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Site has been seized by Law enforcement during operation Onymous – WARNING DO NOT USE – VENDORS LOCKED OUT AND WITHDRAWALS DISABLED Market was hacked, but still operational,  use caution, One of the new markets, some vendors are already operating there, having a some issues and complaints from time to time but working well mostly.

Yep, Alice fucked all people over
  • Some Secretive Dude reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

Well, as many customers and vendors have already seen – the Vendor accounts have been blocked, as for that particular reason – Alice has now Withdrawn all funds from all Vendor accounts – considering doing the same with customer accounts is just a matter of time,

Overall – Pandora has turned into a scammer and phishing paradise

To Alice: Have fun with the money.. – as long as you can alice.. Your head has a price on it overall, – Considering that we know you live in the EU it will be easier to follow back your roots.. – Run Alice Run, because thats all you can do from now on.

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Pandora Receptionists Scamming!!!

Tim88? The one and only positive comment below. Tim if that’s your real name? I think you have some questions to answer! Its been proven Pandoras staff have comprimised vendor’s accounts to make it appear sales are proceeding. I have heard from at least a dozen vendor’s, some I may have used, who haven’t been able to log in to there account since the 4th of September. My question is what is your motive for writing this rubbish. You say you have managed to deposit money to the site? (more fool you) I wonder when/if you made the purchase. Did you actually receive your merchandise? Because it’s not happening! And do try to retrieve your bitcoins back from the site because that also aint happening, its part of the scam. maybe your just naive, or a troll working on behalf of the scumbags at Pandora, or maybe you are one of the scumbags? I think You should be investigated in my opinion..

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Pandora is the best

Editorial Warning: Pandora IS SCAM

Many successful transactions, never any problems last deposit was for $300 always get my money in my wallet, dont know what people are complaining about. Wont use any other market place.

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Pandora Receptionists Evil Selfish Bastards

Pandoras receptionists turned Evil and using the site to steel from the poor for there rich & rotten asses (unlike robinhood) who at least had the morals of a goldfish! Vendor’s unable to log in, don’t believe venders reviews there also a scam!

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I am since 2011 and SR1 here and have so many great people made​​.
More than 500 successful orders in different markets.
Since Sheep was that the admins will make more clear to me …
Nevertheless, I have transferring huge sums …
If Pandora is down I lost here € 7,000.
Total damage € 13,500. I’ll just have orders
offer by mail or create an intrinsically shop …
These admins and support are all scammers…

They destroy the Darknet, the greatest Place !

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I & others can’t get into our Vendor account, our bitcoins were stolen, the fourms are down atm but buyers can still log in and get their coins stolen too.

Thanks Pandora for getting my coins and vendors account gone. Great Job!

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Cant acces my vendor

no Support there.. I know why i wanted to leave that place a while ago.. pure Rip-Off, permanently coins missing by every transactin made..!!! Now not even rhe forum working..?

Support answered,surprisingly today to my customer account., after over 200 emails, the first time now, after 240 days non paid Escrows..etc… the said Alice has become so massiv paranoid, he is not even been online for weeks anymore.. and all the support does, is shifting emails to him, which will never been read..

i only can hope that noone would FE on Pandora when placing an order on me.. come wherever.. but Pandora is not me anymore..

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GPG two factor auth disabled


just logged on and was able to login without using the PGP key.

Something weird is going on …


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Our Pandora account is compromised!!


our account on Pandora is compromised.

We update for further notice.


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Can acces my vendor account:(

We are on pandora for month now, but today I couldnt acces my vendor account.
Guess its a scam.

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Pandora is a scam
  • chupacabras reviewed 4 years ago
  • last edited 4 years ago

As other I had been using Pandora after SR1 and had no problem until 2 weeks ago. Deposit a sizeable amount of bit coin and this was diverted to 2 accounts and never appeared in my wallet. No admin to contact so I guess like others my coin is gone.

Stay away or lose your coin!!

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Pandora Theives

I used to like Pandora. Many successful transactions, no drama.

recently I deposited some BTC, which, as can be proven by the blockchain, instantly transfered to two other accounts.

Messages to support are ignored.

Several others seem to have had exactly the same problem. As it stands, you have to assume that anything transferred to Pandora will be stolen, and the admin won’t help… Read what you like in that.

Go elsewhere.

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Stay away!!!!

This used to be my go to market. Never had any problems. Until today. Tried to deposit money into my bitcoin wallet and boom, instantly transfered to multiple different accounts according to the blockchain.

Would not trust this site anymore best to use one of the others!!!

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Lost all my bitcoins in wallet.

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Pandora is good

I´m on this shop really long time and I did a lot of orders without any problems. So I donť understand so much negative reviews, maybe from concurrent markets or from people with smalls brains.

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Pandora is a rip

My vendor canceled an order. Supposedly releasing my funds. However even after no response from support I still haven’t recieved my bitcoins back. Pandora is a rip off

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Ignore the Naysayers

Yes, Pandors did get hacked and yes, it did go down for awhile. What Darknet market hasn’t? This isn’t 7-11, shit happens. Alice has made remarkable progress in paying people back, recently posted as 95%. I have never lost a single coin at Pandora. Use common sense, work with trusted vendors. This market is solid and growing.

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One of the most reliable and long standing markets out there..

I don’t know why so many people talk shit about Pandora.
Firstly, it is not down I am logged on and looking at it right now.

I used to live in Australia and use it a lot there (I am in the middle east now)
I’ve been down in onionland buying from marketplaces for about 3+ years now since the glory days of SR1, Ive seen all of the sites come and go and seen all the shit go down and without a doubt, Pandora is the most reliable and well managed markets you could go to.

It has some of the most professional vendors (eg. PureFireMeds 4K+ transactions in under a year) I’ve ever come across and that includes vendors from SR1 like EnterTheMatrix.
Ive been able to send ‘gifts’ from EU vendors to friends in US with no hassle ever.
Yes, sometimes sites get DDOS’ed etc and the site may go down or a few coins may go missing as it has with most marketplaces, but Pandora offers a good quantity of backup addresses and provisions for when shit goes awry. All money that has been lost has been paid back in full (to me personally) in a timely manner given the circumstances.
It is the only COMMUNITY I trust (keyword is ‘community’ people, look after the longtime vendors and customers and do the right thing by the community who keep it alive and you will usually come out OK if something goes wrong)

I have no sympathy for people who allegedly lose money on this site, if you do your dealings where you have too much kept in escrow, non payers etc. you need to learn the fucking game a bit better. Sure, you might lose a bit here and there but if you keep a tight operation it will be a loss which is palatable.
Its not like we are on fucking ebay down here and its your own fault if you don’t factor that into your dealings.

If you have doubts about Pandora, I entourage you to go down to the forum and post your questions and concerns to the community, you will find them helpful and supportive(if you’re not a dick)

Its a proven marketplace and still going strong.


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This site is Dead
Seems Alice scammed AGAIN

RIP Pandora

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pandora down agora market invite
  • weezyeffect reviewed 5 years ago
  • last edited 5 years ago

here is a link for the agora market if anyone is looking to register

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WARNING - Do not use this Marketplace

It’s not possible to withdraw his own Bitcoins.
Don’t deposit your Bitcoins there.

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Lost 1800 USD!

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Nice place

Nice place, made a dozen orders over the last few month there and always got my stuff fast and safe. Already found my favourite vendors on Pandora. Now it has pgp login auth and message auto deletion etc. Sure, Alice, the admin (no, he is a man) got fucked by two guys who were able to steal some btcs, but he managed to develop a system to compensate the loss.

Good community, check out the forums. More than just a market.

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Be careful!

I have used Pandora a lot and have had some problems.

My account was hacked and support did nothing.
As there are no pin code I had all my coin taken and support didn’t even message me back.

So just be careful.

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Good Market

Hi all,

pandora was for me one of the best markets.
All runs and i dont have problems with coins or what ever.

The real scam is Litebay and also Freebay, i trough 200$ in the dust for this fucking
Scam Sites. Admin dont respond to my mails.

It is possible a little school boy. ;-)))


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  • Scamed Person reviewed 5 years ago
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great Marketplace!!!
  • ShaunDasSchaf reviewed 5 years ago
  • last edited 5 years ago

Up to now I never had problems on Pandora.
I hope they will stay a little bit longer than other did!

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