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Africa industry is a scam - don't waste your money.


Buying diamonds or gold isn’t cheap, your better off using them on drugs and selling that if its money you’r after.

This so called African shop called Africa Industry isn’t real but a scam. The escrow company they use are owned by them and it’s not possible to get in touch with them either.

Try for your self, with another escrow company perhaps.

They have a forum on their website but it is moderated by people to filter out the good and the bad. They probably even write some of their own comments to make it look real….

Just be careful, i took a chance and got scammed.


Africa: A place to make Money with Gold & Diamonds
Africa is actually one of the wealthiest continents in the world in terms of natural resources. We bring you valuable products priced to move because we use cheap/free labor to gather in the most abundant locations.

Africa Industry: Our Mission

Poducts: We sell Diamonds, Gold and Rhino horn found and harvested in Africa.




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