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Vendor shop – Euro-American Blackmarket Arms Contractor.

Wrong .onion address

[Shill – And The armory IS a scam, Beware!] The website on this page is NOT the real one; many people cloned Armory. I know the real armory is not a scam, but you people cannot make a simple research… shame.
That’s why you’re getting the wrong address; I thought this website was a little bit more trustworthy, but it’s not. Posting wrong .onion addresses??

And the people who bought “from them”, were actually buying from people who are NOT them (just pretending to be them); the real Armory accepts many types of payments, including very safe Paypal-like services (ones that hold the payment until the buyer receives the products and free the payment to the seller).

DeepDotWeb.com has published the wrong address and this is misleading people…

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Editorial Notes

Your editorial notes say that the URL is correct, yet it’s completely different that the one that is being advertised on Grams which is associated with the logo/subreddit you post.

Not trying to say they are legit – they are questionable at best but not sure why you’re trying to make the argument the old Silk Road Market URL is these guys. The market by this name has been dead a very long time, this vendor is still up.

Do you guys at DeepDot not know of the Silk Road project called The Armory? It went on for well over 6 months and was run by the original Silk Road staff (as well as being endorsed on the original SR)?
This should be quite common knowledge for you guys seeing as you have their URL posted here, but you seem to class both market and vendor together.

Several markets and vendors have had the same name, and even some markets have overlapped in their names (see Mr. Nice Guy).


Editorial Note:  ALL of them are scams. No relation whatsoever to the SR armory, Be safe.

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You are mixing up vendors and markets

Editorial note:  The info in this comment is false. the listed URL is correct – all urls attributed to the Armory are SCAMS. Avoid.

The Armory was a Silk Road project (at the URL you have listed) and The Armory subreddit you link is a questionable vendor.

All of the links posted are scams, although the actual vendor site is nowhere to be found. If DNStats are to be trusted they have a high uptime and the site’s been online since 2012.

Moot point though, just use markets people.

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This is an Onion Clone

Editorial Note: All the links in this review are scam sites – There is no real armory. They are all scams.

Seems you guys have been duped. The site you list is not The Armory, and no wonder they have been getting bad reviews.

armory34omvkkmgr.onion and dzc6ptsiaajb3mjj.onion are both onion clones of The Armory.

You have the first listed, which is doing nothing but pushing users to a scam site.

Those that are reading this – DO NOT GO TO dzc6ptsiaajb3mjj.onion OR armory34omvkkmgr.onion

These are scams.

A lot of users also are leaving reviews for The Armory Market, which was a failed Silk Road project and had no relation to the Real Armory.

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Reviews are misleading

Read up on these guys a year ago and reddits opinion was “Al;l arms dealers are scams”. that’s not paraphrasing, that’s literally what the consensus is.

So after some research I figured I’d place an order and see what happened. Got my invoice in 5 hours, and chose AbeScrow for the escrow.

I don’t know what these others are talking about with not being able to get your escrow, even though my order came you can easily dispute it.

Take it as you will, the guys are great and shipping is amazing but slow.

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armory scammers
  • nodnowinaus reviewed 5 years ago
  • last edited 5 years ago

Still nothing from this Armory mob no replies no nothing but they have the audacity to keep logging in and posting in the reddit darkentmarkets.
The armory are proffesional thieves who have lurked in the deepweb for at least two years.

Do not go any where near them

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All 5 Starts Review’s here are fake!!!

The Armory is a long time Scam! It’s a Confirmed Scam on Evolution Forum and Agora Market Forum and Hub Forum. If you don’t believe us here go ask on Evolution Market Forum and Agora Forum and on Hub Forum.
Every Marketplace Veteran would tell you the same. SCAM!!

Their “Escrow” is scam because after you paid you don’t get your money back out of the Escrow!
They never send you anything.

Admin ask on HUb Forum if you don’t know!!

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I Have completed two successful transactions with them. Neither was a Glock. I put that bit of misinformation out there simply to put some space between my duckducktnt persona and the one used to order an illegal fiream over the internet. I did recieve one pistol and one that was not a pistol. Both were ordered to different locations in different states than the one I live in. I was able to unbox both myself. I don’t know what different packaging methods they use so I don’t want to go into details less maybe the description be used to identify my orders. I will say that the need for tools was needed. I can say that I was impressed with the level of packaging used. It was above what I expected for this type of object. I did use escrow both times and different ones both times. Both services I used required the escrows fees to be paid seperate from the actual escrow. I could see where someone use to escrow as provided on the darknetmarkets would be confused. I did not release escrow immedietly on either order as I wanted to verify the product. This was not an issue on one when I sent my intentions and I simply didn’t message my intentions about this on the other. I was not sent any inquires about the release between the date of delivery and the date of actual release.

I’ve been very happy with them and am considering using them again. The few communications I had with them very quick in reply and very concise in content. Just how I like it.

I seen someone toss out there the possibility that perhaps I work with them. It was not an accusation more of a mentioning of scenarios. Thank you. I do appreciate the restraint considering your circumstances. I can assure you that I do not. I spoke loudly for them as I had great expierences with them.

At one point they actually messaged me and expressed gratitude for the support and mini-reviews amd offered compensation. I expressed that none was required and that I simply like to promote good vendors.

Now, my two cents. All of the accounts involved except for mine are new accounts. The user in this thread stated that he recieved his and his description was similar to mine. I haven’t seen any actual proof posted by anyone. I see references to emails and denials of emails recieved.

May I suggest to the parties who claim to be defrauded that you have an mod or respected member of this community verify this information? I will personally bitcointip the user who does this $20 for the service as long as it’s a known and trusted member of this communtiy. Please put forth your suggestion in this post so we can both agree. I will say that any of the mods here would be fine for me.

TL;DR I had two transaction that both went very smoothly with the_armory. I am not involved with the_armory. I will pay a trusted member of this community that the injured parties and I agree upon $20 to validate the proof of fraud reported by either user claiming so.

EDIT: Something I did fine odd is the post about a week ago the_armory mentioned that everyone was looking but no one was buying but now they mention they’re swamped by emails from customers.

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They do not deliver it’s a scam after they receive money on their bitsec escrow you’ll never receive anything.

Ps panther is the armory

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[The Armory] Updated Review
  • pinko_panther reviewed 5 years ago
  • last edited 5 years ago

Okay, so had a slight worry yesterday when several posts came to my attention that claimed the Armory scammed them. It seems that users are refreshing to a scammer on Evolution that was using the Armorys name, but not related to them.

I posted this yesterday – http://www.reddit.com/r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/20zx13/so_is_the_armory_a_scam_or_not/

Still waiting to hear from duckducktnt, but it did help explain what the confusion was about. I was told by the Armory I’d have tracking within 24 hours, and that’s the reason for the post. I’ll keep it updated as things progress.

Here is the timeline of events.

Early February: Inquiry, they are quite knowledgeable and helpful with my questions. They claim they can bypass any customs they need to deliver firearms, and also gave me information about their Dead Drops.

Mid-February: Went through and asked to purchase a firearm. I was delivered a somewhat impersonal invoice with little explanation until I asked them what to do, which they explained in great detail.

Escrow Used BitSec escrow, originally I intended on using BTC-asia but they didn’t allow clearnet escrows. It took a few times to run through to get everything straight and seems odd since I could never get an email from their email address, but the vendor seems to have no issue with them.

They give you a long escrow code that has your information in it (I was told not everything, just for your order and payment). Put that in, you get a payment address and a escrow key for refunding.
Also for releasing escrow I think.

Got a confirmation in about two days after I emailed them after payment, that’s when I assumed i had been scammed when no email came when I paid. (bitsec not Armory).

Some emails had been exchanged but for the moist part they were silent until I recently made the reddit post.

Currently I have the tracking and upon checking it it is legit and is tracking an active package. Of course, can’t say which postal service or country, but I am starting to regain conference.

I’ll update here when more information comes, hope it’s not just an empty package to scam me through escrow.

EDIT: Okay, sorry it took so long but finally managing to update. I’m not arrested and the box wasn’t empty, however it did take me fucking forever to get the damn thing even half way started. I can see the parts, what I’m fairly sure is the rear of the slide, but I’m heading out in the morning to get the right type of tools to get the XXXX apart.
Note: it does not require “basic” tools, and online these are about $60 for a whole kit. Of course I can’t just bring in the thing to see which bit I need to that’s another $60 spent.

I’ll post more in the morning, going to get a few hours of sleep but I’ve been up and getting quite annoyed with this so goodnight.

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  • nodnowinaus reviewed 5 years ago
  • last edited 5 years ago

absolute thieves have not delivered anything ever to anyone SCAM SCAM do not go near them

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Its scam

Its scam. Scam from +2 years. They just change name and site design.
Before that it was Executive Outcomes, and before that it was Armory again.
They never came to BMR cause BMR was going after scammmers, especially in weapons section.There is no escrow, cause there is nobody Independent to judge that escrow.
That escrow on tor they refer too is a scam too. Whiterabbit market is dead.

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