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Aero Marketplace how was it verified?


Please explain to me how you choose to verify/list AERO marketplace? It seems extremely odd and phishy to me that less than 24hours after traderoute exit scams a new marketplace pops up to take it’s place which also seems extremely well designed UI. Bareing in mind that besides TR and now AERO no other market shares similar UI but AERO and TR do.

Lastly my main reason for asking this is that PhisherKingz has already implied on a few different threads he is working on his own marketplace and also that he has the source for Alphabay, TradeRoute etc and is just waiting for someone to start up the next market. One would imagine PK having unrestricted access to a market is not a good idea considering he can drain user/vendor/staff funds or even just use the account credentials elsewhere and see what works.

I want to trust AERO because I loved traderoute and will greatly miss it but if you guys went through no process of verification besides simply listing the market I do strongly feel it to be a scam whether or not he selective scams people or the whole site is a scam is yet to be seen but I think I make some pretty valid points here.

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