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4.80 (5 reviews)

Zion market, 100% multisig with no user wallets. Buyers can choose 2-of-2 (server & vendor have the keys) or 2-of-3 (buyer also has a key). 2FA, automated PGP, and Bitmessage alerts. Accept Monero (XMR) by immediately converting it and sending it to your BTC

  • alexjhonson reviewed 1 month ago
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ithink so sexy

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Brief review

Another likeable looking market, after spending a half an hour looking over it today it seems nice.

I am impressed with these newer markets. It does take time for markets to grow.

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Nice, clean market. Incredible support!

The combination of cool features and a very responsive and educated support makes this market real good.

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Good Customer Service

I’m a vendor on there, customer service is good.

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Nice New Market

I thought I would give this place a go due to the free vendor fee.

It has some nice functions for both buyers and vendors.

It has a few bugs but I reported some and they were fixed in minutes.. very fast support



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