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The Hub Forums. Cross-market discussion forums and news center. Exists since Silk Road 1.


Bye bye hub, don’t forget your hat on the way out.

Welcome to DNC the new and mproved forum thats always up and believes in free speech.

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HUB Allowing Fraud and Weapons discussion and are now gone???
  • concerned-DN-user reviewed 1 week ago
  • last edited 1 week ago

Whats going on with the HUB lately? Firstly allowing and staff actively engaging talk about fraud, carding and weapons and now they are gone altogether.

They have divided the community by allowing those that cause harm to others to openly post and advertise on the HUB.

Please HUB staff choose peace, light and love over hate.

Hope you come back.

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HUB down for 7 days
  • nightcrawler reviewed 2 weeks ago
  • last edited 2 weeks ago

I have it on good authority Alfred is too broke to pay hosting fees again. Looks like this time HUB is gone for good.

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Security shit, content even worse and staff a joke
  • Come back Alfred reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

So now the IRC ops(hub staff) are changing peoples passwords on their registered usernames with no warning so they essentially have access to all your private communications. I questioned it and was repeatedly ignored which is highly suspicious to take over a well known account with absolutely no explanation or reason. The same thing happened to a well known vendor ‘terpene’ a few months ago on the forum and again no explanation. Weirdly enough same sort of personal attack on him at SR2. Coincidence? That dense Aussie cunt wadozo/jigsaw/hoof/simplicity already spilled the beans on how they can read the contents of private messages on the forum but now they are taking over IRC nicks that have been established for ~5 years. At least they shouldn’t have access to logs because NO LOGS HOOF YOU FUCKTARD! But it is incredibly concerning if someone were to come on and say something sensitive not knowing if it is me or some random staff using my pw or the highest bidder. I’m not sure if that was before or after the terribly ill advised mod promotion for cranky methhead became hoofhacked and we all had access to the staff forums where he was getting his tiny balls busted down to raisins for overstepping like the pathetic little nazi cunt he is. It’s barely even worth checking in to laugh at this incompetency anymore. They allow the paedophile who spammed multiple forums with CP to carry on his way there unbanned – I just saw a post from a mod saying please FT don’t have a hissy fit and sling your shit at the walls and DOS us again(I paraphrase) – one of those CP spam links came directly from the hub and from his account. There have been other links on the hub containing links to CP and even when reported and confirmed the links are not redacted as they once were. Did we have people who actually cared or did we just have people good at pretending? Has everyone lost faith or lost sight of the goal of what was trying to be achieved here. He is currently threatening more DOS wars with other forums using the hub to boast about that threat. I guess that’s all good though since they are super chummy with fatherted/kiddy catcher/arawn got 2+ hub staff working over at his pedo forum, been robbed by him, been doxxed by him even and it’s still HUGS. They all know 100% who he is yet this scumbag is still free to cunt around freely as can be. Are they all the same because most people would be utterly disgusted to say the least. Fucking shame he’s not dying but it did give me a nice smiley few days over Christmas even whilst thinking he’s a compulsive liar, it’s obvious he wants some drug money(or server if you believe his kinda shit). I mean what the actual fuck, does this guy have some really rare sought after CP or WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?! This community died with SR1, forums exist sure but this feels more and more dodgy, especially with the owners being pro direct deals behind the scenes(confirmed to me personally by PlanetaryAlignment AKA TrustAnus – response was along the lines of I know that dildo does this but I don’t care, he’s a good customer of mine) but stick that up as a bannable offense on signup. Double standards everywhere, so dealing, doxxing and CP is all OK at the hub these days, it just seems to depend who you are. Equality at its worst. It’s fucking depressing. I’m not sure if sickening is a worse word. I wish Alfred would hand over this place to people with a little heart who actually cared about people not a bunch of hostile junkies with obvious selfish agendas. It’s dying a very very sad death but thankfully it was far past being the best review forum so I guess it has become mostly obsolete. They’re even begging pennies again. Maybe not ban donors or the active users who kept the place alive :/ just sayin’ for the future if you even have one

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Best meth reviews world wide MOFOS
  • PUFFLORD SHARD reviewed 3 months ago
  • last edited 3 months ago

For the best meth reviews world wide get on The Offical Meth Review on the HUB .This review goes all the way down under too that’s Right Australia too Mofos World Wide so if youhave a review of meth you would like to leave join the HUB

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I love the HUB so much I wrote a song for the HUB.

I wrote this at my fav saturday night boys hangout…just for the HUB

My milk shake brings all the boys to the yard,
And there like,
Its better than yours,
Damn right its better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

I know you want it,
The thing that makes me,
What the guys go crazy for.
They lose their minds,
The way I wind,
I think its time

La la-la la la,
Warm it up.
The boys are waiting

luv to all

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HUB not playing nice with DNC again.

Looks like the HUB is DDOSING DNC again! Payback for all the negative vibes the send the HUBs way.

Did someone just fart :)

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Rehashing old drama

Hash: SHA512

The Hub is a great place, a place that had been sullied in recent times by a select few with serious mental problems and addictions to both drugs, and to an equal or greater degree, drama.

Management took their time to reach a decision because there were a lot of factors involved. The decision was made to permaban the two individuals commenting irrelevances here because anonymity should be sacrosant and these people don’t have the maturity nor the presence of mind to abide by that rule. Both Ron and P actively doxxed an individual by erecting a dark site with his personal information, address and phone number. They will bark and howl about who did what, but the truth is both were involved, and nobody can “force” you to do anything in the DN.

Like I’ve said before, don’t rely on comments to make your own opinion. Go, visit the place, and decide if it’s for you.

You’ll be glad you did.

  • -D


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Re; RonSwanson

In reply to RonSwanson below, I am the real reason that we were all banned from the hub.

She snitched on me to save her skin. It was described as begging and pleading.

That is neither here nor there.

What she said below is false. There was no desire for the DNC key from hub staff, Trust is confirmed as NOT involved as once rumored.

If you want the full story, feel free to find me. It’s not that exciting. Someone was doxed. The Hub didn’t ban us immediately due to a strategic play by the known pedo FatherTed/Kharon. They waited until he left for good. It was a rightful ban and long overdue. Rawn is just a entitled, ungrateful millennial.

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sketchy weirdness

so ~6 months after a naughty i already took what they said was appropriate punishment(temp ban) for, all of a sudden planetary alignment decided to permanently ban me for those “recent events” after using me for their agenda, manipulating me into doing shit for them, asking me to control the actions of others (impossible?) and threatening me with a permanent ban if i didn’t comply with their demands.
the hub has been going steadily downhill for a while so a few weeks ago i asked for my account to be deleted which they ignored so i abandoned my account there, then i was alerted by a friend to a thread stating ‘due to recent events rawn is banned’ despite the fact i haven’t done anything except chat and post occasional reviews since the initial crap i took the heat for months ago. they said themselves they can do anything they want because they own the forums now. trust in us = judge, jury and executioner. that’s barely even metaphorical. they have my dox, they’re lying about things i’ve done and said to people who want to harm me now. spreading FUD, divide and conquer, fed tactics at play. they used me until i cut communication and then months down the line decided it was time for a big announcement about how they’re taking action. they ignore rule breaking depending on who the perpetrator is, they say the hub is not a place for cyber warfare or some bollocks but they were sure as hell keen to get their hands on the hs key of an imitation forum if my associates could procure it. the hub now is like sr2; an embarrassingly fake imitation of something that was once pretty fucking cool.

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Why all the hating on the hub? I don’t get it. Its a great place.

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nice forums

cept there is some huge faggots that post there, like FatherTed and that clown-shoes asshole.

some content would be more at home on /b/

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WTF is "BLANK" bank??

WTF is blankbank ??!?! are you functionally retarded or something???

BLACKbank has been gone for awhile, exit scammed, but there is no BLANKbank. go home ya moron.

2.5 stars because you’re a dimwit!?!?

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blankbank forum?

wtf happened to blankbank forum… cant access… is it under ddos or wat?

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Great forums!

Great forums, Lets you know if a marketplace is legit and also has sub sections for all of them. Lots of buyers/vendors there.

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The Hub working again
  • hubba bubba reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago


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Database Error??
  • database err0r!? reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

The Hub is down !?

Been gettin’ this error:

Database Error
Please try again. If you come back to this error screen, report the error to an administrator.

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Thanks for posting these links!
  • Hubba Baloo reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

Thanks for posting The Hub forum link, was actually thinking of requesting this, but you put it up already!

Spot on DDW!

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