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Multisig Guides

On this page, we have compiled the guides we have previously published for dark net markets that use multisig transactions. We want to encourage our readers to use these marketplaces to reduce the risk of losing funds in case of a takedown or hack.

  1. Marketplace.i2p (skip the installation parts to the multisig part) – Shut Down for an unknown reason
  2. Tutorial: Multi-signature Transactions with Electrum 2.0
  3. Alphabay
  4. Bitwasp (CMS) – Valid for all Bitwasp based marketplaces built with the new version that includes multisig transactions
  5. Acropolis market
  6. Hydra Marketplace – Seized During Operation Onymous
  7. Tor Bazaar – Seized during Operation Onymous
  8. Cloud Nine / C9 – Seized during Operation Onymous
  9. Cannabis Road (old) – Hacked
  10. 1776 Market – Went down for an unknown reason
  11. Evolution – Gone – Exit scam
  12. BlackBank Market – Exit Scam
  13. The Pirate Markets – Gone with the customers’ bitcoins.
  14. Alpaca Marketplace – Seized during Operation Onymous
  15. TOM– – Gone.
  16. Tortuga Market – Went down for an unknown reason


  1. We use multisignature escrow addresses for each item we sell also. Our system is fully automated with key delivery over ssl (no heartbleed) and user accounts can have optional 2-Factor authentication.

    Our system is east to use. Simple bid/buy an item, pay to escrow (system issues you with a private key over browser ssl), seller sees funds in escrow, send item and marks it as posted, you receive the item in the post an finalise the payment (you are required to supply your private key to the system), funds are sent directly from the multisig address to the seller’s home wallet which they have supplied in the user details section.

    The system only stores the system escrow private key for an item’s escrow account address. You have the only copy of your user private key for the multisig account.

  2. deepdot you have done a wonderful work by collecting these guides and keeping us updated as a community we wish all well and hope in some form or another you are compensated for your time dedicated to it. had it not been for your posts we would never had discovered some good and trustful markets and am excited since we just finished our first multi sig order at tor bazaar and all I can say is wish they>d been around before we lost our hard earned money with the older scams. some of these sites should not exist at all. they;re a risk to everyone.

  3. I just wanna buy herion why am I so confused?

    • funnny

      Thats funny

    • jogjacarder

      sre u have the money? LOL

    • Beerye

      I’m with you. This makes no sense to me. I’m not particularly tech savvy with computers but I can usually figure out whatever I need to. But right now I’m just f*cking lost lol. I’m just trying to find some happy pills but I can’t find any of these supposed “vendors”… Will someone PLEASE tell me how to find or contact vendors??!!

  4. I haven’t known this website before SR but now, I’m daily reader and huge supporter of your hard work, you guys are amazing and now I’m reading you articles daily just like reading the news paper

  5. This site is the the best source for DN info (for the lay folks like me living under a bridge)

  6. How do I get in the website ..Or can you hack any kind of game ???

  7. Still dont understand how to make a public and private key

  8. i change my withdraw bitcoin address but but i can’t withdraw it saying these No transactions found. Please select a different wallet.

  9. i cant get electrum to work it would install then i would run it it would ask me my wallet name and password ive never had the program. i erased everything and tried again. can i set up multisig in wingpg (gnu) thanks for any help

  10. Scammed by “Green Road” paid in full never ever received what I paid for. Contacted to try to resolve and hit a brick wall LOST all my BC, this needs reporting somehow and letting others know of this as I am not the first apparently.

  11. not one market place listed that’s up and running with multi sig. Now, that’s depressing. Does anybody know of at least 1?

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