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Went down from unknown reason and never came back – Marketplace for cannabis products. Supports Multisig.


i am responsible for attacking panacea i do it to show members you have no skills to run a market and continue to put members in jeopardy

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cloud9 aka panacea
  • john Dillinger reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

If you use a market that uses a seized script (panacea is the old c9)..You deserve to get busted.

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Some notes about Panacea - Flower Sanctuary
  • Panacea_Community reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

Hello Everyone,

Just some quick points…

  • Panacea does not use traditional escrow, MultiSig is the payment method. No funds are ever on site for a dodgy admin or hacker to steal.

  • Escrow is highly encouraged and only Ambassador Vendors can request FE listings. If you don’t FE you shouldn’t get scammed.

  • All Vendors are reviewed and are invite only, Panacea Support is pro-active for both Buyers and Vendors.

  • LadyHawke left Pandora after 3 months as Support due to unfixed outstanding issues and broken promises by the owner Alice.

  • LadyHawke was then invited to join Cannabis Road, it wasn’t until 6 weeks later that it became known that Vendor: ECC was the owner of all the Cannabis Road sites. After taking down the site and stealing $100,000 worth of BTC from the Community he has been busy Doxxing his previous customers and sending threats and abusive message to various darknet sites including Panacea.

  • Whilst most of the Cannabis Community are chronically ill, we still have a lot of strength and fight in us.

Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Secure. Because the journey always continues…

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Disgusting slader

It is really disgusting how those Evo jinks are gushing out their slander and hatred against everything that has some ethic approach.

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Vendors scamming on panacea
  • Shindlers List reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

Reports of this market’s vendors scamming.

Do not use panacea

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  • Avoid the avoid reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

“Avoid Panacea” – Lots of words, zero proofs. We all know who you are..

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Avoid Panacea

This market is run by the same person who ran C9
Cloud 9 was infiltrated and taken down during onymous.
This market uses SAME script as C9,so chances are LEO is combing thru the code looking for vulnerabilities.

LadyHawke is a known scammer who helped Alice from Pandora scam the users for many months.
Add to all the above the forum admin bitcoinjesus AKA pyrowolf was doxxed on reddit and that should tell you all you need to know.
Avoid this market unless the thrill of possibly getting busted or ripped off excites you.


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