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3.33 (3 reviews)
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Down From unknown reason – SR Vendor Trava who opened his own shop, Needs PGP verifying.


Trava took his shop down about 10 months ago because of an article on Silk Road that named him. He changed his handle to UKGanja and trades from pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion

The shop is closed right now as he’s on holiday but the feedback, delivery time and products are excellent.

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Where has Trava Pricelist gone??

Does anyone know what happened to that godsend Trava pricelist page ??? It seems to be just coming up as ERROR 3!
I really hope he has not succumb to bad tidings .. this chap is so trustworthy and does exactly what it says on the tin ! Does he have a new page?? Can anyone help me??

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crème de la crème

Use to order from trava on sr2 in the past and never had any issues. Converting over to the new shop hasn’t effected reliability in any way, always responds to my queries and with a quick response time without any complaints. Using the new shop has been a dream i can now buy BTC, order and transfer funds all in the same day and i always receive my order the next morning!
Very smooth and reliable experience with a good standard of domestic stealth no smell, properly sealed and double vac what more can you ask for!

oh and the products are very decent never received damp always been well cured and dry

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