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a few questions about ordering online


Hello my fellow stoners! I have been thinking about ordering weed from deep web quite a lot. Because where i live weed is shitty and expensive, 17 usd for 1gram.
But when i think about ordering from dark web I instantly imagine cops knocking at my door lol. In fact i know that ordering weed from deep web is safer than buying it from dealers, but i never really understood how it can be. Because on that shipment would be my name and address and if customs seize my package then they would start investigation and they can make me a blood test and it would show positive for weed, and that would serve as evidence that i actually ordered it myself, thats how i think myself.
Has anyone have experience in ordering from deep web? if yes how you have done it and where you live, in eu or us?
And if that package has gone trough customs?
Thanks in advance and have a goody day!

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When purchasing Cannabis on the darkweb, You normally pick domestic sellers. Meaning it will not go through customs.

Many of the top vendors have great stealth and security. In the small chance your package is seized and/or profiled. LE will most likely not pursue if its a personal amount.

The authorities can not make you take a blood test to “prove” you use cannabis.

If you follow OPSEC guides found here and on other websites than plausible deniability is an important factor when ordering. Whose to say an “enemy” of yours tried to frame you buy sending you narcotics in the mail.

The chance of a Controlled Delivery for a personal amount of cannabis is below 1%.

Use guides and research!

Happy Ordering!

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