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~Url Removed until fixed - Site Hacked~

Agora Drugs Vendor who opened his own shop (Agora Profile: agorahooawayyfoe.onion/vendor/PharmaPhil)

zero stars

scam artist. pretends to have sent your shipment, then makes false responses to your feedback on alphabay. stay away from him. he has good reviews because he used to be a normal vendor – now half of his orders are straight scams.

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What happened to this great vendor?

So, I’ve been ordering from pharmaphil for about 6months now and have placed about half a dozen orders. Everything has been great, orders arrived very quickly and consistently and product was exact or overweight every time and quality was top notch. His customer service has even been great.

Well today I went to access his website and all that loads is “Fuck off this is my turf bitch.” Distressing to say the least. After a bit of searching, a post on reddit was found by someone posting as ‘pharmaphail’ claimed to have hacked pharmaphil’s website and said that someone else was also hacking it or attempting to.

What’s going on does anyone know? If not, let this serve as a heads up!

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