set up for payments. I got this info after sending them a contact us msg from my account with them so I have no reason to dispute this info…. What bothers me is that this site is still listed despite 2 seperate times I msg’d deepdotwebs contact us form and told them what happened… So now I am writing this here so you guys can at least know!!! before putting your money into a wallet that the partner of cartel can’t access. But hey don’t take my word for it, contact them first b4 placing an order!!! See for yourself!!! With the rampant assfucking the dark web is having I feel that the last thing anyone needs is to lose money on a site vetted by deepdotweb that has gone defunct and they are too preoccupied with other things it seems.

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