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http://www.reddit.com/r/SilkRoad/ & http://www.reddit.com/r/SilkRoadTwo

Site has been seized by the FBI Site was hacked  (or it was just scam, it is still not sure) – This is the new incarnation of the original silk road (at least by its design and some of the former staff members excluding the arrested mods)

Do not deposit into SR2

SR2 deposits are broken. All deposits made in the last 48 hours are not showing up in accounts.


Before you make any deposit on this site at any time: go to the SR2 forums and check in the silk road discussion section. You can see there if people are complaining of any issues with the site.

It is suspicious to me that there is no notification on the SR site even though this problem has been around for a few days. Admins have acknowledged it without providing any ETA or details.

I would not use SR again after this considering Agora seems to be a much more stable service.

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Best marketplace.

I can understand why some people might be hesitant to go back on it ever since the old site got taken down but it is back and by far it is better then ever.

It has Enable two-factor authentication and soon will have Escrow back in place. It doesn’t requires javascript~!

I suggest checking out the forums to see what vendor is good or bad but aside from that I always love to shop at SR2.

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Silk Road Sucks

Silk Road is terrible; always down and no escrow.

Use an escrow marketplace (Agora)

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Can't login and is very slow

Now I use another Marketplaces, because I can’t login, get always this message: “Silk Road is experiencing high server load. Please try again in thirty minutes.”

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Don't blame the market for your own misgivings

SR works great. Pick the right vendors.

Also, they no longer use escrow.

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Unable to connect

Unable to connect for like a week, wtf happends?

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Still the best...

This site is still one of the top three markets, if you read the forums carefully you can avoid being scammed by using only the well rated vendors . One always satisfied customer here.

Once they sort out multisig this site will be no.1 again. No question.

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Easy to Use

I’ve used SR 2.0 quite a few times now, it’s extremely easy to browse and read reviews on the other vendors, the forums are also super helpful. The only downside is that it is non-escrow, as soon as you submit your order your bitcoins are released to the vendor upon the item being marked ‘shipped’. There are also quite a few scammers taking advantage of this marketplace, so do your research before purchasing from any vendors you haven’t bought from before. I’ve been scammed once and it sucked, although I was mostly to blame and not SR. Otherwise… It is a safe and easy to use site, just be smart about it.

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Always had the goods delivered!

Have used this market since the SR1 days, never, ever have I not received my order. Always read vendors feedback and check the review threads on the forums, yes there are scammers, but that can happen on any market.

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Never had an issue!

First of all the moderators on the forums are super helpful. the IRC channels always have admins on you can talk to directly. They do not show themselves, but they are there and will work with you.

Read the reviews of sellers, and you will always get a good product from this marketplace. Full of stuff, very very large!

To become a vendor is a long lengthy process. So don’t worry about spammers signing up, then scamming and rinse and repeat. Not here ;)

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Im waiting since 2 month for “support”…
I have spent 200euro for my vendor account… nothing, no support. i think they dont want “real” or “true” sellers!? it is sad to say but: dont trust SR2!
Try Tmp, Agora, Pandora or Evolution!
greetz pn

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Bought from a vendor who had good reviews. Seems to be fake!
All money gone. Never got an answer or goods….

Just my experience

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all my btc was repaid

+great: all my btc was repaid
+great: selection

-bad: NO ESCROW any more. As soon as the vendor marks it shipped the vendor gets the btc

so i don’t think it’s appropriate to not recommend it at all since they repaid the lost bitcoin. just be aware that it is an FE only marketplace for now.

Latest update indicates that there have just been some instances of delays with withdrawals/deposits due to server load:

“Silk Road Discussion / Known Bitcoin Issues
« on: April 03, 2014, 06:39:46 pm »
Good news and bad news.

The good news is that sales have surged this week. We have seen a faster pace of repayments than ever before.

The bad news is that our Bitcoin infrastructure is very overloaded processing all of the deposits and withdraws the community is initiating.

No deposits are lost. No withdrawals are lost.

We are scaling our Bitcoin infrastructure today and tomorrow to better handle the load.

This is the largest operating BTC system in the darknet. I wish I could disclose how many transactions we are processing per minute, it is mind-blowing.” -Defcon


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Repaid Lost Money.

I only have experience with the second version of this dark site, but the couple of orders I placed came like clock work.

I lost money when the coins were stolen and they got paid back a few days ago, so I can’t complain anymore.

I honestly know a lot of people are mad at this site, but it is a decent site, just make sure you are careful with who you buy from.

Silk road is restoring their name as promised after the theft that occured.

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